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rinku (junior)     04 March 2011

can i marry a person whose wife committed sucide

please give me advise

can i marry a person whose wife committed suicide and he is having a child, he is facing 498(A), 417,306 IPC. 

do i and my family face any law related problems in the future because of those charges. 


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rinku (junior)     04 March 2011

please give advice....


You seem to be hiding something.


You say the wife committed suicide after filing cases against him.


It seems she underwent a lot of trauma at the hands of this man.No one commits suicide just for fun.It happens when one finds his life UTTERLY MEANINGLESS,MISERABLE AND HOPELESS.

When the dispute is between him and her,what is making you afraid?

Were u in any way responsible for her suicide?

Was your name written in her suicide note or in the FIR?

If yes,it cannot be said if you will face charges because I can't comment on a legal matter like suicide.But you will face lot of defamation in society if your name is there in suicide note or in FIR copy or in both.


Ask yourself if you created any problem between the couple because of which this happened.


If however you entered this man's life AFTER HIS WIFE'S DEATH,my suggestion will be to forget this man.He may be pretending to act INNOCENT in front of you.But he may be Mr. Hyde who had 2 faces.One of an abuser as a husband and second,of a romeo in front of you.

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Damayanti (Unemployed)     04 March 2011

Hasn't he got re-married by now?



To the least Pre-conditions:-

You should be a female, and above 18, and not a sapinda relative (degrees of prohibited relationship) of that man, and you should be sane to undertake marriage.


And if you are left out of all options...................then as you may be pleased ............ You are the judge of your own Judgments!!!


After frequenting to court......I have also developed an eye-sight to be impartial...and just can not make any opinion or create any bias against anybody unless there are admissible proofs!!..............and proven previous character!!!


A V Vishal (Advocate)     04 March 2011

You can marry.

Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     04 March 2011


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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     04 March 2011

" facing 498(A), 417,306 IPC" - perhaps you understand the meaning of these sections.

" Was your name written in her suicide note or in the FIR?" - this is the valid and most importent question done  by ms meenal, if it is there the complain against you will be stronger.  if it is not and after her death, your friendship established, then it will not be a problem.

but a friendly suggestion is, - keep friendship but do not marry,  till he released from the charges. otherwise all his backlogs due to court have to be borne by you, without any fault of your's.

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rinku (junior)     04 March 2011

yes i entered this mans life after her suicide , the case was filed againts him by her relatives...

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     04 March 2011

" yes i entered this mans life after her suicide '  -  then no prblem.

is it a police case or only a complain case filed by her relatives? police case means the state is complainee, and treated as a strong case.

but a friendly suggestion is, - keep friendship but do not marry,  till he released from the charges. otherwise all his problems due to court have to be mentally shared by you, without any fault of your's.


@ Rinku




See as already advised by the learned people here,you can marry him.


But take a note of all the below points, before taking the final plunge:


His wife AFTER FILING CASES committed suicide.It seems she had no intention to EXTORT MONEY.Otherwise she would have stayed alive to get it.



Also she seems to have lead a very miserable life with him.So even after filing cases,she killed herself as she expected no justice or could not bear her trauma any more.



Would you like to marry a man who supposedly tortured her so much that she was forced to die?



Better to do a THOROUGH background check of him,before marrying..


Get it done by a reputed detective agency and by his NEIGHBOURS.




Also find out about his own family members' natures because many a times,inlaws are responsible for harassing the bahu or provoking their spineless sons to illtreat her,while they make merry when the sons come under their control.So,get their backgrounds also checked.

Don't rely on his relatives or parents' feedback about him and his immediate family members who live in his house.No relative will talk ill of their LAADLA.Indian men are treated as princes in their homes despite multiple flaws.


Also get the copies of FIRs filed against him .You will atleast know what complaints were there against him


This is for your own good.If suppose he had a bad temper,dowry demanding nature and tendencies to beat up his wife,do you think he will change magically after marrying you?Even the best of psychiatric medicines cannot change a person's abusive nature in a day or two.

Also note that these cases are running.They may take many years to finish.He may even get convicted?

If you marry in between,you will face financial hardships because of your husband paying lawyers,your family life will get disrupted because of court dates and there will be lots of tensions in family daily.

You will have to compromise a LOT.And bear everything like a seedhi saadhi cow.Because everyone's tempers will always be high.Are you ready for this?

If he is convicted and you have a child in between you will have to live without him for many years and bring up your child all alone.Your inlaws may/may not help you,more so if they were abusive to his 1st wife also.Their mean tendencies will remain the same.Once your would be gets released no one will be willing to give him a job also.Are you ready for this major struggle??

(I am unsure about rules of giving employment to someone who has been convicted.Better to ask from a lawyer)


See,hum log pyaar me jeene marne ki kasam to khaate hai,but situation jab saamne aati hai to mushkil ho jaata hai aisi kasam ko nibhaana


So you are the best judge to decide your future.


Or better still, forget him and marry a man with a clean background with whom your life will be simpler and peaceful,because neither you know nor I know his true nature because of which his wife had to take her own life.And because of which so many cases have been filed against him.


Good luck!

ADV Rajesh KASRIJA (ADVOCATE)     04 March 2011

I do agree with mr arup mis plz follow this man he has great expriance.

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rinku (junior)     04 March 2011


thanks for ur expert replies


i studied the case papers which was filed by HER parents against him that “he tortured her for money and also in order to marry another lady’.

 my doubt  is  if i marry him is there any chance that HER parents can file a case againt me and my parents involving in her suicide and is there any possibilty that HIS parents may escape from this by involving me as the main reason for her suicide and involving me and my family in any of the following IPC sections 498(A), 417,306.


when i asked him the same question he said there is no need to worry, can i trust him in this regard. i am worried about my future.


please advice...

ADV Rajesh KASRIJA (ADVOCATE)     04 March 2011

my advise is if u r so involved as much u die 4 him then w8 for till the decision of the case file against him its my friendly advice to u. plz mind it


You say you entered his life after wife's death.


But you also fear that her parents may involve you for breaking this marriage.


Also it is written in FIR that an extramarital affair was responsible for the suicide.


Now who is this "other girl" who caused all this rift?Is it you?


If yes,is your name mentioned in FIR copy?


If yes,then you may be involved for building that pressure in her due to which she committed suicide.


So clarify my above questions.

rinku (junior)     05 March 2011

iam not the other girl and my name is not in the FIR,  i am not involved in breaking marrriage.

according to him he said he was framed for her suicide by her parents by accusing him by stating these reasons i.e 1. He tortured her for money.  2. He tortured her to marry other lady(  They dint mention any name of the other lady in the case papers ).


my doubt is, is there any change for HER parents to file a fresh case or bulid up the previous case on me mentioning my name.

please advise...

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