confusions related to last / misspelled name

Hello Experts, I am Vamshidhar Reddy Palla, I have few queries as shown below. FIRST NAME: VAMSHIDHAR REDDY LAST NAME : PALLA Name is P VAMSHIDHAR REDDY - In all Educational Certifications. Name is VAMSHIDHAR REDDY PALLA - In Experience Certificates Name is VAMSHIDHAR REDDY PALLA - In Passport Name is PALLA VAMSHIDAR REDDY - In PAN Card (It was wrongly printed on PAN Card where "H" is missing in VAMSHID*AR marked as * where H is missing). Name is P VAMSHIDHAR REDDY - In Property documents in Hyderabad Now I have purchased a property in Pune, and I am totally confused like what name to use for the purpose of preparing Agreement/Sale Deed and Registration. Builder is suggesting to use the name on the PAN Card (which even has spelling mistakes). 1. Which name should I use for property regisration in Pune ? 2. I was planning to change the spelling corrected on my PAN Card, but what name should I give for correction - whether it should be VAMSHIDHAR REDDY PALLA / P VAMSHIDHAR REDDY ? 3. For the purpose of registration, can we proceed PAN Card (Having Misspelled Name) copy and acknowledgement provided for name change in PAN Card will be helpful ?? 4. Also, I am recently married and trying to include my wife's Name into agreement as well but even she has PAN Card with before marriage Name. Please suggest how to proceed on this as well. Please suggest, your help is greatly appreciated.



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