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Pinakin Joshi (Independent)     15 February 2015

Contempt of gandhinagar court on 21/02/2015

I am going for committing an offense of contempt of court on 21/02/2015 in Gandhinagar Court. (Gujarat). All are invited to witness the same.


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fighting back (exec)     15 February 2015

hi..........interesting.....what kind of contempt?

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     16 February 2015

Funny Boy !

CompelledToLearnLaw (Financial Examiner)     16 February 2015

If u walk inside the courtroom dressed as u r in ur profile photo, u will be in the contempt of court; u need not say much in the court to deserve it. Please buy a shirt and also, have some shame before putting such photos in a forum devoted to law: law is not just about justice but it also means obedience, values, and respect. Being shirtless and being in the contempt of court does not promote justice.

CompelledToLearnLaw (Financial Examiner)     16 February 2015

Brother, the solution to the false fabricated cases is that u need to be legally smarter than ur enemy. U need to be legally smarter than the enemy’s lawyer. It’s not a solution to act like an angry child and make the judge ur enemy and risk six months of imprisonment for contempt of court. If the judge is wrong legally, u should not act over smart, be calm and polite and submissive while explaining ur point. Anytime u need to take an order for revision or appeal, say something like, “I really do not want to go against u since I respect u a lot but I have no choice since I really have no money to pay etc.” I’ve noticed that judges r narcissist creatures. So shower the judge with sweet words and flatter him/her.


Why don’t u apply ur anger towards doing research and towards thinking and planning so u can answer one fabricated case with two real ones against ur inlaws. The cases u should file on ur inlaws should be strong cases with undeniable evidence. If u look hard enough, everyone is doing or have done something illegal. Same goes for ur inlaws. If u can familiarise urself with the law and connect their illegal activities with the corresponding criminal sections, they will be at ur mercy. Find their weakness, and file strong, truthful cases on them.

CompelledToLearnLaw (Financial Examiner)     17 February 2015

Brother, thanks for donning a shirt. Appreciate it. 


Again, no need to be a laughing stock in the courtroom. Deceive them: when u r angry, appear happy. I do not want to plagiarise The Art of War but when u r most able to attack, appear disabled. Do not be emotional in the court: it does not accomplish anything. Deceive everyone, including the judge. 


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