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Dipak (Clerk)     31 October 2017

Cruelty by wife

Sir our marriage took place in Feb 15 and we both moved to Mumbai for my job in Mar 15. In May 15 my wife went back to her home for M.A. and B.Ed exam and returned in Sep 15. In Nov 15 she tried to hang herself at night in Mumbai. I asked the reason and she replied that i dont listen to her. In Dec 15 she was admitted in hospital for Missed Abortion. However she complains me that i made her to abort. Once i noticed that she tried to cut her hand as there were several light cut marks on her left hand. I asked the reason and she replied that it was nothing. She always ask me to leave her at her home. In Oct 16 when we went home together, i dropped her to her parent's home but while we were about to return Mumbai she denied returning with me and cited reason that i tried to kill her by pressing her neck. Whereas the actual reason was she completely stopped talking me for about 15 days prior moving and i pressed her mouth to open up and say reason for not talking to me. She changed it to pressing her neck. I returned Mumbai alone. After 2 month i had to accept her allegation before her father over phone so as to get her back. She returned. Thereafter i came to know that their family was planning to take her home anytime and also keep pressuring me to shift near to their home. Her married elder sister along with her husband shifted permanently back to her parent home (ghar jamai). In Mar 17 we went home for a function at her home. While returning we had a quarrel over keeping jewellery few with her and rest keeping them at her matrimonial home. She stopped talking with me. From Apr 17 she started to sleep separately in another room and continuously stopped talking with me till Jul 17. I told the incident to her father and he told that my wife is too Sentimental and i might have understood this by now so if i didnot adjust with her then he will take necessary action. In Jul 17 we had quarrel as i asked to stay with her in same room. She even asked to pay her money for the same. During quarrel i punched her leg and asked that where will i go and with whom will i talk. She told she will do whatever she wants. Thereafter in mid Jul 17 her father called me and told she has exam at home so he is booking flight for her and she will return after few days. She went and refused (2nd time) to return Mumbai and told that i tried to rape and beat her. I had nothing more to say. In Oct 17 she called me and told she will not return as she took a job at private school and if i wish i can go and visit her at her home and also blamed me for numerous reason. Stil now no legal action has been initiated by any of us. The following are my points:- 1. She gets angry on any matter. 2. She completely stops talking. 3. I m constantly under fear that she may again comit suicide. 4. She locks herself in a room whole day. 5. She dont allows me to stay with her in same room. 6. She asked me numerously to leave her permanently which i denied. 7. She constantly ask me to shift near to their home. 8. Now she tell me if i want to see her i can go to their home to visit her but she will not return to me. Now of late, it is really becoming difficult for me to convince her or her family. How can i get out of this. Pls guide. Regards Dipak.


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Siddharth Srivastava (Advocate)     31 October 2017

Why you wish to stay with such person like your wife whose behaviour and mood is uncertain and she even can commit suicide? Give her a strong message and stop adhering to her illogical demands. Take a stand and act accordingly.


Dear Dipak,

Why do you want to continue your life with a person, where future is uncertain. Please take preemptive actions to save yourself. she may file police comaplaint against you, 498A dowry harassment case, domestic violence. Before it too late take necessary action.when your lwife not interested in you, does not respect you, parents and sister is more important, this kind of relation may not last long.

Dipak (Clerk)     15 November 2017

We tried convincing her to return to save our marriage. She told that she will not return and she will also not give divorce. Can i file divorce. Will it be granted by court. Pls advise. Regards

Born Fighter (xxx)     15 November 2017

If ur story is to be believed then ur wife seems to have a personality disorder. Symptoms like suicidal tendency, cutting hand, extreme anger, always playing victim card, manipulations etc are symptoms. She wants to live in her comfort zone i.e her parents house and also enjoy part-time husband who can take care of her financial needs.

Good thing is that u dont have a child yet (im assuming)

Tread cautiously and patiently. Be practical and dont get emotional. 

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