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Arvind Singh Chauhan (advocate)     22 May 2011


Honourable members don' t you feel that, only limited experts remain now, in LCI as a law professional. Due to which we are also suffering.

Most of the experts are prudent, wise and well educated persons having no legal back ground, though their answers seems to be legal and logical.

plz complaint to admin at your level.


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Arvind Singh Chauhan (advocate)     22 May 2011

Experts having no legal back ground plz don't take me otherwise, your suggesstions also are very help full to us.  Plz carry on .

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     22 May 2011

what is actual complain?

sorry unable to understand.

YOGESHWAR. (ADVOCATE HIGH COURT-criminal /civil     22 May 2011

People like ARUP and his counterparts who pat each other drive out talent form the site.

Thease people whether they know or not dish out answers for any problems and shout if tried to check so thay have polluted this otherwise excellant site.

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     22 May 2011

expert means lci approved experts or any member?

Sarvesh Kumar Sharma Advocate (Advocacy)     22 May 2011

AAPAS MAIN PREM KARO LCI PREMIYON..............................

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Sarvesh Kumar Sharma Advocate (Advocacy)     22 May 2011



who r d counterparts ?

say clearly............!

Arvind Singh Chauhan (advocate)     22 May 2011

Honourble members I don't mean expert means only " legal experts".

Expert may be any one as , RTI activist, Bank officers, police officers, doctors, engineers, journalists or social activits etc, who can help us in their respective field. 

I have only to say that due to lack of lawerys in experts. we the junior lawyers or litigants are unable to seek help from senior lawyers, through the specific provision or section of the particular law, related to our problem.

Arvind Singh Chauhan (advocate)     22 May 2011

I think I must say sorry for the post .

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     22 May 2011

no no nothing to sorry.

you want improvementof  the quality of answers.

it is good and appreciable.

we all should be catious for it.

G.Nagarajeshwar Rao (Advocate)     22 May 2011

Mr. Arvind said what I opined erlier. He said in his own words. Thanks Arvind. 

hema (law officer)     23 May 2011

I fully agree with you Arvindji.  It is always helpful to every one if several experts from various fileds contribute their knowledge and if the knowledge is shared by all of us.  for having expertise, one need not to have law degree or for that matter any degree.  but (s)he must have commandable knowledge in the subject in which (s)he is contributing.   otherwise, every Tom, Dicky and Harry proclaim themselves as experts and give legal advises, which on the face of it, are totally wrong and harm the public and give bad reputation to LCI.

In criminal law forum, one member with a designation of ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police) joined and started to contribute very effectively.  His responses are very impressive and due to his responses, we came to know the very intricasies of investigative part of the criminal trial.  His presence helped us a lot.  Unfortunately, one Mr. Agarwal (he himself says retired) started to attack him and the police department continuously saying that the police do not have any respect to human rights and they would encouter the innocent people on the streets.  But, our new member tried to explain the human rights violations and encounter questions in objective manner saying that he will not defend such actions and he joined the club to share knowledge, but this Agarwal (he is good for nothing and cynical fellow and his contribution to this site is a big ZERO) started to hunt him.  Finally, that ACP saheb lost interest and deleted his account.  The ultimate losers are ourselves.  This Agarwal has nothing to lose.  He visits this site only for time passing.  Similarlly, in labour law forum, one Assistant Labour Commissioner used to contribute a lot and it benefited several people.  I do not know why he is not contributing in these days.  In family law forum, the experts contribution is becoming less day by day and several advocates (among them two or three very knowledgeable lady advocates) used to contribute and they stopped to contribute or contributing very less in these days.  The family law forum is not conducive for the decent people to visit.  There is always hate campaign goes against women, more particularly against metro women.  In the LCI we need knowledgeable people to give expert opinions so that the general public to utilise the services to the fullest.   

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zimmerzapper (student)     23 May 2011

Originally posted by :hema

There is always hate campaign goes against women, more particularly against metro women. (there is also a lot of hate campaign against male and male bashing by many women like yourself in the famliy section)

not metro women but metro wives who are self obsessed and narcissistic and who only want to live a hedonistic life by looting their innocent husbands

now don't argue with me that i'm generalizing all wives who live in metros, (i acknowledge that there are wives who live in metros, who are not greedy)


Ambika (NA)     23 May 2011

I totally agree with Hema. I had  pointed in some of my posts that it is a big loss for the family forum when one of the finest advocates Mr. Prabhakar who used to give his time to post detail replies to the queries withdrew his membership from the site. Yes, some of the women advocates who used to give great replies are either not appearing at all, or very ocassionally. 

Further the family forum has become a site for promoting  certain campaigns to abolish/amend women sensitive laws. I am not going into the merits or demerits, but in principle does family forum allow this platform to become a site for promoting any kind of campaign for that matter? 

Look at one of the threads in the other's section where someone is openly recommending the misuse of credit card/s--to be more specific to obtain credit crads in the name of wives and misuse them. Does family forum allow this type of mischeivious advice which some in their naivity may follow. Such criminal advices should be deleted forthwith by the admin. True that moderating a site like this is not a joke. But when blatantly illegal advices appear in LCI and when experts keep deleting thier accounts, it sends an alert to LCI that urgent attention needs to be paid to check such posts and tendencies. 

Thanks Arvind for starting this thread and thanks Nageshwar Rao for starting your own thread on the quality of contribution by legal experts in the experts' section.

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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     23 May 2011

everything related with the money.

when we asked the information free of cost, it is natural that the quality will be poor.

we may ask the same thing on payment, either at net or some senior lawyer at one's own area, he will get it with good quality.

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