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Abhimanyu Bind (Account & Audit Assistant)     16 May 2011

Cheating of Tata Teleservices Ltd.


To all respected seniors and friends,

Kindly read my case and reply on priority.

I was using Tata Indicom Internet connection (Photon Whiz) 325 plan in August-2010. Due to my maximum use than my internet plan I given them a written application by asking their representative for changing my plan in 525 (60 hours uses in one month free) per  month from 325 in their local customer care center almost one week before starting of new bill cycle. He didn't give me any acknowledgement as they hadn't kept such system. He assured me 525 plan will be applicable from coming billing cycle.

But after 3 days of my new billing cycle I checked my online account and I found I was running in old bill plan i.e. of325 per month. I said the all above things to their customer care representative on telephone he said he will do in my favour. But they converted my billing plan in 525 from next month i.e. from October instead of from September which was I requested.

About that I complained and requested them lots of time through e-mails and also through customer care call center but they tried to prove me liar everytime. I got reply in e-mail that I requested to change my plan not from September-2010 but from October-2010 and they have followed my instruction.

Consequently, I got heavy bill for the month of September but I paid only 525 (and also paid for the october month bill) which was as per my requested plan. I denied to pay the balance amount of750 as there wasn't my fault on end of October last day of ending billing cycle they closed my connection without any intimation for that. Then I ordered them to close my connection parmanently.

After that they started calling me daily and started to offer their new pans and also offered to wave 500 from my  disputed bill amount and they would also adjust the remaining amount in another months. I asked them to give it in written but they denied.

Every time a new person was calling and I told the same story to everyone. Even I send mail to nodel officer but he denied to give me any reply about the topic he just sent my mail to their customer care department.

Now I have recieved a leagal notice from Tata and their lawyer has written it totaly unprofessional manner and used the word for me like ''BAD INTENTION'', "CHEATING", "DISHONESTY" and every such kind of poor words for that amount of750 which is now934.

Now, please advice me what can I do on above matter?

I also want to know how a lawyer can write  a notice using such bad words without knowing the fact? Is there any action can be taken against such unprofessional behaviour of the lawyer?

Kindly, reply on priority basis as its very urgent.

Thanks & Regards,



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Muniraj123 (as)     16 May 2011

Dear Abhimanyu,

Even I experienced the same kind of issue with TTS.

Can someone please respond on this?

YOGESHWAR. (ADVOCATE HIGH COURT-criminal /civil     16 May 2011

find out from interner the nodal officer details of the company and complain to him , than there is an appeallate nodal officer than and than TRI. complete the process you will be heard and action will be taken.

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Abhimanyu Bind (Account & Audit Assistant)     16 May 2011

Earlier I complained to nodel officer but Mr. Nirlep Raval but just he forwarded my message to Tata Indicom customer care without doing anything. And its 7 days completed when I received notice.

YOGESHWAR. (ADVOCATE HIGH COURT-criminal /civil     16 May 2011

there is appeallate nodal officer now go him and than to TRI. Tell local people that your matter is with TRI so they will keep quite.

Noramally there is no quick coordiation between various branches and so these things happen. Go on shouting  and shouting and you will be heard otherwise not.

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Rafique (Service)     16 May 2011

This type of issue, please approach consumer court ( grievance cell )




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Abhimanyu Bind (Account & Audit Assistant)     16 May 2011

My account Number is-906749338, and first online complaint number is- 183887

prashant pundhir (Criminal Lawyer)     16 May 2011

These type of complaints are almost common with TTC .Even they tried to do the same type of fraud with me tooand send me the bill of Rs.7520/- .You know what I did ?I write the whole things to TTC and informed them that I will not pay them the single pany until they solved my dispute and send a copy TRAIE .They threaten me lot with legal notices and even said to me that a case has been filed against me at TEES Hazaree New Delhi .When I asked the O.S.No., they did not told me .The issue is pending or what they did,I did not know. But I did not pay them .Few days before a representative came to me and asked for compromise in 50% of billed amount . I said to him to  send any higher official . No one visited me after him . I also have the video recording of the communication with that represantative in which he is saying that the fault is of the company ,and it is in common practice at TTC .

So need not to afraid and just wait and watch . They will communicate with you .

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Abhimanyu Bind (Account & Audit Assistant)     16 May 2011

Prashant Sir,

Actually they have did every effort of compromise even accepted their mistakes on telephonic call but I denied to take their any promotion or offer. And the matter was close for sometime but they suddenly rise and sent me notice and that cause me loss I was giving my CA exams and my mind was disturbed. 

And how can a professional lawyer use and right such poor and insulting words for anyone before knowing the all facts of any case. So, I am hoping and thinking that some one teach a lesson to these ******.

Thanks for your response.

Here, I am posting the details of that lawyer and will upload the copy of that notice in support my statements against him, His details are as under,






Abhimanyu Bind (Account & Audit Assistant)     16 May 2011

I forwarded my complaint to Nodel Officer its second time since issue is reopened by Tata Teleservices. But as usual the same reply has been given by Nodel Officer. He just sent my reply to Tata Customer care, those people who are harassing me unnecessary and wasting my time. I think nodel officer is not interested for taking any interest in matters. I just replied him that I will move in Consumer forum if I'll not get any solution from him.

prashant pundhir (Criminal Lawyer)     17 May 2011

Dear friend,

                      Need not to afraid and pay all your attentions to your studies .Many times these type of the notices they sent just for threatning and to recover there billed amount .But they are on the fault,so they will only try to threaten you and nothing else .Forget all and just do your studies .One more thing is that a lawyer write or do every thing on behalf of his client . So do not try to go against him .

Best of luck for your Exams .

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Kumar Doab (FIN)     17 May 2011

Forward your complaint to appellate authority of TTC by letter or email and mention that they have to rply in writing by letter under original seal and signature of the competent employee and they shall not call you on phone.You may forward the compelet email trail.

Mention that if they are inclined to mett you , then they shall send a written request by letter thru registered post under the original seal and signature of their competent employee seeking an appointment for meeting and they shall write name with sirname, designation,department full name of the company ( as registered with govt. of India), address with pin code,phone numebr with STD code, fax number, email id of the competent employee who shall be coming to meet you.

After the receipt of their request you shall confirm in writing the date, time, venue of the meeting.The employe of the company shall handover a certified copy of his company Id and show the original,and shall have to write down the minutes of the meeting then and there and shall handover true copy to you.

You have the option of filing a complaint in consumer forum.

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Abhimanyu Bind (Account & Audit Assistant)     17 May 2011

Respected seniors and friends,

Just see, what received from TATA INDICOM:

Dear Sir,

Greetings from Tata Indicom!

This is with reference to your email dated 16-May-2011 regarding bill plan issue for your Tata Indicom account number 906749338. Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience caused and we promise to provide you with superior and eminent personalized service. We would like to inform you that we have posted the waiver of Rs. 934 on 17-May-2011 for the above mentioned account number and your current outstanding amount is Rs. 0.

We hope the information provided above is up to your satisfaction so we request you to provide your valuable feedback in order to improve our customer service.

For any assistance please feel free to call us at 121, our 24x7 Customer Care toll-free number from any Tata Indicom phone. We are also accessible from non Tata Indicom phones on 9227000121.

Our Photon Plus customers can get in touch with us on 1800-266-121 (Toll free). We shall be glad to be of assistance.

You can also get in touch with our Nodal Officer Mr. Anoop Nair on 079-66558754 in case your complaint is not resolved in the stipulated time or you are not satisfied with the resolution provided.

Assuring you the best of our services at all times.

Warm Regards,
Tarun Mehta – Deputy Manager – Customercare – Gujarat
Contact No – 0172-6603510, 

Abhimanyu Bind (Account & Audit Assistant)     17 May 2011

And above mail was in response of my this mail sent yesterday by me kindly, take a look of this also.

Kindly, take concern of this as the  matter has already been passed from customer care, local center, Ahmedabad center and also to Mr. Nirlep Raval, Nodal officer who was before you. Now, your center has crossed the limit by hiring an unprofessional lawyer.

Now hoping for positive response from yours in case you will not reply me till tomorrow providing final
solution of the query then I'll forward the complaint to  appellate authority and even at next level.





















I have spread the news among all my known people and also posted on all famous websites about such cheating policy of Tata Indicom.In case of your failure for providing any solution I'll do every effort to reply Tata Indicom properly.

I'll give this complaint to print media and will go to Consumer court which is the last resort for me against this harassment.

And yes last but not least I'm preparing to take legal action against A.V. CHOKSI ADVOCATE, AHMEDABAD for using insulting language  without knowing the facts of the case.

Hoping for your soon reply.

Abhimanyu Bind

Thank you very much all of you for your support and responses. Well it's proven that "TRUTH CAN NEVER LOSS":)

Abhimanyu Bind (Account & Audit Assistant)     18 May 2011

Don't mind please,

But how a lawyer take a decision to call someone cheater, dishonest etc. before proving it, is a lawyer someone called professional has no moral and ethics? Its not a proven murder charge but its only a dispute where party is false and if someone taking his side then defiantly he is also in fault and everyone should condemn strictly for such acts. 

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