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A night at home

i slept with my neighbour when my husband was sleeping in the bed room. i invited the neighbour by whatsapp message, this happened 6 months back, my husband found out about my fling recently. my husband has no evidence about my fling i am scared of my husband so i ran away from the house on the pretext of he is abusing me. how can i escape from this ? can my husband file a case on grounds of adultry ? 


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TGK REDDI   14 January 2018

The ground of adultery is weak.    The chance for the breadown of your marriage is strong though whatever you did is not unusual and though the attitude of your husband is unusual.

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N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     14 January 2018

"I slept with my neighbour when my husband was sleeping in the bed room. I invited the neighbour by whatsapp message. the neighbour and I had a good time". Yes, there is nothing unusual about it, after all stolen fruits taste sweet. Sounds great and I dont want to comment any further.

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Preetam Thakur (MHA)     14 January 2018

Only :Sleeping with neighbor in your bedroom and having good time" does not amount to any crime! What makes one curious is the reason whether husband was out of bedroom willfully or foolishly or did he connive in the act? 

N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     14 January 2018

She said: "I slept with my neighbour when my husband was sleeping in the bed room. I invited the neighbour by whatsapp message. the neighbour and I had a good time" What more do you want? Do you want her to post her joyfull night of ecastacy squirming with orgasm like a Blue movie, while her poor husband was snoring to Kingdom come?


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Kishor Mehta (CEO)     14 January 2018

This is not a proper platform for such queries, you had better consult an Advocate for suitable advice.
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Very good title for erotic love story.


any proper replies would help ! yes my husband was fast asleep and snoring when the incident happened. he recently confronted the neighbour thats how my husband got to know about it ! pls help me , my husband is very well connected person

Preetam Thakur (MHA)     14 January 2018

Yes! He can get you and your neighbor prosecuted for abultery provided he gets thread of your Whatsapp msg and any other convincing proof of your act!

Preetam Thakur (MHA)     14 January 2018

Yes! Your husband has option to get you both prosecuted under relevant sections of IPC and other laws in Force if he has laid hands on any convincing proof of your adultery! 

N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     14 January 2018

Inviting someone to have s*x in your own marital home in presence of your husband is more sinned than sinning. How can you be so cruel to your loving husband.It all depends on your husband either to divorce you or forgive you. But under the circumstances, it is too cruel on your part.If you can have s*x in presence of your husband, what will happen when he is away from home, it will be a daily activities of orgy?

P. Venu (Advocate)     14 January 2018

I am afraid you are at the wrong Forum. Please seek professional consultation.

TGK REDDI   14 January 2018

Dear Sir

You told me to share my phone number.    Rule hasn't permitted me to furnish my number as I am not a friend.    I give it here.  9985211738.


Yours faithfully


N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     15 January 2018

TGK REDDI, are you giving your phone number to Mrs.Rashmi?

TGK REDDI   15 January 2018

Shri N. K. Assumi.

Dear Sir

No.  Not to Mrs. Rashmi.    I beg the pardon of Mrs. Rashmi.     I'm confused.     Another Member asked for my phone number in a private message.       I tried to send it without the knowledge that I should make him fried first.       Sir, I beg your pardon also.    

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