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Many a times, in many letters it is written that letter is computer generated, so does not require signature. Any letter can be generated by any computer, so haw can it be established in case of denial afterwards by the person who wrote the letter, that this letter is not written by him.  Please let me know whether without signature, letter is authorized one, and in which law and section, it is written.

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Madhu..... You have brought here an important issue. It is seen every where, any company is giving receipt' or letters without signature stating 'it is computer generated, so signature is not required.' Your question is valuable.


To Experts.... Please highlight on the issue for knowledge of every one, if you are aware of it.





Even if it is mentioned the concerned individual can always demand that the same should be stamped and signed by hand by the competent person.

While it is believed that the document is issued by authentic source, one can always demand and get the duly signed and signed document. If the concerned source denies ti issue, applicant can escalate.

Majority of the customers in the bank do not ask for stamped and signed bank statement , acknowledgment of cheque if the staff ask to drop it in drop box, but those who persist get it.


This has become a rampant practice in the industry, without understanding the technical intrigues of the Information Technology Act and the process. Every Computer Generated Letter has to have unique serial number synchronized with the IT systems and the issuer should have the  competence to verify and authenticate the letter, upon request.

While a computer generated letter without signature may be acceptance in ordinary communications, like business commmunication on general matters, dividends based on standard calculation etc., any document that requires validation by digital signature or manual signature should bear such signatures.


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I agree with the above answers  given by the learned members.  The disadvantage of this is that interpretation can be made like anything if it comes to the court.


respected advocates

kindly advise me or share the rule/section of act  under which it is stated explicitly that if a document or petition or a quotation submitted for award  of contract in a tender is invalid. I am not taking about digital signature.


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Respected Sir,

After so many years, the question is still unsolved, It is being asked again, as the accused' advocate sir, asking in court in cross that there is no stamp and signature of BAnk, though it is written on the Return Memo that "This is computer generated advice- does not require signature"

Please let me know whether without signature, letter is authorized one, and in which law and section, it is written.





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