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Democratic Indian (n/a)     28 November 2017

Originally posted by : Debasish Bhattacharya
give with reasons..

Why increase the speed of the political sinking of an already politically sinking ship called Union of India by interfering in personal laws of different nations residing in it? If not aware of definintion of nation please read below -


From Black's Law Dictionary 9th Edition -

Nation -  A large group of people having a common origin, language, and tradition and usually constituting a political entity. When a nation is coincident with a state, the term nation-state is often used. Also termed nationality.


"The nearest we can get to a definition is to say that a nation is a group of people bound together by common history, common sentiment and traditions, and, usually (though not always. as, for example, Belgium or Switzerland) by common heritage. A state, on the other hand, is a society of men united under one government. These two forms of society are not necessarily coincident. A single nation may be divided into several states, and conversely a single state may comprise several nations or parts of nations." John Salmond, Jurisprudence 136 (Glanville  L Williams ed.,  10th  ed.  1947).


There is no nation of Indians in the real sense of the world, it is yet to be created. In believing we are a nation, we are cherishing a great delusion. - Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

KISHAN DUTT KALASKAR (Advocate)     29 November 2017

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