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Kumar Mysore (no)     24 June 2018

am I file a case

Hi All,
I am a 33 year old guy, 18 years ago we separated from my mother because of her bad characters. my father only taken care of me & my two elder brothers.I was 15 year old guy when we separated from her.after that she filed a case for maintainance & my father was paying as per the court judgment.after this also she was giving many torture for us.we registered a police complaint many times, but no justice for us. recently 4 years ago my father passed away by heart attack because of her torture. she is still residing at my father house.we are residing at separate in a same village. now me & my 2nd elder brother searching a bride to get marry.but she is troubling us to stop our is already 2 marriages stopped by her.I am a 33 years old guy & my brother 35 years old guy.
I file a case against my mother? & is she eligible to ask maintainance by us?
because she didn't take care of us from childhood & she is residing at our house only & getting rent too by our some part of us.
please suggest me, I want justice. we already suffered a lot because of non justice. because some lawyers at jmfc court cheated us. because of that we suffered a lot & non justice for us.

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Karthikeyan (Manager)     24 June 2018

kumar, First you cool down. will help you some.guidance. by the way are from ?

Kumar Mysore (no)     24 June 2018

I am from Karnataka & I am Hindu. I lost my father already because of her torture & I don't like to loss my two elder brothers & my first elder brother wife (sister in law) because of this non justice tension. I feel that to hate Indian law system.

Kumar Mysore (no)     24 June 2018

i am alright, even I am NRI, I want justice, I don't know this law system, I feel that this Indian law system favour to ladies only. because we have many reasons.I am asking suggestions
may I file a torture case against her?
is she eligible to get maintainance from us?
because she didn't care of us from childhood.

TGK REDDI   24 June 2018

She, though wicked, can demand maintenance if she can't maintain herself commensurate with your income.

Suri.Sravan Kumar (senior)     04 November 2018

first of all remove from your mind the word "I feel that to hate Indian law system." you must have faith in the law because you will get justice only under Indian Law.

R. K. Singh (Business)     06 January 2019

you can consider filing appeal if you got an order from court which is unfavourable or is based on wrong facts / law

further regarding maintenance to your mother please clarify under which section and under which law she has filed petition

whether she has disclosed all her sources of income

you may file detailed reply before court with supporting documents

you can also use CrPC 91 Application to get information/document if petitioner is not disclosing information

Kumar Mysore (no)     06 January 2019

she filed a petition under cri miss 125. she didn't care me & my elder brothers food,health, education etc... and even she is torturing us from 20 years.only because of we stand with my father and we have given statement about her bad characters in divorce father divorced her long years back, after my father died she is increased her torture by stopping our marriages.she is given only birth, so how she is eligible to ask maintainance now without taking care of children's?
what is our law says about child rights?
we are not ready to say she is our mother, my friends mother & father treated me as a son.they are real mother & real god.but this lady is devil. we have lot of pain. nobody don't know our pain.our village people scolding her but no use court didn't hear our problems till now.we believed god, they will funished her & gods will save us.
thanks to all here who are all suggesting me.

R. K. Singh (Business)     07 January 2019

mother claiming CrPC 125 maintenance from sons. Facts:-

1. mother divorced by father long time back

2. for last eighteen years sons resided with father

3. mother in living in house provided by father

4. she is also getting some rent from that house

5. son claims bad cruel behaviour on part of mother. number of police complaints also filed against her in past

Experts may advise

Kumar Mysore (no)     07 January 2019

yes we complaints many times against her, we have all the copies, sometimes police warned her & her son in law.sometimes they didn't take action & ignored. recent one is when my father died at 11th day programme she plan disturb my father 1th day thithi program by throwing her slippers, as per our village leaders advice we complained to the police station. they have arrested her morning & released her evening.

Kumar Mysore (no)     07 January 2019

I want to know one thing, my mother & her son in law did attempt to murder on me two times, 1st time- when I was studying 9 th standard that time I haven't complained due to fear & 2nd time when I was studying 2nd PUC this time I complained to police station they didn't take any action. because one week before this attempt I alone went to police station to complaint on her & son in law because for the old attempt and for other reason & police said to bring any senior or leader. I haven't go to police station again. she got information and attempted. after attempt me & my father went to police station to give a complaint.but police didn't believe us they scolded us only,
can I highlight this attempts under cri miss 125 case?
I don't have proofs for the attempts but I have sent a SMS & shared all this information to a radio channel via telephone on 2011 under a programme yenagali munde sagu ni.
may can I use this as a witness for her torture?
please suggest me someone.
thanks to who are all advising me.
thank u,

ANAMIKA VICHARE (LAWYER)     10 April 2019

Take it positively. Willingly pay her maintenance regularly on monthly basis n cut off all relations with her and go ahead with your personal life.  Stay far away from her not within her reach,  There is solution to every problem. Keep cool n think instead of crying


ANAMIKA VICHARE (LAWYER)     10 April 2019

Take it positive. pay her maintenae regularly n keep away from her cut off all relations

stay far away from her not within her reach

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