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girishankar (manager)     19 March 2010


- An appeal to honourable supreme court of india

Indian prisons are meant to be reforming schools for the prisoners. By the
corrupt practices of the officials , the prisons have become factories turning
out hardened criminals.

Say , a person was caught by police on suspicion of pick-pocketing. The
police produce the accussed before the magistrate , in turn he remands him for
judicial custody. Let us consider , The punishment for this offence
pick-pocketing as per law is 6 months imprisonment. However the case drags on
for 3 years , finally the court finds him guilty of offence & orders for 6
months imprisonment. Totally, the offender serves 42 months imprisonment
sentence in practice. In some cases , the courts consider the time already spent
by the accussed behind the bars while giving judgement. In this example , even
if the offender is let free taking 6 months imprisonment sentence, the offender
has been given excess sentence of 36-6=30 months.

Taking the same example further, say the court finds the accused as innocent,
not guilty of crime & lets him free. However , the poor chap has suffered 36
months imprisonment for no fault of his.

As per law, no body not even the courts of law are legally empowered to punish
anybody beyond the legal procedures , rules established. In this way, due to
delay in our legal system , faulty bail procedures , thousands of under-trials
are suffering in various prisons throught India. Arew not the courts which
remanded those accused to judicial custody responsible for this illegal act of
excessive punishment ? what punishment should be given to those judges ?

The bail procedure in India , is also faulty without considering quantum of
offence & financial status of the accused. A person accused of stealing rs.100
has to provide bail surety bond of rs.5000 or personal surety by a wealthy
person / government servant. The poor person having personal contacts ,
friendship with rich persons / government servants is quite remote , so he
can'nt secure bail on personal bond. The poor chaps family is not rich enough to
spend rs.5000 surety amount. As a result, unable to secure bail the poor chap
suffers in jail for years.

Say, a rich industrialist is accused of rs.20 crores tax evasion, he is let
free on a personal bond of rs.1 lakh. Stamp paper scam kingpin karim lala telgi
has swindled government to the tune of thousands of crores of rupees, only few
cases are registered against him. That too in one out of those cases involving
rs.45 lakh worth stamp sale , judge has given him rigorous imprisonment plus a
fine of rs.50000.

Considering the above examples it is quite clear the bail amount, fine amount
are peanuts for the rich just a fraction of quantum of their crime , while for
the poor it is huge many times more than the quantum of their crime.. it is
biased towards rich & mighty criminals. As a result poor always suffers in jail,
while rich are out on bail.

Even within prisons , the number of prisoners per sq.ft area , no of doctors ,
hospital beds , medicines available, weight of food per day given to prisoners ,
are all less & much below the statuotary limits. The food , health care , living
conditions of prisoners , under-trials are worse than pigs. The prison
authorities are utterly corrupt, which has been brought into light again & again
by the media. If a poor prisoner questions the illegal acts of the officials ,
he is subjected to 3rd degree torture , roughed up by rowdy prisoners on the
instigation of the officials themselves. Many poor prisoners are suffering from
health problems , many are dying due to lack of proper health care & food in the

Whereas , the rich & mighty prisoners , by payting bribe get non-veg ,
alchoholic drinks from outside restaurants daily. They even secure drugs . they
get spacious VIP rooms , television , mobile phones. They easily get parole &
easily gets admitted in outside hospitals & roam free , while on record they are
in-patients in hospitals.

The law of limitation which stipulates time limits for filing various cases is
also biased towards the government as a party & rich , mighty. For the purposes
of evidences , filing of cases one needs various government records. The
concerned officials don't provide those records for years unless bribed & sit
over the files for years. Some times by making absurd , illogical file notings ,
rejects it back. There is no time limit for the performance of duties by public
servants. When a commoner don�t get relevant records , files , evidences in
time , how can he file cases in time without those records , evidences ?

Nowadays , numerous cases of irregularities , charges of corruption against
judges are coming to light. However , in such cases judges are asked to resign
from service but no criminal prosecution against them is instituted , only in
cases involving lower court judges it is done. When a case of irregularity by a
judge in a specific present case comes , there are every possibility that in the
past also he has committed the same in cases handled by him which has not come
to light. In such instances , all the cases handled by that particular judge
throught his career must be reviewed , but is not done why ? does not it amount
to cover-ups ?

In many cases the higher courts have turned down the verdicts of the lower
courts , let free the innocents , absolved innocents of charges & annulled death
sentences when appeals came before them. However , in all such cases , the
lower court judges must be punished for giving out wrong judgements, meating
out injustice to innocents. Here a fact must be noted , only a fraction of
cases goes in appeal to higher courts, as in majority of cases the poor people
lack the financial might to make the appeal. The so-called free legal services
authority pre-judges the cases before giving legal aid. As a result , many
innocents poor people resign to their fates suffer injustice in courts of law ,
undergo imprisonment punishment , some times even death sentence. So , the
urgent need of the hour is to incorporate jury system or some outside monitoring
system to review cases as & when decided

In many cases involving the rich & mighty like telgi , case proceedings are
conducted in-camera in judge's chambers or proceedings are conducted through
video conferencing . outside from public gaze. The tapes are not made public
and the public cann't even ascertain the validity of tapes , whether it is
edited , doctored .

One of the basic reasons for delayed justice & worse prison conditions in
India , is low number of judges , police personnel , higher rate of case
adjournments and finally low amount of financial grants made by the government
to judicial department / police department. The government states that it
doesn't have enough money to provide for judiciary & police. As a result,
fundamental / human rights of innocent commoners are thwarted. The state
governments & GOI , is one of either parties in 75% of cases before various
courts in India, it is the biggest litigant & is influencing the judiciary by
controlling the grants , recruitment to judiciary & by enticing some with
post-retirement postings.

The government has got money to spend on lavish parties of VVIPs , IAS officers
serving non-veg foods , alchoholic drinks . their foreign jaunts , 5-star
bungalows , limousines , interior decorations of their bungalows, etc. which is
of higher priority , importance , whether the luxury of VVIPs or the fundamental
/ human rights of commoners ? the courts should answer. The courts have the
legal powers to order governments to provide enough financial grants to it ,
however it is keeping mum , turning blinds eye to crimes of VVIP�s. the
government rewards such judges with salary hikes , promotions , luxury cars ,
bungalows , perks and post-retirement postings , sites at judicial lay-out ,
yelahanka , Bangalore , etc.

We at e-voice have utmost respect for the judiciary , but hereby humbly
bringing the crimes of judiciary before the honest few judges seeking justice
to the common folk.

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girishankar (manager)     19 March 2010



S.O.S - eVoice For Justice - e-news weekly

Spreading the light of humanity freedom


Editor: Nagaraj.M.R...vol.6.issue. 12....20/03/2010


"There is a higher court than the court of justice and that is the court of conscience It supercedes all other courts. "
- Mahatma Gandhi



Public Sanitation at the cost of Life   https://tinyurl. com/yz6opd5 )




 Editorial : DOUBLE  STANDARDS  OF  INDIAN  JUDICIARY  &   POLICE           –  Karnataka State Police Not Registering Complaint / FIR against VVIPs


The criminal elements , POWERS THAT BE  are repeatedly hacking my websites , home pages & censoring the public from reading our news papers. These criminal elements have prevailed over the web hosts , ISPs to censor our news papers  , to block our home pages , web sites from opening  , lest the TRUTH COMES OUT. Thereby they are violating our human rights , RIGHT TO FREE EXPRESSION & RIGHT TO SEEK JUSTICE.



In india , Law is one & same for all , however in it's implementation
& enforcement  , the public servants are practicing double standards.
Poor Innocents are harassed , tortured all in the name of law ,
rules , technicalities .
Whereas , Rich Criminals are manipulating the evidences , records &
are going scot free. The Public Servants treat Rich Criminals
Favourably with kid gloves ofcourse for a price.
Now , take for instance , public servants of the rank of supreme
chief justice & President of india are hiding information relating to
crime , covering-up crimes , violating commoner's human rights ,
fundamental rights , obstructing citizen from performing their
Constitutionally prescribed Fundamental Duties as  Citizens of
India ,
no action by police , they are not even registering the complaint.
Whereas , if a commoner cover-ups a crime or evidence , he also
becomes a criminal , if a commoner violates the fundamental / human
right of a rich person , if a commoner obstructs a public servant
performing his public duties , all those become crimes & he is
booked for each counts.
Why not police registering complaint  against the above stated public
servants for above crimes. IS IT NOT DOUBLE STANDARD.



 Just weeks back , we have witnessed the collapse of a multi storied building in bellary ,Karnataka ,in this week we have witnessed  a fire tragedy in a  multi-story building in Bangalore,  months ago there was collapse of a huge building under construction in Bangalore , all resulting in loss of human lives. All these are the result of violations of UrbanTown Planning Laws , Building bye-laws which  are observed more in breach by the criminals & conniving public servants .  The authorities are behaving like real estate agents of criminals , by-passing norms , framing laws to the tune of criminals . Authorities are not honoring RTI requests & even high ranking IAS officer  repeatedly threatens a commoner  seeking information under RTI ACT .


Before embarking on land acquisition for any projects government authorities must plan & assess what are the actual requirement of land for that particular project. After finding out the actual requirement of land , they must  assess the loss of forest area , cost of compensation pay-out , cost of rehabilitation of people , environmental damages & resultant health damages to people in surrounding areas ,it's resultant losses when the project gets running , if at all the benefits , profits from that project far outweighs the losses ,then only project should be put before the public for their consent. Ministers & IAS officers must not take these decisions all by themselves in a hush – hush manner.


Even when a project is downsized , from the previously approved size , the land left over , surplus land must be given back to the original owner on first priority . The project managers must not sell those surplus lands to third parties for a premium .

Even when KIADB ,BDA ,MUDA & other authorities acquire lands from farmers ,for constructing industrial  parks or residential layouts , etc , has framed comprehensive development plans (CDP) for their respective cities , clearly demarcating land usage pattern . However after acquisition of land , the KIADB , BDA , MUDA , etc are selling those very lands to private third parties for different land usage purposes ,completely violating CDP. Are these KIADB , BDA , BBMP , MUDA ,MCC real estate agents of Rich people ?


Now , consider NICE – BMIC SCANDAL or MINING Scandals , public servants in responsible positions are accusing each other , there by proving that almost all of them are criminals. In democracy , ministers & IAS officers are public servants , MLAs , MPs are not leaders just public servants  - representative of people. They must represent people's wishes & must order the IAS & other officers to fulfil the wishes of people as per legal provisions.

Information input  forms part of process of one's expression. One's expression in any forms – written , oral , etc becomes information input to the opposite person , in turn he expresses his reply. Information & Expression are inseparable parts & form lifeline of a democracy. That is the reason , Right to Expression is the basic fundamental right as well as human right of every Indian citizen. When a person's  right to expression is violated , his other rights to equality , justice , etc also  are violated. Suppression of Information amounts to curbing of Expression.


In a democracy , people have a right to know  how the public servants are functioning. However till date public servants are hiding  behind the veil of  Officials Secrets Act (which is of british vintage created  by british to suppress native indians). By this cover-up public servants are hiding their own corruption  , crimes , mismanagement , failures , etc. even RTI Act is not being followed intoto by public servants. However the recent delhi  high court ruling affirming that CJI is under RTI purview & bound to answer RTI request , is noteworthy.


Our previous RTI request to CJI , union home secretary of GOI, President of India  , DG & IGP of GOK and others were not honored. The information I sought were answers to the following questions mentioned in the below mentioned websites . the questions concerned the past , present continuing injustices meted out to  millions  of Indian citizens , due to wrong / illegal work practices of  Indian judges , police & public servants  .   The  information we sought would expose the traitors , anti-nationals , criminals  in public service.  The information we are seeking are no defense secrets , no national secrets. The truthful information exposes the anti-nationals , traitors in the public service & strengthens our national security , national unity & integrity.


Hereby , I do request the honorable supreme court of India to consider this as a PIL for : "writ of Mandamus" and to issue instructions to the concerned public servants in the following cases to perform their duties & to answer the  questions.  JAI HIND. VANDE MATARAM.


Your's sincerely ,










MYSORE - 570017.


Honourable DG & IG of Police ,

State Police H.Q ,

Bangalore .


Honourable Circle Inspector of Police,

Vijayanagar Police Station,

Mysore .

Honourable Sir,

Honourable Chief Jusice of India & H.E.Honourable President of India
& other public servants


In India , as per constitution of india all citizens are

equal , have right to equal oppurtunity &

equitable justice irrespective of caste , creed , religion , etc. the

constitution has guaranteed these to every indian

citizen by way of CONSTITUTIONAL FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS. Also , every

humanbeing on earth has got HUMAN RIGHTS, by virtue of

his / her birth.


SERVANTS have forgotten this & are acting as lords ,

autocrats - unquestionable public masters. CONSTITUTIONAL

FUNCTIONARIES are PUBLIC SERVANTS appointed to serve the public,

public are the kings of democracy , they are the taxpayers &

paymasters of this very same public servants.

In India , corruption has spread it's tentacles far &

wide , it has not even spared the judiciary. The last

resort of commonman for seeking justice is judiciary , even there

corruption has spread.In present day India , if one

is rich , he can committ any type of crime & get away clean from

courts of law. there are corrupt police officials

who modify FIR , suppress evidences ,manipulate evidences , takes up

different line of investigation , fix innocents ,

coughs-up false confessions from innocents by 3rd degree torture ,

file B report closing the case , decides not to

appeal in higher court of law , etc , ALL FOR A PRICE. Just see the

list of millionnaire police officials who are

caught by karnataka lokayukta.

Next step , the prosecutor & defense advocate strikes a

deal , manipulates evidences , manipulates way

of presentation of case & way of argument favouring the rich crooks

for a price , as observed in high profile

BMW case involving public prosecutor IU KHAN & defense counsel RK

ANAND. In this way , if corrupt police & advocates ,

together manipulate the due process of law , the presiding judge is

left high & dry eventhough the judge is honest,

he is left helpless. to add to this , when the judge himself is

corrupt , people's last hope , democracy is dead. nowadays

we are hearing too many reports of irregularities in judiciary.

our publication has filed many appeals as PUBLIC INTEREST

LITIGATION before hon'ble supreme court of india,

but the vested interests there are not accepting it as PILs. WHAT DOES



The issues raised by us for sample :

1. sale of fake medicines & adulterated food products , beverages ,

colas affecting the health of millions of indians

& public of importing nations who are importing the same dangerous

products from india .

2. demolition , eviction of houses , lands belonging to poor dalits ,

tribals , backward castes by government authorities

whereas regularising illegal land encroachments , illegal buildings

by high & mighty people in total disregard to law.

in some cases government has even made contempt of court , by defying

court orders & enacting special laws all to favour rich land grabbers.

3. take the cases corporate frauds, violation of labour laws ,

pollution board laws , tax laws , etc by companies.

4. The reports in media about certain highly placed public servants

leaking india's defense secrets to foreign countries

& some politicians , film stars attending parties hosted by anti

nationals DAWOOD IBRAHIM & underworld dons in gulf

countries & elsewhere.

these type of appeals are for public good , national

security , as public are affected by them. still supreme court of

india is not considering

our repeated PIL Appeals.the courts have the authority to consider

even a post card , e-mail as a PIL Appeal , the courts

even have the right to initiate suo-motto action for public good ,

inspite of absence of any appeals / complaints.

over & above this at the time of my very first appeal my income was

very low & i was a retrenched factory employee who was eligible

for free legal aid, even free legal aid was not given to me.

Now , even to my repeated RTI Appeals the Honourable chief

justice of India & H.E.Honourable President of India

are not giving the requested information . these action of CJI &

PRESIDENT OF INDIA is aiding high & mighty criminals , anti

nationals ,

amounts to suppression of information , truth , evidences , which is a

cognizable offence.



https://crosscji. blogspot. com/ ,

https://cross*xamofc hiefjustice. blogspot. com/ ,

https://crimesofsupr emecourt. wordpress. com/ ,

https://crosscji. wordpress. com/ ,

https://cross*xamofc hiefjustice. wordpress. com/ ,


https://crosscji. blogspot. com/ ,

https://cross*xamofc hiefjustice. blogspot. com/ ,

https://crimesofsupr emecourt. wordpress. com/ ,

https://crosscji. wordpress. com/ ,

https://cross*xamofc hiefjustice. wordpress. com/ ,


https://crosscji. blogspot. com/ ,

https://cross*xamofc hiefjustice. blogspot. com/ ,

https://crimesofsupr emecourt. wordpress. com/ ,

https://crosscji. wordpress. com/ ,

https://cross*xamofc hiefjustice. wordpress. com/ ,


https://theftinrbi. blogspot. com/ , https://theftinrbi. rediffblogs. com/

, https://theftinrbi. wordpress. com/


https://crimesofmuda .blogspot. com/ , https://manivannanmu da.blogspot. com/
, https://crimesatmuda mysore.wordpress .com/ ,


https://crimesofbda. blogspot. com/ , https://bdacrimes. wordpress. com/ ,


https://crimesatrpg. blogspot. com/ ,

https://crimesatrpg. wordpress. com/ ,

https://groups. group/naghrw/ message/218


https://megafraudbyg oi.blogspot. com/ ,

https://megafraudbyg oi.wordpress. com/ ,

https://groups. group/naghrw/ message/196

are you ready to catch tax thieves ?

https://megafraudbyg oi.blogspot. com/ ,

https://megafraudbyg oi.wordpress. com/ ,

https://groups. group/naghrw/ message/196


https://megafraudbyg oi.blogspot. com/ ,

https://megafraudbyg oi.wordpress. com/ ,

https://groups. group/naghrw/ message/196

reliance industry where is accountability ?

https://megafraudbyg oi.blogspot. com/ ,

https://megafraudbyg oi.wordpress. com/ ,

https://groups. group/naghrw/ message/196

crimes at infosys campus

https://crimeatinfy. blogspot. com/ ,

https://crimeatinfy. wordpress. com/ ,

https://groups. group/naghrw/ message/214

crimes by B.D.A against a poor woman

https://crimesofbda. ,

https://bdacrimes. wordpress. com/ ,

https://groups. group/naghrw/ message/212

crimes of land mafia in India

https://landscamsini ndia.blogspot. com/ ,

https://landscam. wordpress. com/ ,

https://groups. group/naghrw/ message/212

currency thefts in RBI Press

https://theftinrbi. blogspot. com/ ,

https://theftinrbi. wordpress. com/ ,

https://groups. group/naghrw/ message/80

killer colas & killer medicines of India

https://deathcola. ,

https://deathcola. wordpress. com/ ,

https://groups. group/naghrw/ message/201

We do have highest respect for all constitutional bodies ,

public servants , but it is an appeal to the

honest few in public service ,to bring to book their corrupt

colleagues.The Honourable Chief Justice of India & H.E.Honourable

President of India

have violated their oaths of office , failed in their constitutional

duties , suppressed material truths / informations & thereby


violated my Constitutionally guaranteed FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS & BASIC

HUMAN RIGHTS & Obstructing me from performing constitutionally


Hereby , i do

request you to legally prosecute the below mentioned public servants

1. H.E.Honourable President of India
2. Honourable Chief Justice Of India
3. Union Home Secretary , GOI
4. Governor , Reserve Bank Of India
5. Director-General & Inspector General Of Police , government of
6. Commissioner , Bangalore Development Authority
7. Commissioner , Mysore Urban Development Authority
8. Commissioner , Mysore City Corporation
9. Labour Commissioner , government of karnataka and
10. all public servants belonging to tax dept , pollution control
board , etc mentioned in the above cases with web links.

on the above mentioned charges. the whole issue of this news paper &

the related materials at the weblinks provided, forms part of this

complaint. If i am repeatedly called to police station or else where
for the sake of investigations , the losses i do incurr as a result
like loss of wages , transportation , job , etc must be borne by the
government. prevoiusly the police / IB personnel repeatedly called me
the complainant (sufferer of injustices) to police station for
questioning , but never called the guilty culprits even once to police
station for questioning , as the culprits are high & mighty . this
type of one sided questioning must not be done by police or
investigating agencies . if anything untoward happens to me or to my
family members like loss of job , meeting with hit & run accidents ,
loss of lives , etc , the jurisdictional police together with above
mentioned accussed public servants will be responsible for it. Even if
criminal nexus levels fake charges , police file fake cases against
me or my dependents to silence me , this complaint is & will be

if anything untoward happens to me or my dependents , the government
of india is liable to pay Rs. one crore as compensation to survivors
of my family. if my whole family is eliminated by the criminal nexus ,
then that compensation money must be donated to Indian Army Welfare
Fund. afterwards , the money must be recovered by GOI as land arrears
from the salary , pension , property , etc of guilty police
officials , public servants & Constitutional fuctionaries. thanking
Jai Hind , Vande Mataram.

Date  : 04.07.09………………… your's sincerely,

Place : Mysore …………………..nagaraj.m. r.





Failure of duties & questions not answered by public servants

Circle Inspector of Police , Vijayanagar Police Station ,  Mysore   City  , Karnataka

https://sites. site/sosevoicefo rjustice/ police-not- registering- fir-complaint  ,


NICE Corridor Questions to CHIEF MINISTER .Mr.Yediyurappa

Read full questionnaire 
https://sites. site/sosevoicefo rjustice/ nice-corridor- questions- to-chie\




In  india, indirect democracy is the form of governance. In this
form, people's representatives are bound to raise the questions ,
issues concerning their constituents on their behalf , on the floor of
the house. However the sad part in  india  even after 58 years of
democracy , is the lobbying is at it's peak. The lobbying is a
gentleman's white collared crook's way of forming favour seeker's
group , creating a corpus to pay lumpsum bribe & influencing decision
The people's representatives are bound to represent their people
first , then their party & party think tanks.  India  has come to this
sorry state of affairs , widespread corruption , huge black economy &
rampant poverty, all due to inefficient legislations & enforcements.
These think tanks & IAS lobby, consider themselves as most super
brains on earth & gives out suggestions . the present state of affairs
is a barometer of their brilliance. These think tanks & IAS lobby are
the hand maidens of lobbyists / bribers.

Now consider the following example :
Mr.raj gandhi is a member of parliament from mandya constituency in
karnataka state. He is a MBA graduate & member of ruling indian
progressive party. The multinational giant M/S GREY HOUND CORPORATION
wants to enter into paper manufacturing business in  india . It's sight
falls on the public sector paper giant mandya national paper mills (
MNPM) in mandya district of karnataka. The MNC effectively lobbies
with the government. The ruling party think tank & the cabinet
advisory group recommends to the government to make strategic
disinvestment in the PSU M/ S MNPM . They bring out graph with full
power point presentation stating that it is good for the company as
well as the government. The lobbyists follows it up with media reports
on the positive aspect of strategic disinvestment. A favourable
impression is created in the minds of literate public. The cabinet
committee okays it.

The " strategic dis investment issue " comes before the parliament
for legislation / approval. The ruling party issues a party whip to
it's members to vote in favour of dis investment. However M.P mr.raj
gandhi who is an MBA in his own wisdom also favours the dis
investment. However ,most importantly the constituents – people in
mandya parliamentary constituency through protest marches , mass post
card campaigns lakhs in numbers expresses their disagreement with the
dis investment & urges their MP mr.gandhi to vote against the
disinvestment legislation.

On the D-day in parliament , mr. Raj gandhi as per his party whip &
his own wisdom votes in favour of strategic disinvestment legislation,
much against the wishes of his people , constituents & mis represents
them in parliament. the democracy has failed here. in This way
democracy is being derailed since 62 years in  india .

In democracy, party whip , MP or MLA's own wisdom / brilliance,
think tank & IAS lobby recommendations are all secondary , the
constituent' s of his constituency , people's wishes aspirations are
of primary importance & supreme. What people need is a honest
representative, who simply delivers the people's aspirations on the
floor of the house back & forth , without superimposing it with his
own ideas & party ideas. For true democracy , the people's
representatives must be true postmans.

Towards this end , the people must be educated about their
democratic rights & responsibilities. This is an appeal to the honest
few in the parliament & state legislatures to weed out their corrupt
colleagues , lobbyists, to uphold the dignity of the house & to
install democracy in it's true form.



- Vested Interests , Criminals silencing a journalist

Your excellency,


Even after 62 years of india 's independence , the plight of commonman has worsened. Corrupt public servants , corrupt judges , corrupt police , etc are proving to be parasites leading 5-star lifestyles at taxpayer's expense. They in their greed for money , bribe are aiding & abetting terrorists , separatists , naxalites, underworld mafia , etc covertly & overtly , backstabbing our motherland. These corrupt public servants  are more cruel than Jalianwallah Bagh butcher General Dyer of british army. If Mahatma Gandhi  was alive today , he would have been disgusted with the present way of democratic government , functioning of public servants & would have died heart broken. If our freedom martyrs like sri.Bhagath Singh or Sri. Madan Lal Dingra or Sri.Subhash Chandra Bose would have been alive , they would have given a befitting reply to this corrupt police , corrupt judges , public servants.

Whenever , a commonman raises his voice for justice , he is silenced in various ways by the criminal nexus. The said criminal nexus has previously tried to silence me in many ways including attempts to murder , closure of newspaper , etc  , now the same criminal nexus is at it again. They are trying to silence me , to close my newspaper , to foist false cases against me , all for asking the following QUESTIONS , which public servants are afraid to answer. Even if they succeed in silencing me , TRUTH NEVER DIES, THE COMPLICITY OF HIGHEST CONSTITUTIONAL FUNCTIONARIES IN COVERING-UP , HIDING CRIMES IS FOR ALL THERE TO SEE. If Anything untoward happens to me or my family members , both of you H.E.Honourable President of India & Honourable chief Justice of India will be responsible , accountable for that. If police or other law enforcing agencies , ask me- the complainant ,  to come over to police station repeatedly for inquiry ( as they did previously) instead of asking the accused  high & mighty persons , to come over to police station at least once , the police , the court & the government is liable to pay me damages .

In India corruption has spread it's tentacles far & wide. Corrupt few among judiciary are selling judicial orders , police are fixing innocents letting off the rich criminals , manipulating evidences , people's representatives are taking money even for asking questions in parliament , for releasing money under MPLAD scheme , etc. many of the public servants are selling  their official duties for  some consideration. These greedy corrupt public servants  are worse than street side prostitutes who sell off their own body for a living. However  the corrupt public servants who take hefty pay & perks from the government sell off their official duties , their ethics , honesty , in their greed for more money.There are even worse corrupt parasites , police who even take commission from these hapless street side prostitutes.

Take two recent examples , in mysore a little kid of a villager was not properly attended to for nearly 15 days by any doctor in government K.R.Hospital , just for the reason that villager was unable to pay bribe. Finally the kid died in the hospital. Even in ESIC Hospital , mysore although the services are paid by employees by monthly contribution , services are dismal .  almost every official in ESIC Mysore demand bribe for consultation , medical test , issue of medicines , bill reimbursement , etc.

Now , take another example how the flyover collapsed in delhi or 15 storey building collapsed in Bangalore . Still mystery shrouds , cover up is taking place with respect to this building collapse. Is it not due to the failure of town planning authorities like BDA , BBMP, etc ? there is complete mystery regarding the casualties of this building collapse , what labour commissioner is doing ? even in mysore , at Infosys construction project site many casualties have taken place , but not properly recoreded by authorities , why ?

Now , the hard fact is that if one has money he can do anything & get away . at this juncture , disillusioned with the corrupt government system , the educated unemployed or victimized youths  become a fertile ground for raising of anti social movements like naxalism , mafia or separatist movements , religious fundamentalists , etc. this has already happened in India.

This is an open appeal to your excellency & the honest few in public service , to check this growth & to take India towards Mahatma's swaraj. The public servants mentioned in the following articles are shielding corrupt criminals , by refusing to answer questions , will you make them cough up TRUTH IN FULL ? e-voice  has appealed to authorites offering services in apprehending tax thieves  & other criminals , but public servants are not interested to utilize our services lest their criminal pals are get caught ? ARE YOU READY TO CATCH TAX THIEVES & OTHER CRIMINALS BY TAKING OUR SERVICES ?

Bihar type mob justice cases will become more frequent leading to anarchy , rise of naxalism , terrorism & Underworld in india . The cause for all this CORRUPT PUBLIC SERVANTS in India . When common people don't get justice by police , by courts of law , rich mighty criminals get away from punishment & people's representatives in parliament / state legislatures legalizes the crimes of their rich friends , criminals , anti nationals , the justice becomes a mirage to common man , democracy a farce.

Just consider following examples , PMO official leaks out nuclear secrets to enemy countries endangering the security of India , a government official gives driving license , ration card , voter identity card to a Pakistani terrorist , a police official issues gun license to anti national Terrorist , a police official applies 3rd degree torture to a poor innocent to cover up rich criminal , a police official murders a poor innocent in lock-up , fake encounter to cover
up rich criminal , a judge issues bail , other judicial orders for a price to anti national , a police officer destroys evidence , delays investigation to aid rich criminal , etc , all these public servants are least bothered about either the well being / security of our motherland India or our countrymen . they are concerned only about the kick backs they get . even higher officials , courts are not taking any action against such corrupt anti national officials , why ?

In these circumstances , the aggrieved mass of people to protect the security of our motherland India ,to uphold law , to protect themselves , in exercise of their CONSTITUTIONALLY ENSHRINED FUNDAMENTAL DUTIES ( ie to uphold constitution of India , to protect the unity , integrity of the country , to protect the rights of fellow country men  eliminate , kill such CORRUPT ANTI NATIONAL PUBLIC SERVANTS when all the avenues for seeking justice have failed , is it not justified in the interest of country ?

Do remember that hard liners among our independence struggle like shri . subash Chandra bose , shri. Bhagath singh & others have contributed to our independence struggle immensely. However their actions at that point of time as per then prevailing laws of britishers were termed as illegal , although it did good to our motherland & our countrymen.

However in democracy this should not happen as this violence leads to anarchy , more violence. this anarchy can be controlled only by the corrupt public servants , whose making it is . they must mend their corrupt practices , must strictly work for the welfare of our motherland , the courts must punish the corrupt public servants severely. Then alone bapuji's true swaraj can be built.

The sad fact is that instead of mending their ways , the corrupt public servants have increased their personal security & taking more and more kick backs. God only must protect them from dog's death at the hands of mass of people.

We at e-Voice for Justice  believes in equitable justice , peace & non violence and hereby only analyzing the causes for bihar type mob violences , rise of naxalism , terrorism , under world in India. Our analysis is a social pointer to the things to come in near future , in India , ways to protect democracy in India .

In the democratic india , whenever a citizen suffers from injustice , violation of constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights / human rights he can appeal to the higher Authorities for justice , then to the next higher authority in the hierarchy . if it fails he can approach the police , courts of justice. Finally he can appeal to the
first citizen of the country & supreme court of india . Now , corruption is more prevalent in police & judiciary. To my numerous appeals for justice , e-voice's appeals for justice concerning public good , the public servants have failed to perform , the police have taken biased action & finally H.E.PRESIDENT OF INDIA , HONOURABLE CHIEF JUSTICE OF INDIA are mum. They have failed to perform their constitutional duties. All the doors of justice are closed for me.

e-voice  has brought to the notice of government cases of rights violations , crimes , tax evasions by public servants &
corporate bodies , it also offerred it's services in apprehending corporate criminals stealing crores of tax money. there was no response . the police & authorities are keen , over zealous in apprehending & prosecuting a pick-pcketer stealing Rs.10 , where as it cover-ups the crimes of corporate criminals stealing lakhs , crores of tax money. the government even rewards such corporate criminals with tax exemptions , subsidies , etc. Is it equitable justice ? true democracy of mahatma's vision ? This type of corrupt administration in india since independence has made the lives of commoners miserable and is the main driving force for the rise of NAXALISM , TERRORISM /

However violence is not the solution, violence breeds more violence & mahatma's democracy true swaraj cann't be set up on the basis of violence. When all the doors of justice are closed for a commonman ( sufferer of gross
injustices ) without financial might or contacts , he has the following options :

1. to take law into his own hands & settle scores. But it is illegal although naturally justified .

2. to suffer more & more injustices reconciling to the fact , ground reality that democracy in india is fake only a facade.

3. To committ suicide to runaway from all injustices. But that is illegal & cowardice.

4. To spread awareness among public about corruption in police , judiciary , public service & to kindle the light of crusade in them within legal democratic frame work although presently sufferring from gross injustices. All in the hope that tommorrow will be bright & sunny , with the dawn of mahatma gandhi's swaraj , as clearly told by poet Ravindranath Tagore and bow our heads to our great motherland India.

Your excellency  , kindly tell me – tell the common people which way to take . JAI HIND . VANDE MATARAM.

Your's sincerely,


An Appeal To The Honourable Chief Minister of Orissa


Dear Chief Minister,

I am deeply concerned about the negative impacts that a planned bauxite mine in the Niyamgiri Hills will have on the Dongria Kondh, an Advisai community that has lived on and around the Niyamgiri Hills for centuries. The Dongria Kondh depend on these hills for their food, water, livelihoods and cultural identity. If mining goes ahead their entire way of life and their survival as a distinct people is under threat.

I am also concerned about the impact of Vendanta Aluminium's refinery in Lanjigarh. The existing refinery operation has caused air and water pollution, and undermined the human rights of local people. Despite this, Vedanta Aluminium – the operator – has sought permission for a six-fold of the refinery's capacity.

No assessment of the human rights impact of either the mine or refinery has ever been undertaken – despite the clear risks. Local people have been given almost no accurate information on either project, and consultation processes have been wholly inadequate.
The companies involved in the mining and refinery projects, both subsidiaries of Vedanta Resources - have repeatedly ignored community concerns, breached state and national regulatory frameworks and failed to adhere to accepted international standards and principles in relation to the human rights impact of business. The government of India has failed to enforce national legal and regulatory requirements properly and protect human rights.

I urge you to:

  • Refuse clearance for the refinery expansion and mining plans until full human rights impact assessments are carried out, and human rights concerns addressed. This includes respecting the rights of the Dongria Kondh to their traditional lands and seeking their free, prior, informed consent in relation to the project.
  • Take action to address the existing pollution caused by the Lanjigarh refinery and enforce laws and regulations to prevent any further pollution.


Your's sincerely ,



An Appeal to DOW Corporation , USA


Dear Mr Liveris,

The lives of tens of thousands of people in Bhopal were devastated in
December 1984 by a catastrophic gas leak at Union Carbide's pesticide
factory. There has been no justice and no proper rehabilitation for
survivors and this human rights disaster now spans generations.

No one has been held to account for the serious failures leading to the
leak. Union Carbide – today a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow
Chemical Company – walked away from Bhopal , without even
decontaminating the site properly.

This 25th anniversary year, I am joining the thousands of people who
want to make Dow a promise: You can't forget Bhopal – we won't let you.

We are calling on Dow to:
•    Proactively engage with the government of India to ensure that the
site is properly decontaminated and that adequate reparations are made
to those affected;
•    Co-operate fully on the ongoing legal proceedings in order to ensure that those responsible are held accountable.

Your's sincerely,



An Appeal To H.E.Honourable President of India


Your Excellency ,

I am writing to express solidarity to the ten-year-long fast of Ms. Irom Sharmila Chanu, the Iron Lady of Manipur and her cause.

I am informed that Sharmila has started the fast on 4 November 2000, protesting against the violence committed by state and non-state actors in Manipur. I am aware that the protest also demands an immediate end of impunity in the state, for which the withdrawal of the martial law, the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 (AFSPA), from Manipur is a prerequisite.

I am worried about the sufferings of the ordinary people of Manipur at the hands of the underground militant organisations as well as the state agencies.
I am aware that the AFSPA is enforced in Manipur to support government actions in the state in countering secessionist activities and underground militant acts. Yet, it is now certain that the AFSPA has not helped in countering militancy in Manipur, but in fact has enraged it.


I am informed that the climate of impunity is one of the reasons why conflict continues in Manipur.

The AFSPA, as far I understand is an addition to the overall impunity framework that has contributed to the deterioration of the state of rule of law in Manipur. My opinion is also shared by national bodies including Justice Jeevan Reddy Committee; the Second Administrative Reforms Commission; and the Prime Minister's Working Group on Confidence-Building Measures in Jammu and Kashmir . I am informed that these eminent bodies have recommended the government to withdraw AFSPA from operation since they are of the informed opinion that a law like the AFSPA will only facilitate violence and not prevent it.

I am convinced that under the current circumstances in Manipur the withdrawal of AFSPA will not in itself solve the Manipur crisis.

Yet, it could be a bold and open step by the government to show that it is determined to find solution to an armed conflict that has haunted an entire generation in the state. The withdrawal of AFSPA from Manipur will be recognition to the sufferings of the state's people and an expression of respect and acknowledgment of their rights.

Additionally, withdrawing AFSPA from Manipur will be a catalyst to end the climate of impunity in the state.


Your's sincerely,



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