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Roshan Jameer (pvt employee)     30 January 2019

after marriage shall we enter with any aggreement

shall I get signed any agreement after marriage with wife, if we have any disputes or quarrels in further life.


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TGK REDDI   31 January 2019

Yes, why not?    Provided the contents are lawful.

Roshan Jameer (pvt employee)     31 January 2019

Is there any format to be signed

Shashi Dhara   31 January 2019

Marriage is becoming mockery &funny. Urself draft a format publish it let all who marries follows it.

Roshan Jameer (pvt employee)     31 January 2019

Here instention is not indugule any further quarrels and if threatening by other party what can we do

Suhail suhail (LAWYER)     31 January 2019

Dear just try to amke out of your married life instead of break out. There are wear and tear in every marraige,and sometimes little things develope in big craks. It seems you have already some roughness in your domestice life better to let the elders of your sourround to record the situation and put is smae words as per the truth and fact and then what was decided and sign that get the witness signautures also that is all. 

May God give peace to your dometic life.


Roshan Jameer (pvt employee)     31 January 2019

I agree you view Bilal sir, this one is the second sitting elder one's , that why I am looking approved format by our law.

Suhail suhail (LAWYER)     31 January 2019

There is no perticular format dear,just whatever happens write that on Stamp paper and get signed by all of the persons presant there,it will be agreement itself.

Don't worry about formats the evidance is enough itself a format

SIVARAMAPRASAD KAPPAGANTU (Retired Manager)     31 January 2019

Very strange request. The Marriage ritual itself is an oral agreement. That is why if any party breaks it, only a Court can decide in the matter as to divorce or otherwise.


Of course, the rituals are all drafted centuries back. May be you are right in that the contents need modification and/or deletion to suit present day environment.  Therefore, you may write an agreement, show it to a good family court Lawyer for approval of contents to the effect that there are no loop holes which either party can exploit.  And then both of you sign, get it notarised and preseve it. In addition, I do not know to what extent this is possible, get your marriage registered with the agreement as the base and ensure that it becomes part of official record. I do not know whther the Registrar permits it.


In any case, nobody can prevent you from having an agreement and get it signed before a Notary and preserve it.


However, the prospective Bride, if you approach her or disclose about signing an agreement she may get scared and back off. Think from that angle also before trying to put your idea of geeting an agreement signed between you and your would be wife.

P. Venu (Advocate)     01 February 2019

There are statutory laws that govern disputes as to marriage. They are, in my considered opinion, sufficient to take care of such situations. Even if you enter into an agreement, the conditions therein cannot override the statutory provisions.

Martin S.   01 February 2019

Originally posted by : roshan ros
shall I get signed any agreement after marriage with wife, if we have any disputes or quarrels in further life.

Such are not recognized by Indian law. That day is not come yet.  India will not become america in that sense yet, just wearing torn jeans does not make India, America,

Roshan Jameer (pvt employee)     01 February 2019

Thank for your suggestions one and all

Roshan Jameer (pvt employee)     01 February 2019

Thank you  one and all, for your guidance and suggestion

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