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Boy+girl elope with consent. innocent boys framed

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Boy+Girl Elope with Consent. Innocent Boys Framed

It is a common thing to be seen. Teenage Boy and Girl elope together by mutual consent. Even indulge in Physical Relations. Father of the girl invariably lodges an FIR accusing the Boy (despite the knowledge that his daughter is equally responsible) to have abducted/kidnapped his daughter. The intelligent Father of the daughter even tell the Police where his daughter is kept. The Police goes and finds the daughter (who is happily living with her Love), hands over the daughter to the parents and arrests the poor (innocent) boy. The daughter is thrashed and mentally tortured by the parents and relatives and (willingly!) gives a statement against the boy! The identity of the girl is always protected. The girl is married soon and the boy languishes in Jail or makes rounds of the Police / Courts and even if he secures a favourable verdict in the trial, his life remains ruined!


The Courts remain hapless spectators and just act like slaves to the draconian law and system. For them it is just another charge sheet being presented in accordance with the procedure and they (the Courts) remain contended by saying that the accused gets a fair (really?) chance of defence! (I am sure legal fraternity must be remembering, when the bold girl friend of Nitish Katara {who was murdered by Ghaziabad dons} cam to depose in the court, the entire court premises was surrounded by goons of the accused)


How can this non sense be stopped?

As a citizen of this country inhabited by such non sense parents, who are against such relations just because they feel that their children are like property, I remain very perturbed at this ongoing worse than murder, of young boys day in day out.

I intend to file a PIL against this state of affairs

Legal fraternity is requested to help me by giving their valuable comments/guidance


Hi Ashok,

I dont know how to help you.

But what you mentioned is exactly story of one of innocent guy who is in convicted and punished foe 7 years.



Social Worker

I have chalked outt something but my plan is based on human emotions and my intense pain against a system in which parents (which include the so called educated Judges, IPS, IAS, Doctors & All Professionals) allow their 18 years daughters and sons to choose the Parliament of the country which then is supposed to give direction to the country, but they dont allow , respect and trust the same children (who I have felt are more intelligent than their degree holding parents) to chose a partner for themselves

Social Worker

But I am sure that intelligent legal inputs from forward thinking and young Lawyers would be important. (I would welcome inputs from OLD LAWYERS of my age also provided they are not obsessed with treating their children like their property and feel that it is they and they alone who can choose good partners for themselves


Ashok Kumar Sir: These laws cant be changed by courts. ONly parliament can amend laws. Just think, why would parliament give permission to amend these laws, ... Are they gonna get more votes if they amend these laws which would enrage <fake and hypocrite> women organizations. They take everything in a pessimistic manner and oppose everything which is either formulated to protect men or atleast to report genuine cases. 

Social Worker

Yes Lonefighter, I understand that the Parliament only can change and make laws but I am not planning to ask the Courts to instruct the Parliament to make/Change laws (Courts cant do that) but what we can definately do is to file a PIL challenging the validity of the laws which are against the basic structure of the Constitution (Courts have Power to hear such petitions)

I know this is tough task because the Judges, Solicitor Generals, Chief Secretaries all have daughters (the Gift of God) and they all have the same mentality when it comes to giving the authority to the Children to choose their life partners


@Ashok Kumar Sir: I feel its part of a small issue which indian men are facing. Women biased laws are main reason. I feel one should impose same laws for both men and women. How can only boy be punished if both elope. 

One should see women organization representees talking on kiss of love support program. They were supporting Public display of affection and on the same hand they want to perish guys who break up in relations or who take the relation to next level by eloping and marrying. Hypocracy everywhere..!!!... I would be more than willing to join the PIL ... 




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