parliament passes bill to protect women at work another 498a


Today Parliament has passed the bill to protect women against s*xual harrasment at workplace and this is going to be more dangerous than any other gender biased law.


Its a shame that men don't have time to join SIFF and show interest in fighting against such laws but they sit quite and the womens organizations are keeping on creating laws after laws.


Most of the lawyers are thinking that they going to get more business with this law but let me warn that every men be lawyer or anyone can easily fall prey to such biased law and this can be used by women to get at higher position by filing false cases against their superiors and male co workers.



Parliament passes bill for protection of women at workplace


Parliament passes bill for protection of women at workplace
Women and child development minister Krishna Tirath said the bill covered both organised and unorganised sectors and included domestic workers.
NEW DELHI: Parliamentary approval was Tuesday accorded to a bill seeking to provide protection to women from s*xual harassment at workplace, including millions of unorganisedworkers like the domestic help. 

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace(Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Bill, 2012 was passed by the Rajya Sabha Tuesday. It was approved by the lower house in September 2012. 

The bill covers under its list of offences s*xual remarks, demand for s*xual favour, or any act of physical advance or an unwelcome touch. 

Moving the bill in the upper house, women and child empowerment minister Krishna Tirath said the bill will cover both organised and unorganised sectors and will include domestic workers. 

"The aim is that women are able to work freely whether it is workplace in organised or unorganised sector," Tirath said. 

The bill mandates an internal complaint committee for any organisation with 10 or more employees. For an employer not following this, the penalty will be Rs.50,000. Repeated violations may lead to higher penalties and cancellation of licence or registration to conduct business. 

However, in the case of false or malicious complaint, the bill provides for action against the complainant in accordance with service rules and in any other manner in case no service rules exist. 

The bill covers not only employees, but also clients, customers, apprentice or daily wage workers who enter the workplace. 

Its provisions will also apply to private sector organisation, societies, trusts, educational institutions, NGOs, service providers of commercial, professional or entertainment activities. 

It will also cover the unorganised sector where the number of workers is less than 10.


Another Sh*t law by UPA-II, more to follow. Organised n unorganised sectors both covered. Any institution with more than 10 workers supposed to have redressal system. Nothing bad in protecting women & children at workplaces.......BUT WHO WIL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR FALSE COMPLAINTS.

Almost everything is covered in S*EXUAL HARASSMENT, putting allegations is made a very simple affair. Soon the offices wil become clogged with all this sh*t & work wil take backseat.

Now atleast common ppl wil understand why SIFF is crying hoarse for men-rights


We Indians should know that the women in India don't have the same status as in western countries and also there is no such thing as social security and this is the reason Women organisations bring up laws to protect women.


The new law to protect women at workplace is really something needed as we want that our wife,sisters and mothers be treated decently at workplace.For a woman when she enters a auto or bus she gets gropped and stared and at work men pass bad comments and at shop also its the same and her boss and co-workers always try to find an opportunity to come close.The truth is in India men even a 10th class boy will be excited and eagerly waiting to watch the cleavage of a woman.This cannot be changed as we are living in closed society where we worship lingam and looking at Kamasutra but afraid to talk about it.

Now the truth is these laws to protect women are really not being used only because its not properly drafted and for this purpose Mens rights organisations like SIFF should file a PIL against laws like 498a and DV and instead of protesting to make it gender neutral they should make the law clear and define the terms like dowry,stridhan,cruelty etc.

Also the most important is to exclude family members and parents from disputes between husband and wife and if husband really found guilty then punish him instead of punishing his parents and family.Also after marriage its responsibility of husband to take care of wife but i have seen cases where its been told that its also responsibility of the father-in-law which is really shocking.

SIFF needs different approach and sit together with Women's Organisation and get the law drafted clearly so our women are really protected and those women who misuse the law be severly punished.Its time for men and women to work together.Till now SIFF could do nothing other than organising few small protests which never get noticed by anyone.


There was a movie named 498a Wedding gift which was supposed to be released but it seems Suhaib Illyasi is not in mood to release it anytime :)


If such laws are being passed in a short while due to false complaints .. Orginasations will stop employing women at the work place !!



I have already thanked MYSELF several times for NOT having any female employee in my company.

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@ amit 

Now watch the fun the femi Nazis will demand employment of women based on gender both in the organisd and un organised sector as recuritment is gonna stop for them due to the above factors .

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Now males have to look into company's emplyoee attendance register before applying for any job.  

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@ Fellow members,

I too back stanley statement, corporates work to gain and not to live with problems that takes company reputation downhill through all this. Ex. In my current org, a lady who refused to come to night shifts moved to HR for gender disparity complaint thinking HR will back and she got befitting reply to leave instead of creating problems. However such things cannot be expected in Govt. sector and men must be doubly careful there. Now all men will become CID's recording converastions and stuff like that. hi hi hi..

somewhere deep down in my heart says all this laws will make more men united , but i hope that goes as in favorable, justifiable path.

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