Need divorce after 2 months of marriage


This is the actual sight that I have been bearing from past 2months.

I dont think this line expresses clearly that she was surfing this SITE for last two months..

Author reply..

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For all those who have given here there valuable comments and for everyone here.

I thought that there are people who dont just make a blog of everything and take things seriously & guide someone, but what I see here is like I am currently standing in a crowded Court and alone asking for justice and everyone pointing AT  me.

Just let me know if you have a sister and she is married to a man just as usual arrange marriages are done.

I never had an affair but I am a 21st century girl and work within MNCs where you will have everyone as yur collegue and friend.

I got married with all my deep feelings for my present life and future & did not want to look back bause I knew I hae to make good out of my future & husband.

But afetr marriage just image yur sister complains that her husband is litrally asking her about her past and past relations.Daily there are quarells on the topic of past and just past.The husband is not even matured enough to see that he has a good wife now who is doing everything for his family and him.

But still he slaps you and gives you torture by bringing knife from the kitchen and saying that he will kill me and himself aswell.May be there are quarells because of both sides i understand but slapping I ask is a way.

Fine if I change my plan of divorce and try to adjust with him then who will from LCI come and gurantee me of my secure future when my parents wont be their in this world.

So this post was my humble request for a guidence thats it and not a cheating thing.

I got to know about LCI by google and that too on 18JAn whn i joined and posted for help.

Before that I was at my husband place and was so busy getting all tortures that diorce was never in my mind.

I have now just come to my parents house for a casual visit for festial 'Makar Sakranti' and i wish to not go bak now i the dark beause its very tough and physical torture is too painfull.

Thanks eeryone.

I am leaving this post now today.




So Emotional ... !!

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@ rishi, 

i m sorry that there is no provision at LCI to thank the same message twice / more.


First Festival (after marriage) Makar Sankrati at parents home !!!!!

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Meri biwi to 1st Diwali @ parental home 

:/ ;(

Fighting Frivolous 498A case

I guess she is not taking any interest at all in marriage life...that could be the reason why the guy keeps on pestering her for her past..



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Supply and Distribution Management

Peoples are posting the comments on based of your mentioned  wording only, their feelings will be remain same inspite person is outsider or family member.

If my sister will say i am 21st century / Modren / MNC co. working girl and her marriage was done forcefully by parents .............Than might be i cant believe.

with in 2 months crices she will say that i want to re marry...........Than i also cant beleive.

As a human being every one has pas and every one want to know the past of concern, if some ones past is not good as per his / her thinking than he / she can realy raise questions on you and also may be angry.

* we have to discuss past things before marriage that i was like this will you accept me.

* if not discussed than try to conveyance him / her in present.

* if not ready than go for seperation

* why u are in hurry for re marriage?( it means some one stand  behind u and he is supporting u to the broke the first marriage early).

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Dear Payal,

As per the views expressed by various peoples, you have to wait for 6m/ 1 yr to file marriage petition.

But as per your statments I think that, you have 2 options :

1) You can file complaint against him in nearest Police Station for phy & mental harrashment.

2) After filing the complaint you must go to his home to be cont. ur married life.

The stat. 1 above : If you file the complaint against him it will make you the strong evidence for upcoming divorce. You must accumulate the strong documentary evidence as well. If you wish don't go to his home, u should cont. ur parents home on the basis of this ground.

The Stat. 2 above : If you will go to his home, he will definately torture you or will harrash you then again you can intimate to Police Station & it will be again one more strong documentary evidence.

After that you can also give him a legal notice for the same.

YOU have 2 options now choice is yours.

Conclusion is that, I found your points are strong, you need not worry.

Enjoy Life!!!




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