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Pradeep   21 April 2020

Marrying my first cousing once removed

Hi there. I want to marry my first cousin once removed (i.e my mother's elder sister's son's daughter). We belong to chrstianity. And if the Indian law prohibits our marriage, is there any other ways to possibly make it legal?

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Dr J C Vashista (Lawyer)     21 April 2020

An illigal action can not be made legal, you will agree.

When the marriage is invalid then what do you expect from experts ?

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Real Soul.... (LEGAL)     21 April 2020

In roman catholics after dispensation from church the marraige between cousins is possible.

Even in of the cases OP Gogne vs State (Nct Of Delhi) & Ors ,the cousins converted to christainty and married and was held valid by high court 

Real Soul.... (LEGAL)     21 April 2020

he is aksing for possiblities, so that is it. In OP Gogne case the couple were hindu cousins, converted to chirstainity and married. Court held the marraige valid even imposed  the petitioner fahter  a fine of Rs.10,000, for filing the false case. The son aproved  more clevar to thwart the effeorts of fahter by converting to chirstainity and marrying his first cousin.

P. Venu (Advocate)     21 April 2020

Yes, they can marry after getting the dispensation from the Church.

P. Venu (Advocate)     21 April 2020

Given the facts stated there is no question of conersion. The author has disclosed that they belong to Christianity.


It would a illegal marriage. It cannot be legal in any case.


Certainly, it would be totally illegal and it cannot be converted into legal shape in any manner.

Real Soul.... (LEGAL)     21 April 2020

My friend Om Prakash is obsessed with his own fantasy,he failed to understand the import of my rpley which though needs consedrate understanding of legal practice.

Let me clarify him so that he can sleep peacefully untill he picks more threads to get them trimmed for which i have no long time.The Wheather the querest is born christian or converted or whatever i haave nothing to do with that. His query is ,whether cousins can marry in christainty ? this is germane of the matter for me. I mentioned  the possiblities which is gdopel truth;

1. In  Roman Chatholics after dispensation from thier respective church the cousins are allowed to marry and the marraige is valid and legal.

2. I showed by way of Delhi  High Court judgment where a couple who being hindu by faith converted to christainity and got married and Delhi High court let the marraige to sustain as valid and legal. 

That is in judgment where court defines chriatian marraige act .

WHile in practice we never qoute judgments  as to comple court to pass orders as per them , but if my friedn is in practice he would know how we qoute the judgments and what remians the purpose;;; these are referrances and each case is decided on its own nmerits. In lower courts we can qoute judgments of any state high court for apprisal ,it is never necessary that only the delhi high court judgment is valid for delhi courts.We ref. Madras High Court judgments ,,,so on as per the demand and need. Now i dont have enough time to taech here ,i ignore such qoutes where one is mentioned personally .Express your opinion and stay away from nitpicking,that suggests something else....i will prove this too soon with  peppermint....

Real Soul.... (LEGAL)     21 April 2020

Sorry for typo errors due to keyboard

Real Soul.... (LEGAL)     21 April 2020

I am really sorry for you,God give you peace and make you healthy.  I don't mind your saying anything , i have sympathies for you.



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P. Venu (Advocate)     22 April 2020

To my knowledge, Christian Marriage Laws in force, contain no provision as to prohibited degree of relationship (as in Hindu Marriage Act). Obviously, the norm is governed by the laws or custom as prevalent in the particular Church.  As such, the Church is competent and grants 'dispensation' in unavoidable situations, though such instances are very very rare.

The author has posted that they belong to Christianity. As such, it is immaterial that his name is Pradeep. There is no law or regulation in force our country as to how a person ought to be named based on his religion, caste or community. It is a matter of pure personal discretion.

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Pradeep   22 April 2020

Thank you for everyone except OM PRAKASH who looks just like a pain in d ass. If a name defines a religion in this country , then i believe you have to seek some medical attention brother asap. 

And regarding my worries, all have mentioned about getting married to cousins.. I dont have a problem marrying cousins because the practise is followed here in tamilnadu and my community as well. But my question was about marying my first cousin once removed (mothers elder sisters sons daughter). Please look up to the lineage and let me know if i could marry her? 

Also, if its not possible, y do i have to even marry her? why can we live together and have baby which is quite legal i guess.

Pradeep   22 April 2020

As if you are the pillar or HInduism and Hindu gods.. haha. Jai Shriram. 

P. Venu (Advocate)     22 April 2020

Mr. Pradeep - as to your specific query, any suggestion depends upon the custom prevalent in your community.

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