Appeal for retirement benefits and or job at eflu, hyderabad


Appeal for retirement benefits and or job at EFLU, Hyderabad (Gov of India)


I have been writing for so long for years and I don’t how to begin the story already known to the institute from my letters. A few letters I found from my email source I have enclosed here for your kind notice.

I hope to meet you sometime this month end. Kindly allow me an appointment.


The Vice Chancellor & Registrar 
EFLU Hyderabad Telengana state 

Dear Sir/Madam 
Warm greetings

Kindly refer to my letters addressed to the institute, especially the last one sent on June 13, 2014 regarding  my desire to rejoin the institute at the earliest. I met the VC and Registrar last year I got vague promises, but no letters from EFLU

I have been waiting to your positive response to my request to release the VRS benefits as early as possible or let me rejoin. Meanwhile kindly let me have a copy each of all letters you seem to have sent to me, 

Many months have passed when the new registrar promised me to help with VRS.  I am afraid of coming to the institute even to know about the exact position without getting the relevant letter from EFLU as none speaks the truth there. They all love dramas at others’ cost.  I suffered a great deal at CIEFL and I know how things were there. Now sadly things seem to have remained the same.

You have been delaying to respond and very difficult to pursue the issue. Eagerly waiting to rejoin the EFLU. In case that is not possible kindly allow me the retirement benefits. First the institute harmed me to leave and now delay the benefits.

 So sad and I don’t know how many more years you people need to settle the VRS matter agreed upon by the Institute.

I look forward to receiving a positive response at the earliest.

Warm regards  Sincerely

-DR. ABDUL RUFF ( Reader in Russian CIEFL, Former member  of Board and  Society, CIEFL) ) 

TC: 51/2947, Thennivilagam Kulavarambil house, Behind Mosque, Estate PO

New Karakkamandapam, Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala state-695019
 ph:  0 8129081217


2. Letter from Registrar EFLU

Dear Dr Abdul Ruff

This is in response to your mail dated 28.03.2014. i had the records examined by my office. i furnish the following information in this connection:

1. Dr. Abdul Ruff has addressed a letter dated 1.12.1999 to the Registrar seeking information about the VRS and Golden Shake Hand Scheme.

2. He was informed vide O.M.No.CIEFL/Admn/F.12234/99, dated 15.12.1999 that as per GOI Rules VRS Scheme is available for those employees who have completed 20 years of service.

3. The institute received another letter dated 13.04.2000, 4.5.2000 saying that he is surrendering his present job to the institute by June 2000, and sought information regarding VRS, Golden Shake hand and the retirement benefits, together with this saving from all sources.

4. Finally in his letter dated 16.6.2000, he said he is surrendering his present job to the institute w.e.f 17.6.2000 by obtaining Voluntary Retirement and also to settle his accounts without delay.

5. Based on the Legal opinion on the subject, he was served another O.M.No.CIEFL/Admn/F.1224/2000, dated 6.7.2000 requesting him to send an unconditional resignation letter for settlement of his service benefits at the Institute.

6. In the letter sated 12.12.2001, he has mentioned that as in his letter dated 16 June 2001, he had left the job of the institute w.e.f 17 June 2001 instead of 16.6.2000 and 17.6.2000.

7. Whereas in his letter dated 26.12.2001 he is referring to his letter dated 17 June 2000 and said that due to some personal reasons he could not attend to the CIEFL after that date i.e.17 June 2000, therefore, he may be relieved from the duties w.e.f 17 June 2000 as per rules or VRS or any other scheme.

8. An O.O.No.CIEFL/Admn/F.1224/2002/4085, Dt.5/6 March 2002 was issued to him stating that Dr. Abdul Ruff is deemed to have been relieved of his duties w.e.f 17.6.2001 and requested to submit a No Dues Certificate.

9. Received letter dated 22 April 2003 from Dr.Abdul Ruff asking for service certificate, which was issued to him on 22 May 2003 to the address given by him.

This is for your kind information.

Thanking you

Registrar i/c




I have not received any such letters mentioned here from the institute so far

Dr. Abdul Ruff  



 Copy to Dr P Madhavan  EFLU

June 13, 2014


Application for permission to rejoin the EFLU

With due regard I wish to express my willingness to rejoin the institution to resume my academic and other responsibilities. .

As you may be aware, i had to surrender my job in favor of VRS at the center of Russian  studies some time back owing to problems i faced at the institute and outside.

The then registrar Dr. Vankateshvar Rao  agreed to  consider my request for VRS and other benefits  but, unfortunately, till day I have not heard about it officially. I had left Hyderabad after  deal with Registrar mediated by OU astronomy Prof. Mohd Salah. I had before that left the official flat 51 on the campus because of campus menus and lived  in Bandalaguda, far away from Charminar to avoid troubles.

I came to know that my  surrender  cum YRS application was not approved by the institute  but they did not let me know about hat, though I was an ex-member of CIEFL Society and Board of governors and
also academic council .

I request you to kindly allow me to rejoin the institution and resume my work, if my appeal for VRS and other benefits is not conceded. .

Looking forward to hearing from you a positive response soon

With regards and best wishes  Sincerely,


Reader in Russian CIEFL


The Registrar
Dr. Surabhi
EFLU Hyderabad

Dear Madam:

Warm Greetings

Following is the  letter cluster I had sent to Registrar and VC  on
25th April for speedy action. It is painful to know  this was missing
in the  section records. If you like i would read again and  make



The Vice Chancellor

EFLU, Hyderabad AP

Respected Madam:

Warm greetings.

I worked at CIEFL in the Department of Russian with full dedication until I was unable to do so due to  problems, including  horrid remote violence on my body by some  mischievous agency  when I  was
sleeping. and left the institute in favor of VRS on promise from the institution.  Nothing followed for years as I lived outside Hyderabad.

Thank you very much for the letter from EFLU.   I am grateful to you personally as well. .

In fact, this is the first ever letter or communication i received from the institute since  I left CIEFL and Hyderabad and I painfully say that had I got  these communications I would have  got another job
elsewhere lived with human honor.

I am yet to get any service letter or any other relief orders as mentioned in your letter.  maybe those letters were not posted  for me. In my previous address I did not miss any letter.

This is most unfortunate.

However, I look forward to financial settlement at the earliest from the institute.

I must say your reply looks like a legal document prepared by an over paid lawyer trying to defend and justify everything that CIEFL failed to do- both when i was inside the institute and after leaving  it..

It seems the CIEFL, now EFLU, systematically denied me the survival source after forcing me to leave  the institute and campus .  I always have refused to approach the courts for justice hoping that the institute would realize its mistakes.

However,  I am not on fault finding mission now as I cant defy the cruel fate and I look forward to rejoining the EFLU to work with human dignity.

However, I  must thank  the EFLU for replying to my latest request. earlier I tried through many sources to reach you but no response .Dr, Madhavan, the registrar I/c ,  has so kindly shown sympathy for me. I
am very grateful to him and EFLU.

Please forgive me for faulty language. Please understand me as  I am the affected person, I was then attacked  constantly and now enduing a pathetic existence because of the CIEFL's  refusal to help me when I was  at the institute and the refusal to keep the word on VRS etc when I have been outside .

I still look forward to rejoining the institute  in any capacity. I shall be grateful to you  if you  kindly  help me  rejoin.

I look forward to your positive early response.

Yours sincerely,

With regards and best wishes


25th April 2014

 [Phone: 8129081217]


Encl: 1.  Application for permission to rejoin the EFLU


The registrar

EFLU, OU Campus


Dear Dr. P. Madhavan:

Warm Greetings

I am indeed grateful to you and glad to receive your letters along with positive content which  in fact is a strong source of my strength. .

Please let me know this application is ok.

Dr. Abdul Ruff, Formerly member of CIEFL Academic council, Society and Board




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Inspite of my best efforts, I am unable to make head and tail out of this posting!



Author may prefer to spend quality time with a very able counsel specializing in service matters and give inputs in person and show all docs on record, for a considered opinion.


Sirs: My mobile is 7293435028 ( Dr. Abdul Ruff)

Currently I live in Trivandrum, Kerala


It is the querist, clinet that calls/meets the counsel.

Approach a very able counsel specializing in service matters and give inputs in person and show all docs on record, for a considered opinion.




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