Man arrested for dowry harassment after wife’s death


these are deeds of people whu want to sell ashes of their daugter to get gold.


never heard of this strange custom of selling daughter's ashes...does it happen in ur household?will it happen with u also once u die as a married gal?


i just pity ur education level

wot is my edu. qualification wich u pity so much? tell seems u r know it..:)


a 32 years lady cannot have haert attack unless her heart is compromised by some disease.

i wud state 2 things here.......firstly where did u get this knowledge from....please gimme the source of ur knowledge and u dare come up with the answer since u r the one to have stated this .

secondly even if we assume she had a heart disease cant she get harassed by inalws in her heart disease...?its also stupid on the part of inlaws to expect her to conceive wen she has such a problem..rather she cud have gone in 4 adoption...but inlaws with partriarchal mindset just want their son's flesh and blood as a grandchild even if it means threat to DIL's life...ever seen Balika vadhu serial?it showed this aspect in its episodes of last year where a young wife died coz the MIL forced her to conceive despite her poor health....v. few inlaws will be willing to adopt a needy child acc.  to u she died due to heart disease...and i will add that  she was still harassed in her disease by 1. being forced to conceive 2. by getting harassed in such a pitiable condition that led to her death


dare reply only after discussing with a cardiologist,

dear miss/mrs. dare....u contuinue saying dare dare dare :) i will reply wot and wen i have to.....



lastly this laughable comment by u..i am pretty sure about my reply

means u not fully sure...just pretty!


counterblast only wen u have the perfect and sure reply...or else...peace!!!!and a very good night to u...

finally dont forget u r also a woman





Medical Value Travel

1. Any un-natural death of a married women within 7 years of marriage is a must for Police to FIR it as DOWRY DEATH (S. 304 B IPC) . Evidence / innocence comes later you two non legal readers here.  

2. @ Aishwarya and @ Ashutosh babua - Your godfather wrote two very good articles on Dowry just to educate readers like you two and you two clicked Thumbs Up icon under his pic but did not care to read what is Dowry death and what is Dowry so take a walk man from legal discussion forums you two are biggest danger to un-educate the educated legal experts with your cat talks here......

@ Ashutsh babua read my rebuttals now to your views on dowry

The phrase “bride burning” conjures up images of a cruel husband and his family members dousing a young woman in kerosene, flinging a lighted matchstick on her and gloating as the hapless bride goes up in flames. The term “dowry death” also sparks off vivid imaginations of a woman being taunted and harassed for money and finally, hanged to death within the four walls of her house. We also have watched movies and TV serials where a malicious mother-in-law poisons the unsuspecting daughter-in-law’s meal or quietly causes a gas leak and locks the new bride in the kitchen right before she lights the stove to make tea for the family.

There must be many families who burn their brides for dowry as a routine practice otherwise, why would there be so many news reports about dowry deaths? As they say, there cannot be smoke without a fire. Right?

Feminists would have you believe that every unnatural or untimely death of a married Indian woman is dowry death. Not only that, the feminist hyperbole on “bride killing” and “dowry harassment” makes it look like Indian men have an uncanny propensity to commit violence on their wives for money, while men in other countries commit domestic violence for other reasons.

In reality, it is the number of registered suicides of married women which are passed off as statistics of dowry death, and even these numbers are almost always exaggerated. It has become a custom to claim that all the women have been “driven to suicide” due to dowry harassment (Links 1-6). The husband and in-laws are immediately arrested under IPC Sections 304B and 498A and incarcerated for a couple of weeks to several months without bail. They are promptly subjected to media trial and labeled criminals even before investigation or trial can begin.

Even if all the noise about Indian brides being “driven to suicide” for dowry is indeed well-founded, one would expect that the number of suicides of married women would be significantly higher compared to that of unmarried women. However, the National Crime Records Bureau’s statistics show that there is no significant difference in the rates of suicide by married and unmarried women.

Justice Saldana’s remarks (in Crl.A. no. 589 of 2003) are testimony to how anti-dowry laws are being misused to the detriment of innocent citizens:

…we need to sound a note of caution that the police and investigating authorities should not improperly and technically jump to the conclusion that merely because death has occurred that ipso facto a criminal offense has been committed . In as many as 44% of these cases prosecution is thoroughly unjustified. Unless there is cogent and convincing evidence and unless there is material to sustain these charges, it would be totally impermissible and completely unjustified to embark upon legal action. The consequences of these charges are extremely grave because the accused husband and invariably family members are placed under arrest. There are serious social and economic repercussions.

The fact that we do come across considerable number of instances where prosecution was unjustified seems to indicate that in every case of death of young woman or recently married women that prosecution and filing of charge sheet has become automatic. There does not appear to be a proper application of mind at the stage of scrutiny and having regard to this position we direct the concerned authorities to ensure that requirements of the law are correctly and responsibly followed.

It is important to note that more than 56,000 married Indian men end their lives every year. According to statistics obtained from the National Crime Records Bureau, every year, twice as many married men, compared to women, commit suicides unable to withstand verbal, emotional, economic and physical abuse by their wives and in-laws. Deaths of these men make for the brief stories we often read in newspapers stating that a certain man “killed himself due to family issues or financial problems” (Links 7-12).

Thanks to the concerted efforts of the feminists, thousands of men are also becoming victims of “legal terrorism” unleashed through laws like Sections 498A and 304B of the Indian Penal Code, Protection of Women Against Domestic Violence Act, adultery laws, laws against rape and s*xual harassment, and even divorce, maintenance and child custody laws. Many men are ending their lives unable to endure the fear, humiliation and trauma caused by the legal harassment (Links 13-18).

While it is insisted that the death of every young married woman is a case of dowry death requiring immediate arrest of the husband and in-laws, accompanied by media-hype, male-bashing and breast-beating, driving thousands of men to commit suicide is considered social service in India.

Feminists have always wanted “dowry harassment” and “bride burning” to remain hot issues that fuel the Indian Domestic Violence Industry.

The feminist Taliban will surely burn in rage as we look beyond the smoke screen and call their bluff.



















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they want to sell her ashes , fully agree . this is wat is hap[pening in metros now a days..avnish is correct ., she cannot die by heart attack at this age  unless she has a disease. it is not right for laymen to comment on a medical issue. lets c how court takes it after medical opinion. aishwaryatry to  keep track of case and try to inform the result.


@ ss

she cannot die by heart attack at this age  unless she has a disease.

this is wot i want to know...where did u read/research/find out that only a heart patient can have a heart attack at this age?..u r constantly saying this....but not telling us how u came to this conclusion?abt me i m not 100% sure of wot i say...i m 500% wot?

they want to sell her ashes , fully agree . this is wat is hap[pening in metros now a days

again,HOW R U SURE?i gv my argument to avnish yest. reagrding the fact that its not easy for a daughter's parents to lodge police compalin during her death unless they have strong reason.if they have gud ties with husband and if inlaws were loving,no larki wala will do so......

interestingly u all are contradicting ur own can parents earn money by selling these "ashes" till now u have been saying that only wives do so in the name of wen this wife isnt any more,how can her parents earn this alimony...i never knew that dead gals can also earn alimony thru parents...if yes,please show me the judgement/news item where its mentioned...this is a new discovery indeed......

it is not right for laymen to comment on a medical issue

r u and avnish doctors that u r so sure?i think u need to consult cardiologists b4 saying avnish already said,she is pretty sure of her reply to me;not fully sure! again,reread my replies on this thread to avnish,that even if we assume she had a disease then wot the possibilities can be...then argue with me..

lets c how court takes it after medical opinion.

now u also contradicting like avnish....if u r relying on court for medical opinion to know her cause of death y r u also saying at the same time that her parents dragged her inlaws in PS unnecessarily....plz be sure of wot u r saying..maybe she was really harassed,even if she had a disease

aishwaryatry to  keep track of case and try to inform the result.

sorry...i dont have the whole day like ur godfathers and godmother like avnish who are "obsessed" with the laws favoring women,femiinists etc coz of which they are here 24/7/365...moreover i just posted this news for public...its u and ur masters and madams here who are hell bent upon saying its a false case and contradict funnily by also saying that they want to know the court's judgement after investigation...since u all r so obsessed with these laws which makes u cling to LCI whole day u shud be keeping a track of this case....who are u to tell me to find out for u?even if i do so and its proven that the gal was harassed just b4 her death,will it change ur opinions??esp those of ur masters and madam avnish?


A women rarely dies or go thru of heart attack especially at young age. It is the Estrogens which prtects the heart. The actual reason is subject to post mortem report.


Plz. read "Estrogens which prtects the heart." as "Estrogens which protect the heart of a female."


I am not here to reply a mad barking dog. Whose one leg is in the "Kabra" and another is on the peel of banana. Living a bonus life, which may end anytime.


@Arun Sir,


Are there Godfathers here in LCI forum too? I liked the way you have given 18 news links in response to a couple of news links. This simply shows the way laws have been made for WIVES (not women) in india. I don't think that anybody has got guts to reply to the above post of yours.




Why do you always start using bad words? How do you know that somebody's life can end anytime? Was it a THREAT given on a public forum?


This simply shows the way laws have been made for WIVES (not women) in india.


The dv act clearly states that an aged mother or a sister can also book the son & daughter inlaw & the brother and sister inlaw if they abuse or do not maintain financially....its another thing that mothers and sisters are rarely using this it doesn't mean there is no protection for dont keep saying that mothers n sisters have no protection from law


@Aishwarya - A very good morning to you. I know the DV Act 2005 much better than you so no need for you to elaborate the law here. This simply means that you could not understand, what I wanted to convey from my msg. DO you ever think that why mother and sisters rarely use this law? Think and then tell me.

Bhavanao ko samjho!




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