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Hello experts,

my case reached almost to trails stage, now i need your guidance and suggestions of following.

both parties of us has fully aware that. the case is completely fake and un-provable allegations. reasons for that.

Based on fir allegations

1. Paid dowry of 10 lac, gold of 30 Tula and open plot.

*they paid 60,000 only as marriage expanses 

 *her parents has given 10 Tula for herself and my family gave 20 Tula. I have clear VAT bills and pictures, videos of presenting my parents on the day of marriage.

*not even a single inch of land on my name till this minute. A plot was there on her name which gifted by her father before our marriage. (I clearly told when they asked to register on my name I don’t need it your (wife) brothers can take any time.

2. I was drinker and no job in UK forced to pay extra dowry.

*I have my salary receipts from 4 years before marriage to till the date case filed and income tax paid from UK govt.

3. He doesn’t have job in UK so my parents paid all the expenses to go our self UK.

*I have income tax proof and all the payments done by my UK and India accounts having all statements.

4. Me and my parents torch her when we came to know she is pregnant and demand more dowries, and aborted forcedly due to failing to pay extra dowry.

*when she become pregnant we both are in UK and my parents in India, where is the possibility of torch passport shows when we left India ( 11 months before she did her abortion).

*she made false complaint on 14th Nov 2013 to UK police they arrest me on 15th Nov 2013 morning and released in 4 hours on same day due to baseless alligations. I came back to India on 24th Nov 2013.

* If it is true and happen in India, they didn’t mention date and time of abortion, doctor attend for abortion and clinic name. 

( before I leave UK I contacted police and appealed that I wish to go back India as we both came as wife and husband and in respect to our Indian tradition I cannot leave her alone and go please ask her to join with me to go back.

but police informed me she has no intention  to join with you.

I also convey since she is pregnant she must need someone to be with her, if she don’t wish to join with me, I book taxi and flight ticket whenever she wish to go back country she can go my home or her parents home. Then our parents will bring a right resolution to our conflict after that we can be normal in India or come back UK.

She refused for that too.

 Finally I asked that police lady to give a paper saying that she is staying here with her own interest or police can give such document based on her request she will stay her own and i can go myself anywhere.

Even police doesn’t accept for it, moreover police lady told me forcing someone to sign on paper not accepted so you can leave your own or we may arrest you on basis of this.

since I don’t have any choice I e-mailed her same what was my intention and after 6 days I came myself India).

After I came back India she aborted her own in UK. (All above I requested UK police as Freedom of request information (same as RTI) they sent me as replay with each sentence of our conversation) even her aborted report.

5. even after abortion she and her parents came to my home and try to compromise, but me and my parents attach on her and her parents, me and my parents pored positions tablets in her mouth ( here no date but location mentioned).

* Since the day I came back I didn’t see her face and her parents face till this minute (by the day I came India her parents changed address and phone numbers pre plan).

*my both sisters are married one 13 years ago (2 kids) and another 9 years ago ( 2 kids). They live separate in same town. But my village is 50KM away from that town, even for festival they not visit our home, they say both of us employs only on festivals and holidays we get time to spend, we won’t come. How they can involve?

* my sister are Govt employs if they tell the date we can provide all legal evidence from concern head that they were on duty.

* As they mention location if the incident was true from that location police station if 100 m District collector office 120m away ( only 2 house in middle). but no complaint.

*as they mentioned if positioned tablets poured in her mouth, exactly 150m away Opp to police station and collectorate regional biggest hospital located. But they didn’t take for treatment?

* At least no information where treatment has taken place.

6. 2 days before arrest (FIR date) myself and few of my friends when to her home and asked her sign on some papers as she refused we attach on her and her parents, they file the case.

*since it was 6 months later me and my parents didn’t get their parents address and phone number we were still searching.

*on the day when FIR registered date I was 220km away from the incident location with my friends on meeting. a lodge room has booked on my name.

* interesting point they mentioned 5:30pm i attached her on the above... but 6:22 Pm i withdraw some money from an ATM near by the lodging. I have statement from bank. but that ATM belongs to another bank so for CCTV footage they need court order. I can produce it.

*I am really confused that in India which vehicle can travel 220km in 50min?

*her and her parents use to live in same town of my sisters that was their permanent address for 21 years, i have copies of ration card, voter ID and their passports on that address to prove that where case filed it was not her address.

So by this merits i know i am the winner at lost but...due to a worst mistake by me and my parents that committing rest of our life with them. they made to see us hell.

Never mind I be leave truth never die and Indian laws there to justify.

Only problem corrupted son of b*tch police files case. and spoils respect of law and order.

In my case no counseling, not consulted just came in mid night 3:30 and arrest my sisters and 65 years old mother from bed ( she was suffering from BP). me and my brother unfortunately were not at home. 

that son of b*tch police with his criminal brain after arresting my parents (from worng address proof SIM and not using mobile ) gave me an offer of 65lac to not booking FIR and take her case back.

After that we just brought bail for my sisters and mother and bother. i was without bail, 

I applied for anticipatory, got rejected met him personally he don’t want to arrest because if i get arrested case will come to trail he cannot prove anything.

We brought stay from high court I left India he only suggested (after throwing a biscuit of Rs 50,000).

After his transfer (2yrs later) another police came. now i got anticipatory from high court and. attend court regularly and case transferred from Jr.civil judge to sessions judge, i received summons yesterday.

Here I want to defend my own since i am the best know person of each movement.

I know there is provision from Indian law. With your guidance and help i want to do it.

Help me the procedure to get section 32 permeation

Thanks in advance

Lawyer at Supreme Court of India



I wish you luck to defend ur case yourself, but keep a lawyer with you becasue sometimes there are certain technical things may arise wherein you require the assistance of a Lawyer. 


Warm Regards 

Kapil Chandna Advocate 


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You seem to have prepared well and cared to generate evidnce.

I too wish you all the very best.

I concur with Mr.Kapil Chandna and you should keep a very able counsel by your side to handle the technicalities.


You can get opportunity to explain.






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