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Is divorce possible in this case of disease



1-get her psychological testing report from a trained clinical psychologist


3-OCD is not big illness you will not get divorce

4-You are reactions are normal of any human being who suddenly discovers mental illness in spouse

5-Psychiatric patient become child like thats why they cannot take responsibility.You will have to get educated about her illness from internet and educate her parents.

6-Ask for help from her parents and explain them signs and affects of illness in your life.

7-Reduce your expectations from her.

8-Give yourself two years to get her treated by good psychiatrist

9-Check if her thyroid hormone is normal

10-Do your bit which is in your hand not expecting anything in return.

11-Dont play blame game with your inlaws

12- Avoid those relatives (not parents) who dont understand your problem

14-Look after your health ,finanaces and take good sleep

15-Surrender to will of god and do your duty as much as you have done.

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Senior Partner

1. Secure her future with maintenance and part ways.

2. We are living in modern age, when wife is not willing to help a husband when he falls sick in the name of "career growth" here in the LCI forum as posted last month by a wife, then it is better to follow para 1 for the simple fact these are invisible forums where neither you know us nor I know you BUT reality of ground zero is the one which you are facing day-in day-out with your broken marriage especially living in a fast track metro. city Mumbai.

3. In today's modern
India there should not be any sympathy. You may not get divorce on presented grounds from Family Court but if you offer her maintenance then Mutual Consent Divorce application may be filled and or wait for IrBM (Amendment) Act Bill, 2010 which may be passed by winter season. Even under IrBM Amendment Act she will bargain under “exceptional hardship” grounds so what is being advised is not that bad in current scenarios. 

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Senior Management

ocd cannot be treated in 2 yrs as suggested by aflatoon. go with taj of india's advise.

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Senior Partner


It is a case of 6 yrs. old marriage.

2. A working couple living in metros don’t even have time for eating proper breakfast least he / she may misses fast local to Churchgate / VT and suggesting HIM to invest further 2 years into experimental (visit to psy. is not every middle class couples cup of tea my dear friend Aflatoon Dash) and its treatment is a bad practico-legal advise further in absence of giving him well researched weblinks of nearest reputed (State MCI Registered) psychiatrist (contact addresses). Most of the reputed psychiatrists in Mumbai are Cumballa Hills /
Pedder Road / Bandra West areas based and this chap lives at opposite end of the suburb ! Mumbai is a fastlife metropolis keep that also in mind.

3. The marriage is dead for all practical purpose.

4. Reviving a dead marriage by getting painful yet expensive clubbed with patience treatment it self  is "cruelty" to a husband which if projected (conduct of wife) well before Family Court will emerge in favor of husband by the Bar before the Bench ! 

5. Hon'ble Ms. Dalvi is a pragmatic ladyship there understanding well what is a dead marriage in context to Mumbai's jam packed family court so he will succeed at the end.

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1-what makes you think that its six years marriage?

2-We all are middle class our parents are middle class If One does not have time money and energy to invest in his spouse then  why get married  my dear  partner.For me institution of marriage is important and not being in thane /ahmdabad.To stand up for your partner in time of need is imp

3-His reaction is typical of any spouse who discovers illness in his spouse -Denail,Anger,shock and disbelief that his marriage dream is shattered.He and his spouse need reassurance and support and not further widening of cracks in their already strained relatinship.

4-I dont measure things in just 3-4 months as non curable as per charud-Is hypertension , diabets,bronchial asthma,arthrits curable .Do you divorce your spuse if she has it.

5-I dont see it as dead marraige.I see it more as "given up attitude"-no where medicines are discussed,No where her complance with medicine is mentioned.Fits is mentined as feets and no where CT SCAN /EEG IS MENTIONED.Ignorance and taboo against mental illnesss is staring In his as well as your post.

6-I give advise it is for him to follow .If he is intrested he will do it .He is intrested for divorce and he found LAWYERSCLUBOFINDIA.He will find out ocd site also.Aflatoon works differently from TajobsIndia.

7-My job is to throw light of knowledge and hope and divergent thinking and see if it works for him 3-4 months is too short period to asess any mental illness.

8-Lastly freind whether I am bad or good is your individual opinion I know My job and My job is to advise him Its for him to take or not.


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I dont know how to arrange t my replies in proper paragraphs .It keeps on slipping from computer screen as I write or amend writeup  .Can any body let me know how to formatt it LOL.


Gender Researcher

Are  not satisfactorily maintaining the house and quarreling with  in-laws grounds for divorce? In some cases it may be the other way around too. That in- laws and husband's house is not neat and clean, but the daughter in law insists on cleanliness. Then what? It is possible that she is looked at with horror by the in laws too and that may trigger negative behaviour patterns from her side--I am just talking about arenas of possibilities here.  Sometimes, shouting remain the only way to reach out, to cry for help, to let the partner know h/she  deserves an existence in the spouse' life..  So recordings may be evidence to produce in the court for divorce, but cannot heal a relationship.

My post is only partly directed at Charud's post. Rest is a few reflections that his post has triggered. 


@aflatoon dash


excellent advice!

Senior Partner


1. Your advise is good.

2. Further I did't say you as a person is bad, I said the advise given by you is bad and as you stand by your advise so do I stand by my advise.  

Additional reasoning I give is: Any mental disease could be "managed" with SUPPORT. The author Charud has no near relative SUPPORT group as per his two postings and continuing medical path advise is thus going to be "cruelty' on him.


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usually appointments with a psychiatrist/psychologist will be once weekly...he can fix a mutully convenient day and time with the doctor,say a weekend when he can take his wife there.itna time to koi bhi nikaal sakta hai....

what if the man was a widower and had an OCD child/.so wud he have abandoned him becoz he has no time to take him to the doctor?

there are so many health problems where one goes to doctors on weekly basis...do their relatives come for support?

when a man and woman marry,in their pheras do they promise that they will stand by each other 4 ever, "but with the support of relatives"???





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