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PG (xxxxx)     14 October 2010

Case against adulterous wife

Dear all,

I have a very peculiar case in hand, I was married about 6 mths back. After a month i found that she is involved with somebody from last 4 years which can be proved by her emails(since last 3 years till date) and phone records.I  started keeping a check on her and installed recording devices in our bedroom and found that she called the guy in my and my family members absence and indulged in complete s*xual intercource with oral and anal s*x on our bed,in our bedroom for about 1 hour, (video duly recorded ). Now we called her parents after 4-5 days and after much deliberation and fighting they took her with them that day.We considering the situation, thought not to publicize the matter further, & offered them to apply for mutual divorce without stating any ground to which they did not reply. then after about a month or so they came back with an idea that their daughter is telling them that we drugged her and recorded that video and are now threatening us of dire consequencies in case we do not accept her back, even after such brashful misdeeds.  

Please advice what should I do, as regarding case histories i checked on the net and no such case with such solid proof of adultery were to be found by me i.e; against a wife ,and that too in such a short period of marriage. It is necessary to add that no child was conceived during the period.

Please advice also wether it is legal for me to install the device in my bedroom, or alternately can anyone on my request / instructions do that for me.any legal complexity in that.

What other proofs can we produce in support of our case,


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Self service (None)     14 October 2010

File divorce case for adultry, you installed camera in your own bed room you have all rights to do that.

As you said you have phone calls and email records you can use them as evidence other then video.

Also don't worry about allegations just keep evidences ready to prove all you and your family members were not ta home. If she was drugged she should have filed a rape case against person. Do not worry consult good lawyer and keep all evidences safe and ready.

adv. rajeev ( rajoo ) (practicing advocate)     14 October 2010

Whatever you have done is right, you don't think that installation of video in the bed room is illegal.  File petition for divorce under adultry ground.  You have got good evidences.  NOw days electronic prooofs are evidences.

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swatirswatir (learning law)     14 October 2010

only one instance?

u have solid grounds , save all records and file div on adultery grond thru an expert lawyer. do it fast to save urself

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swatirswatir (learning law)     14 October 2010

there are several such adultery cases in lower courts. u will not get much citations in this regards as these cases with suchy good level of evidence rarely go beyind lower court.

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PG (xxxxx)     14 October 2010

Thanks i am already under process of filing but ,even after filing,(before notice being served) can she file for DV act and 498.can she force entry in our house (owned by my widow mother), how can we stop her.Is my shifting house or my mother publicly disowning me a solution?


You asked can she file for DV act and 498.can she force entry in our house (owned by my widow mother) ?

Yes,depending upon her mind if she wants to do that or not.

As we are the lawyers how we can say she can file DV or 498a ?We are not a astrologer.

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Why Women Are Not Punished for Adultery

The offence of Adultery did not punish women but still existed in the code because at the time the enforced law was enacted polygamy was deep rooted in the society and women shared the attention of their husbands with several other wives and extramarital relations. Women were treated as victims of the offence of adultery as they were often starved of love and affection from their husbands and could easily give in to any person who offered it or even offered to offer it. The provision was therefore made to restrict men from having s*xual relations with the wives of other men and at the same time to restrict their extra marital relations to unmarried women alone.


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first properly make a petition and file very fast, mention that she communicates with her. she knows u have a video?

second file another criminal case of adultery on that guy.

doing above as fast as possible will make u winner. keep communication channels open with her.

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PG (xxxxx)     15 October 2010

Thanks everybody for their concern and advice, yes the petition is being prepared, along with a criminal case of adultry against the boy as well, my immediate concern was to safegaurd my family from undue harrasements, on filmsy grounds.She has been continuosly messaging me asking forgiveness at first,then just good morning , goodnight like nothing much has happened, i can not get their relevance, can somebody please suggest why she might be doing this. this could be the strategy of some lawyer they have consulted. They even asked me to go to a psycologist they had shown their daughter to, i refused to go. Now they say, she told the doc. i could not satisfy her, arrey ,did she knew before marriage , I would not be able to satisfy her ,so she mentained her BF. what absurdity, apart from asking for medical fitness what else can they implicate.

She was in constant touch with him through phone and mails through out the courtship and after marriage also  which can be proved beyond doubt.

PG (xxxxx)     15 October 2010

sorry @cheated , wrong button pressed, thanks everybody from the bottom of a disturbed man's heart. Please keep posting your valuable suggestions.


save ur evidence in secret unknown locations and also upload on ur online account

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Try reconciliation. Given the chance you too won't hesitate to committ adultery,Its biological need of the moment in the entire animal kingdom. Libido can be controlled through food ,medication ,yoga etc. The only good lawyer is the victim who suffers from jealosy, ego problems. Black gowns don't mean a thing. All lawyers talk very big but when they get the cash ,all fizzle out. Judges will take the side of a whore.[male judges] even if you are a saint. Thus if you are a saint ,then you won't bother about such rivial matters. If you are just another man on the road like your wife,then there is every possibility that you are no better given the chance. Whatever, the choice is yours and your money will go to lawyers and cops. Try it and I can guarantee you that you'll regret it. She'll file millions of criminal cases against you. and have more fun from her lover whom she'll change as the law of diminishing marginal returns operates in adultery too and after being bored by her current man , she'll snoop around and find another victim. Such nyphomaniacs have the predator instinct. I know this post will annoy many here but facts of Animalistic Instincts can't be denied.

PG (xxxxx)     15 October 2010

@brutus it is for an individual to decide his/her ethics and the limits he can tolerate ,what is the point of reconcilliation now if ,at a later stage in life i have doubts that wether my children are mine or not, wether my driver/cleaner/electrician/neighbours/relatives/friends/gaurds/plumbers/children's tutor has been sleeping with her behind my back, or wether once she is given a chance she becomes more bolder and calls her lovers in my presence only . it wasn't just once bychance she had an opportunity, circumstances are different,planned thing is different, consentual adultery is different, rape/unvoluntary s*x is different. 

to each his own, maybe u have different ethics ,and do not believe in maintaining sanctity of sacred institution of marriage, but i cannot tolerate .

swatirswatir (learning law)     15 October 2010

dont worry if u go by my advise she cannot even touch u. teach her a lesson for being a p*rn star

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