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Arun   03 July 2021

Civil court injunction - medical cannabis

Hello everyone,

Apologies for inadvertently categorizing this topic inappropriately.

I am a medical cannabis user of a legal and government authorized brand called "Cannabryl". https://cannabryl.com/what-is-medical-cannabis

Cannabrly is different from Ganja because of its formulation as per NDPS. Secondly it is a GST/taxed product.

Now if I am harassed by my neighbors as a user of Ganja can I seek recourse in a civil courts injunction proceeding. Harassment' is indirect loud talk at me and my family members. There is also intimidation of being influential with the police. There is gossip. I have not been questioned by the police till date though. Of late I have stopped my medication but continue to get accused for all cannabis use in the area.

Law enthuses me but I am a legal layman.

Looking forward to replies, advice and answering questions.

Thanks, Arunsmiley


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G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     03 July 2021

One has to respect his profession, and should not care for what others say.  People tend to forget in course of time.  Now that you have stopped the medication, society slowly forgets.  If you are still disturbed, settle in a nearby town or distant city and have a peaceful life.  Society always recognizes the persons on their work and some sects even attach their work to their names, there is no permanent legal procedure to close each and every mouth in the society.

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Arun   03 July 2021

Being 46' I concede with all that you have mentioned. I do not expect any change in my personal case and yet can easily find enough fulfillment in life to live happily.

If I were to look at it purely from a legal/impersonal angle can a wrong reference be used for an injunction case? "Vijaya" (ayurvedic term for medical cannabis) and "Ganja" are after all from the same plant. "Ganja" however has a social stigma attached to it. "Ganja" is also a contraband as per NDPS and hence also invites violations with revenue. So in essence "Vijaya" user being accused of being a "Ganja" user is an accusation of crime. And when the accusations(of crime) are repeated would it not be a case for injunction.

As much as my second query is academic I do know many medical cannabis users have to confront these issues. While every voice cannot be shut a few can be educated.

P. Venu (Advocate)     03 July 2021

The facts posted are too general devoid a specific cause of action. 

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Arun   03 July 2021

I guess my understanding on the topic is too rudimentary and have more reading to do.

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     07 July 2021

If you want a solution legally to the problems you face, yo may have to discuss your problems frankly  and in  simple language instead of going around the subject and posting riddles in the name of query which not only are perplexing or confusing but also may not enable a legal expert to give a proper opinion to your query because it cannot be imagined that what you have in your mind while raising this query.

If you want to take any action agaisnt your neighbor, you can only give a complaint against him with the police for causing nuisance to you  and no civil injunction suit can be filed against him, you cannot restrict him or deprive his rights when he has not physically refrained or harmed you in this regard.


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