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Varun (n/a)     27 May 2013

Daughter in law blackmailing


Hi to all, I live in joint family with my parents and married brother. My brother and her wife want his property share. they both start abusing my parents daily. My parents were agreed to give him his share but he and her wife refused his liability as he had loan in our joint business. Due to these pressure and torture my father gave him an eviction affidavit (notary passed with one press copy).  but they refused to leave our house.


Last week his wife beat my mother. We reported in local police. We locked down his room when they were out. We also gave them their necessary things in local police station. Right now my brother is agree with his liabilities and share. but her wife want to enter in our house and create another drama. My parents also gave an application to Police Commissioner. He marked them to Women cell. My parents daughter in law filed domestic violence case against us in court. she is looking for stay order in my parents house.


As we don't want her to enter in our house. 

1. Can she still get stay order after his husband eviction legally?

2. Can she filed false dowry against on us? 

3. How can we get rid of their luggage?  (as we don't want them to enter in our house)

My brother is now ready to pay his liability and move from our house. Please point us in good direction.


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Srinivas (Director)     27 May 2013

Quitely humor her for the next few months and collect evidence of her torcher. Take videos, record audio, note dates

get witnessess, etc... Consult a good lawyer.... they can tell you what will be acceptable as evidence and how to seek injunction on her. Good luck.

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Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     27 May 2013

let your mother file case in woman cell. DIL has no righto to cause domestic violence.


actually she has a right to enter unless you prove that her entry is dangerous to safety of others.  You have stated only that there was police complaint but did nto9 tell what happened to the same. 

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Adv k . mahesh (advocate)     28 May 2013

it is very enrronous to hear such an incident about DIL beating her Mother in law and her husband is a mute speactator 

in the next movement he should have taken very harsh step against her because till now we here only harassment from MIL to DIL very rare such incidents occur being a elderly person DIL should respect but such incident is very much heart touching 

recently we hear about the same but there was DIL and FIL and the result was her FIL and MIL taken sleeping pills and died with that the whole village people beaten the DIL and left them out of the village 

what about the police complaint given by your mother and also if you have not filed any counter statement in the DV then mention this incident and see the result 

about luggage take the help of your third person (family member) and handover the luggage to your brother who wants to separate from you and do not forget to take acknowledgement of your brother through third person 

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Varun (n/a)     15 June 2013

Hi, First of I am really sorry for long silence and thank to all for your input. When my mother visit to Police commissioner he marked the file to nearest police station they sent that file to Sanjh kender where we had 6 sitting. but then  we got call from Women cell that DIL filed complaint against us. We told them there is also case in Sanjh kender (might be smallest version of women cell). We also had 2 sitting in Women cell where they pressuring my parents to let the DIL live in matrimonial house, My parents refused cause we know as soon as she entered in matrimonail house, she will file complaint against us. So we don't wanna get in trouble. We also handover her luggage to his husband (brother) with written acknowledgement that he is shiffting his luggage his own. We also have our neighbour supprt as they know we are innocent and reputed family here.

All we want peace of mind. My parents also had disown his son and his wife six months ago, when they both were torturing them.  We have that affidavit with us.  We have 3 case in police records that my mother filed against DIL and her relative. but my brother requested my mom to not to take action against them otherwise his married life will be reuined.  Parents are Parents so my mother didn't take action and let the police to send the file to women cell.  

In this case my parents do not want to ruined my brother married life, but also wanna save themself from this harrasment. 

1. We have affidavit that we disown his family.

2. We have 3 complaints against them in Police Station

3. We have neighbour's support..

4. We have written acknowledgement that her husband don't wanna leave with us.

5. We have written acknowledment that she is having her jewellery (written by herself) on plain paper.

Does these things help us in our case If needed ? Now she is calling to all my relatives and warn them to get bail of us..  I wish their should be lie detector test before filing 498a..:(



Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     15 June 2013

she has admitted havign stridhan. You appear to have a good defence

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