Blo duty of female teachers.

Hello all

I am a new member to the forum and have joined this forum with a very specific purpose of seeking advice over an issue which is bugging me from quite some time.
It relates specifically to the appointment of female teachers as BLOs(Booth Level Officers).

A BLO is a person a govt.employee ,anganwadi worker etc , employed by the election commision of india for revision of electoral roles,addition of new votes etc tasks.
It is a door to door duty.
Now th issue is that the teachers are not releived of their duties from their respective departments keeping in mind the children's right to education.So it is supposed to be done after the school hours or on holidays.

Concerning the female teachers-they also own the social responsibilty of looking after the children,the old people and doing the rest of household chores.Where she is the one who suffers.

Can no one open up their eyes n view this as inhumane treatment.
There are even labour rules in our country.
..and after being so exhausted would the female teachers be able to properly do justice to their act of teaching?

It also brings to light the safety concerns of a female.

This whole scenario is just not acceptable to injustice is against one person..the female who has roles of a housewife,a mother,daughter etc to play.

I wanna do smthing in this regard but have no proper way.
plz guide

Also plz clearify that if the election department deputes a govt employee for over a period of a month,then would he be eligible for leaves for working on sundays and gazetted and restricted holidays etc..

Thank you.

Dy Director

 specific instance can be quoted.


All over the coutry such job is given to all govt employees which include women.  Teachers as a class do not have the habit of applying TA/DA and overtime when due.


Dy Director

non-relieving for election work is criminal misconduct.  Have you complained to the electoral authrities.

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 sir , we are supposed to do this duty during th non-teaching hours and non-teaching dt goes alongwith the teaching tasks and dt makes the whole of it difficult...dts as per th high court ruling.

and actully as a member of the teaching fraternity,i would admit,either we are unaware of the TA/DA Thing dt it cn b applied fr ,or/and its not in th trend.

Dy Director

I know that teachers are unawre of TA/DA rules and it is diffucult to convince them that while travelling on official orders they aredoing no personal job.   They travel any place but claim not even a penny from Govt.  even you won'nt be convinced.


I do not know if you have reported in wrting to the electoral authroities regarding non-relieving.


sir,i find it perfectly logical that TA should be paid for professional purposes...but it becomes more about convincing or rather arguing with the head of the school (etc) on the issue..where the officers dismiss your claim, saying dt U gt enuf TA as apart of your salary.
However we receive TA for any seminaars and camps etc conducted. i sd its bout going against the trend.

however,about the BLO thing...we are not supposed to be releived from the school.We are supposed to perform both the duties.the BLO tasks are to be done after school...

now..submitting to it all..we have to be doing the duties.:/

Dy Director

Have you seen TA rules, OTA rules.  HOD inschools are also teachers who are as a community dead convinced that no TA is top be paid to any teacher even if he goest to any place on earth on official duty.


I agree to it.
Hv been forced to do so at times.

Dy Director

this forum is meant to guide person what legl avenues van be avialaed bythem under which law.  Thos who do not (or fell they cannot) fight for their cause cannot benefit by blogging here.

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yes dts very correct and dts y i had signed up to knw specifically about BLO thing and related leaves...when i wasnt getting satisfactory response from anywhere.
dint find any appropriate solution here as well.
n ths shall b my last posting here hence...
i appreciate ur tym and concern over TA n DA...

thanking you.




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