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can a Public authority or PIO lodge a complaint with CIC against a information seeker on the ground that he is asking a lot of information which seems to be not in the larger public interst resulting in wastage of a lot of public money and time. Incidentally the information seeker is an employee of the same public autority. If yes kindly enlight with relevant provosion / citation

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Sorry to hear that, ShriGopal Soni. I hope things change soon, we all are suffering at the hands of corrupt and inept public servants.

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1.  The PIO has no authority to determine whether the RTI applicant is wasting a lot of public money and time by seeking excess information  & neither the CIC or the SIC may entertain such complaint  application by the PIO.     The PIO has jurisdiction to refuse the information on justified grounds and it is upto the AA or the CIC to decide whether the RTI applicant is justified in asking volumnious information  and/or reject the RTI application / appeal / final appeal applications. PERIOD.

2.  On the contrary, the RTI applicant may write a complaint to the CIC about the deleriction of duty and waste of public money on the salary of the PIO and ask for statistics of the RTI applications disposed off by the PIO and the appeals preferred against the PIO's info / refusal / ignoring of RTI applications.

3.  It would well be worth to complaint to the dept.'s viligance dept., against the habitual duty deleriction of the PIO , absence from duty table and habitual late attendance and the immoral wealth amassed by the PIO, while on service period. 

4.  Since PIO is covered under the Consumer Protection Act as a   "service provider" (which is in lieu of the RTI fees being paid),  the RTI applicant (i.e. "service receiver") is also entitled to  "simultaneously"  file for damages and compensation taking the plea that the PIO has "deliberate and malicious"  intentions for negligence in services.  Here the CIC has no jurisdiction to interfere or justify in the Consumer court against the PIO.

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Very good answer given by Hemant agarwal.:P

The PIO has jurisdiction to refuse the information on justified grounds that is given in the rti act.

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I am not agreed with Sri gopalsoni, i think you had filed many RTI in your company office or any office which is related to your Service, and as you said that your boss is not equal qualified to you, it is not a argument or good thing that if anyone is not equal to you, he can't become your boss, may be he has expert in other field. so please it's my Hub'le request to you that don't write with your bad feelings with your office


@shrigopal soni

I agreed with your views .:P




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