cost of getting a piece of land under adverse possession


Can a lawyer tell me the exact procedure to get the Title to a property under the adverse possession of limitation act 1963?

Should I file the case in the high court?

How much time would it take in a city like Mumbai?

What would be the cost of the entire procedure?

Once I get the order passed from the court am I still supposed to pay some amount to the owner?
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Adverse possession exists to put a statute of limitations on title disputes. For example, if you have owned a piece of land for some time, and a long-lost heir of a former owner from many years past comes forward to try and claim legal title to the land, adverse possession laws may prevent you from losing title to the property.
Adverse possession is based on a legal principle called the “doctrine of laches,” which means that failing to assert a claim or right to the land for an unreasonable and unjustified time cannot cause disadvantage to another (i.e., be taking title away from the landowner who assumed that long-lost heirs would not come back to take his land years later). Thus, if the true landowner (the long-lost heir) does not enforce his/her property rights in a timely manner, the heir may permanently lose interest in, or title to, the property.



what is the point if the title is not given in the name of the adverse possessor?
How will the FSI / FAR benefit come to the said possessor?



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