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house wife... (na)     20 September 2013

Can husband file divorce?

my mrg took place in nov 2010..i have a sweet little daughter now....she is 15 months old.....last year we both me and mmy husband had fight ...my husband got very dissappointed and upset and never assepted me again ..i lived in his home 4 months after that we had lot of talks over this issue bt nothing worked...then slowly we acceptting both of us again coz i felt sorry and try to move on....then after 4 months my parents came(i never invite them some relatives of my in laws called them) and suddenlly said that my husband and mother in law tortured me ..i continously said i dont want to leave my matrimonial home bt my parents bring me back to their home .....

after one month no talk no phone call at al..after 1 mon my parents went to my sis in laws home and said many things to her.....on april my father lodge complain in women councelling cel to councell us both ....bt my husband is very angry with my parents and continously blame them that they spoiled our home.

my ques is that can my husband file divorce case or do any thing like that?or claim my daughters costudy....? i also want to say what shoul i do now to solve this matter coz i never  want to give him divorce at any cost.........(i never filed for false dawry case 498 s maintainance yet....and not for rcr...which every lawyers said...recently my mother and father went to their home again 4 talk...bt they filed complaint in police that my parents  that they beat his mother and she is in hospital9which is not true at all) my mother in law said that husband never lived with her ...and she   9bedakhal)


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Thats it. Gone. Uff in the air.

Good that you know what is right and wrong and you state the facts. Good for you.

You are grown up then you should know how to make your parents listen to you. File for RCR and ask for mediation.

house wife... (na)     20 September 2013

what is rcr and how it proceeds ...?

house wife... (na)     20 September 2013

all ur views and suggestions are wellcome.....

Rama chary Rachakonda (Secunderabad/Highcourt practice watsapp no.9989324294 )     20 September 2013

SEC 9 OF HMA - restitution of conjugal rights. it is a prayer by a petitioner; summon by a competent court ;  and order by a court to the spouse who left her matrimonial duties without sufficient reason.

house wife... (na)     20 September 2013

sir plz reply can my husband file divorce...?


The day when your parent's have interfered in your marital life.......that day was the real begining for your dead marriage.


1.Yes offcourse he can file divorce,there is no Law which say's that he can't file any cases on you or on your parent's.If he will be right and you will be wrong then divorce will be last and the winner Prize for him.


2. As per your query,it sound's that till date you have listened only to your parent's,so as a male I could easily point on you that you have done a blunder mistake for your marital life.


3. Keeping mum on several occasions when your parent's interupted in your marital life.....this has made him annoyed against you.


4. From now onward's if you want to get back your husband then think for your family i.e you,your child and your husband along with your husband's mother and father.....because this is only your family once you got married.


5. Don't loose patience ,give some time and space to your relationship to come out for the conclussion,but don't even ignore him or neglect,try your lebel best to gain his love by imparting your love to him.


6. Win his parent's confidence that whatever you have done it was your big mistake,form now onward's I will become Adarsh Bahu.Let's see what's their say on this.;)


7. Don't file any cases now......this will only prolong your distance and make your lawyer richer.


8. If all effort's goes in vain,then don't regret and curse your life..............move ahead with divorce and look forward for better life.


9. Life is destiny with lot's of destination.............it depend's on you as which destination you choose.


10. Start doing job,don't become abla naari,become a fighter women and Live Life like a queen size on your money and on your confidence.Fight for child custody and maintenance for her.



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Divorce is not a kids game, its not easy for your husband to get one as long as you have no done any blunder. normal wear and tear is fine and the courts overlook it so don't worry too much.

But try to amicably settle the differences with your husband and do your part as a good wife. May be it takes some time but you will get out of these troubles if your husband is sensible.

What will your husband do by divorcing you and staying away from your kid that would be foolish for him to do. Don't listen to pagal people and harass your husband, that will for sure spoil the relationship.

Take help of Advocate Archana for any counseling sessions along with your husband. Everything will be fine. All the best.


File RCR and maintenance cases as early as possible if you dont have any plans of filing false cases on him. Maintenance also should be secondary, first file RCR.

Ranee....... (NA)     20 September 2013

Try to talk to your husband.Apologize and request him to forget for the sake of your baby.

Email him, save the mails.

Send registered letters requesting him to accept you back.Save copies and postal slip saved in a safe place.In case he files divorce these will be helpful as evidence. 

house wife... (na)     20 September 2013

bt one advocate said that if i file rcr then after 2 years if i cant cohibitate with my husband then it will b easy for him to file divorce.........is it right?

Atheist (none)     20 September 2013

yes it's true.


No. That's not true. If he files RCR and then you don't cohabitate with him. In such a case after 1year of such a judgement in favor of your husband will entitle him to secure divorce from you.

But not when you file RCR. RCR means you saying that you are willing to live with him keeping aside all the conflicts between you. If he doesn't agree then he is at fault and he will not get divorce until and unless he proves cruelty upon him from you and your family. 

btw what was your lawyer saying, he must be saying to file false cases. If you have a chapal use on him, spit on his face and kick on his butt. Nobody should experiment on your life. Its your life. Mind it.

Ranee....... (NA)     20 September 2013

Yes it is true for the party who has got RCR decree in its favour and willing to cohabit with the other party.The wrong party who does not try to comply with the RCR decree can not take advantage of its own fault.So contact a good lawyer.Before that you go through these judgements.


gd dy (gd dy)     20 September 2013

@ sufferer:  Yes offcourse he can file divorce,there is no Law which say's that he can't file any cases on you or on your parent's.If he will be right and you will be wrong then divorce will be last and the winner Prize for him.

not intention to say it is wrong. bt majority [if i say 99.99% thgh m not wrong] heard tht woman side people harass boy side anything with  the help of prevailed law. so pl. enlighten hw to teach a lesson 1 or 2 to parent of wife for provoking her for no fault of her husband and in-laws. pl. enlighten to help

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