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Hi All,

I reside in a appartment, Vijaywada , Andhra Pradesh. My appartment is More than 8 years old.  We ar not a registered association and people in my appartments are not even willing to go for a registerd asscociation as they dont want any legal bye laws to be applied. The maintance is so unoorganised and biased that few falt owners are very unhappy. They collect maintance, conduct meeting as they want. they wont listen to the owners who are against them and they spend maintanace amount ... but no proper bills or records are maintaind... they are only maintatined for nominal sake.

The guy who calls himself a secratery of the association is a very biased person... and dont speak to the people who is againest him properly. The owners who are beside him done even mind to insult people publicly and degrade them.

We have a empty slab area beside my balcony under which watchmans room is built. Its easy accesable to us and we just kept some plants in that area. No one compalained us regarding those plants... no one send us a priore notice regarding problem they are facing because of those plants. for a pre sceduled meeting they have prepared list of concerns they want to discuss in which they have mentioned " discussion og growing plants in common area " and circulated  to all the 20 flats.After going to meeting they just said this is about your flat and answer. We felt very degraded. We also replied saying that many people have blocked common caridors in respective floors by building grills and doors which is illeag and stoped attending Meeting from there after. By keeping this incident in mind they are harassing and insulting us for evey thing... my nighbour ladies plays games in the caridor with hell lot of noise literally to harass us.

Yesterday there was plumber work going in my flat ....its a minour work. We have asked watch man to go the people in our block to inform everyone that we are going to switch off valves for halfan hour. no one has objected or said us to wait.  We have switched of the valves and started work. the so called secratery went and switchd on the valves. We are about to go to swicth of the vale again screatery came running should in a very bad manner and insluted us infornt of everyone saying that we dont the problems of owners. we are anti people we runaway from meetings and all... most wost part this happend when my father was not at home and he started insulting my mom , me and my sister.

We are seriously feed up. My parents are old they have purchased this property by being in govt service. we at timed feel like selling this place and leave but thing is we cant buy any other porperty at present rates. We are becoming dipressed and degraded day by day. we are not understanding where to repoert even.

Kindly help us what we can do on this and to whome we can write.




As the association is not registered the so called office bearers have no powers. They are just pretenders under the law. If they collect money from the residents that is illegal. If they demand any money from you for anything you can file an application before the court having jurisdiction mentioning the so called office bearers by name and address and restraining them from acting as office bearers and collecting money from any of the residents. Do it through a lawyer. If there are other similarly aggrieved members you can jointly do it.




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