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Sangeeta (Student)     16 June 2024

Cheating in love and sex

Hi sir/Ma'am,

My boyfriend cheated me and got married to another girl. We were in relationship with for 4 years. He kept promising me that he will marry with me till the date he denied to marry me. In between these days we had s*x multiple times although it was consensual but many times I deny to do s*x and every time he was saying he will marry with me. I started living in depression when left me ,After few months I got married in arrange marriage and told everything to my husband about my past although he supported me but I want to file FIR against him and punish him.

Note: since I was getting married in arrange marriage I have deleted everything related to him call recording,  sms, images everything. On the name of proof I have only his father's conversation where he is admitting that he asked his son about all these things and saying that it is a mistake only that has been done by his son ,so please forget these things and move on. His father was also offering me money indirectly on the name of help. And also on instagram with the fake account (pretending to be his relative) , he (the boy) has accepted that he had done s*x multiple time but had to do arrange marriage so he couldn't marry me.

Can I file fir against him? Is it possible to do lie detector test on him and me also, is it possible to do some data recovery from my formatted phone to get more proof. Please advise me. It's been more than 1.5 years for the incident.


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T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     16 June 2024

Without any evidence to prove your allegations the police may not entertain your complaint. 

You may consider your present marital status and take appropriate decision.

Dr. J C Vashista (Advocate )     17 June 2024

It is better to forgive and forget past, since both of you have enjoyed relationship / s*x with mutual consent.  . 

No case is made out against your ex-boy-friend.

Ajinkya Lad   18 June 2024

In your case the section is rape will not attract. Your will and consent was present and fake promises of marriage cannot constitute rape. It at best could be a breach of promise of marriage, which would not become an offence.

Shruti   18 June 2024

If you were not married you could have filed rape by deception (not aggression) case against him but since you also got married your case becomes weak. Better to forgive (but not forget). He will come back to you for extra marital affair.

Sangeeta (Student)     21 June 2024

Thank you everyone for your valuable suggestions. I recently contacted him with different number and asked him why he did this to me, what was my fault. Now he is saying he never promised to marry me and the s*x was consensual. And in the conversation he was saying that he is having one of our pvt photo and will use this photo if I file rape cases against him. I don't know what to do now but I am not feeling good and it is embarrassing me that he is still having that photo. Can anyone advise me what to do now.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     22 June 2024

In cae you would not have delted the prooofs then rape case could have been made out because seeking sncsent on the false promise of marriage constitutes rape.

Muhammad Ayyub (Lawyer)     09 July 2024

I understand your emotions, but there are no possibilities to raise a complaint against him. If he threatens you with your photos or old conversations, you can file a complaint against him; otherwise, you can't do that. They might consider you as not fighting for justice but seeking vengeance. Vengeance harms both sides, so drop those ideas and focus on your current life. Your success in your current arranged marriage is the best revenge against him.

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