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I wish to raise a RTI query on the Registry of the Court on the following issues:

a ) How fresh cases are registered , posted against a Judge and seriality fixed for the designated Judge to hear that fresh case?

b) At this stage who all are responsible to allot a case to a specific Judge and what are the laid down guiding priciples for the Registry of the Court.

c) Who is the Initiating officer of the Registrar ( Judicial)?

d) Once listed at any serial and heard on that very day what methodology is followed for the next hearing? Is it as per the sole discretion of the Judge as it is followed by the Lower Courts where at the end of hearing the case a specific date is fixed for next hearing (court officer who is available with the event calender duly consulted).

e) Does the Judge fixed the next date as well as the seriality of the case on that day? If not who is entrusted with? Is it the Registrar or the Court Officer?

f) What all are parameters that entalis a case to listed on priority listed at the top on a day ? Is it left to the Judge or the court officer or the Registrar?

g) Whether the cases thus heard , if not final order is arrived at, gets date and a serial number on that day in any consolidated list handed over to the registry through court officer? Is it a confidential document at that point of time?

h)Those cases listed both in Prints and ONWARD if not heard due to some reason or other how the next date is fixed for those cases? Do the hon'ble judge mark a date and seriality in each case for the next hearing? If not whether the same is sent unmarked to the registry with or without approval of the Hon'ble Judge to be listed delayed in the main list at any serial number as per the whims and fancies of the posting clerk/the asst registrar or the Registrar?

j) What about some chits being issued by the hon;ble Judge to some advocates which are converted into priority chits and the list already prepared WITH LOTS OF EFFORTS get breached? Does this so called priority chit bear the signature of the Hon;ble Judge, a date and a seriality when that case will be taken up?

k) Why those chits are then sent to Asst Registrar for his signature before it is sent to posting clerk under Registrar ( Judicial)?

l) Are those sacred chits which breach the already prepared printed lists are maintained for Records? If yes who s the custodian of those Sacred Chits? Where those are kept and whether those can be displayed for public consumption?

m) In the whole activities of assigning a date , a serial number in the main list or some ONWARD list against a Judge between a a designated Court and the Registry to posting clerk where does Cjustice of the High Court of AP figures? Is he the administrative boss of the Registrar? Is he the Initiatiing officer of the Registrar ( Judicial)? Is he responsible to have in place to ensure that cases are listed as per the laid down parameters and no breach whatso ever takes place in any of the court?

n ) Who is the CPIO of the High court of AP? aND THE FIRST APPELLATE AUTH? Is there any grievance redressal mechanism on this issue? Who is the vigilance officer of the high court of AP?

P) And finally why such chits are being issued a dtae and a seriality had already been fixed by the Judge for a case? Is it not violating the laid down rules by the Judges themselves?

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The chit ( Court Slip) bears J ( may be to denote court No 10) , name of the advocate, case and category, nature of urgency signature of the advocate, court's direction ( no signature of the judge),initials of the court officer with date and initials of the deputy Registrar ( without date). This clearly shows that those court slips are not serial numbered .Nor does it bear any visible sign that can identify its existence /in-existence later. In gist these chits can be manipulated in collusion with the help of court officer and the deputy registrar of a court if one advocate wishes to. And none seems to be inclined to think otherwise. Why the hell chits are to be issued at all? The orders issued verbally by the Judge in a public court is supposedly endorsed on the file of the case made known to the concerned parties as well as whole beradari of advocates attending the court. 

This chit business must stop as it gives an impression that cause lists are tampered with at ease to the disadvantages of the common petitioners.

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I had submitted online RTI appl with the justice department at the centre..duly paying RTI fee. It is disposed off unaccepted stating there is no provision at this moment to transfer my query to High Court of AP..My query is on the issue of prep of cause list..as automated by NIC.IN without any manual intervention by any one including our hon-ble Judges..But why the devils' advocates are not raising the issue..I am submitting today my RTI query to High Court of AP.

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I have not recd any reply either from the Registrar ( Judicial ), the CPIO or the CJ, the First Appellate Auth for my RTI queries on posting of cases as per LOBIS and about cheats sorry chits sorry court slips being issued only to be authenticated by the deputy register as per his whims and fancies.

To whom should file second appeal? To the SIC, AP or the CIC/IC at new Delhi?




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