Special invitees

Is there sombeody who can clarify regarding special invitees to Board meetings:

1. Who can invite special invitees ? Is it the Chairman OR any individual Director ? Or the Board of Directors

2. If so, can the special invitee sit through the meeting ?

Company Secretary

Dear Mr. Raja

There is no specific provision under the Companies Act, 1956, with respect to Special Invitees. Any person who is calling a Board Meeting or issuing a Notice of the Board Meeting i.e. either Company Secretary or Director, can call the Special Invitee at the instruction of the Chairman or Managing Director or Whole-time Director, in whose direction the Board Meeting is called for, to attend a Board Meeting for a particular item of the Board Meeting or for whole of the Meeting.


This is as per the discretion of the Chairman of the Meeting. But, before the meeting, kindly brief the Special Invitee that he is called either for whole Board Meeting or for a particular specific item, so that, he / she should not feel awkward, when asked to leave the Board Meeting in-between.


I hope that I have clarified the situation. Still you need any other assistance, feel free to contact me.




Rajeev Sharma

Co. Secy.



Dear Mr Sharma
Many thanks. Now, If there is a difference of opinion between Directors  (incl the Chairman)  on the following, there are a few questions that may be considered for clarification;
1.Let us assume that the Chairman has called a special invitee? Other directors have certain reservations. So can the spl invitee remain after he gives his opinion ? Can he watch the discussions between the Directors , esp on sensitive subjects ?
2. Whether such a person can be called repeatedly by one of the Directors/Chairman for suceeding board meetings?
3. Is the power to call or send out the spl invitee vested with the Board or with the Chairman or any Director ?

Executive Director

Can Executive Director or program Director attend such meetings and will they considered as special invitees if they are staff of the organisation.




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