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Manjunatha (works in pvt ltd as consultant.)     23 December 2012

Criminal case against brother in law

My younger sister got arrange marriage in 2008 with the both family mutual agreement. They are below caste and brother in law mean sister husband was good at first year. So he was running petrol bunk and had contacts with local people including college leacturers, political and film industry people. when petrol bunk was running, he did not care about the financial transactions. Also many his family members started working in petrol bunk, they used take petrol at free of cost, money with or without notice. Also his brother was looking, when the brother-in-law goes outside of bunk. During family meeting in the early stage, we cleared told them that, bunk is running by family, tomorrow any financial issues comes, you cannot point out on us including my younger sister.

The brother-in-law family agree on this. Suddenly in year 2010-2011 financial crises started, brother in law took Rs. 10 lakh from 3 sister, Rs. 5 lakh from 2 sister as loan.  We did not know about his financial problems, until it blow up. When we asked this financial problem with my younger sister, she used to say "I don't know and he won't tell all petrol bunk business information.

When financial problems started and my sister used to ask to arrange to loan to him. We asked serveral time about financial debt, he used to tell 2.5Crores. When Petrol bunk stopped, thier family started giving torture to my sister. Every day abusing in 3rd language, physically torture started from  brother in law, brother-in-law sister, brother-in-law mother.

Now it become more torture and brother in law is not speaking with my sister from past sept 2012, when we call to him, he says "when my sister is goes from his residence in 3rd language", After she came into his life all these problems started". asking to die, asking to away from his residence etc., We are no were connected to his business from the day one.

According our knowledge, his financial payments and repayments are irregular. Now total debt is 9Crores. His brothers are cheated on him, since daily finance collection are enjoyed by thier family members for buying new cars, land, building, dresses, etc.,. He used to borrow money with high rate of interest to run the bunk. When leanders stopped funding, struggling started. He used to say that "Business friends are asking to join politic, he astrolger told the chance to produce a movie etc., I believe he did sponsored politician for election, he sponsored film director for movie shooting, he sponsored book publish program for a poet, he sponsored his college lecturer's daughter marriage (he is being called god-father by brother-in-law), he sponsored the new cars to his family members and relatives & Friends.

Now my young sister suffering from mentally, physically and financially with 1 daughter (baby girl). Every day she goes to bank (works in nationalised bank as cleak) with all these pain and asking us to talk to them. But they are not willing too....and always blames on her with us.

Now I need a legal solution without breaking a couples and hurting them. My young sister need peaceful life, when legally approched. I can reachable on this number # wxyz wxyz + abc abc jkl ghi jkl jkl ghi.


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vijay sharma (Advocate)     23 December 2012

she can file the case under woman domestic volence act...not providing him financial add aur using 3rd grade langauge.. under sec 12 of DV Act...

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