death of the husband during the course of maintenace

Hi All,


My Wife deserted me 2 months back and doesn't want to come back. She doesn't cite a reason for come back and made false allegations of physical and mental torture. Next hearing is scheduled for 9th February 2014. 


In the notice she has mentioned that she was under house arrest since marriage and I never took her out. But I have documentary, photographic, credit card bills to prove that I took her outside, visited Kashmir during 1st anniversary and went to movies every week. I also have photo proof with her brother taken while he visited chennai. 

Please let me know can the court the photographic proof as supporting evidence as proof against the false allegations made by wife. 


I have sent numerous SMS to her, dad and her brother but there was no response from them. Should this be considered as evidence stating that she deserted me. 


During this course If I (husband) commits suicide, will my family be accountable to pay the maintenance and will they be convicted under any section since she has mentioned my parents name in the notice that they given mental and physical harassment. 




Dear, Why you wanted to commit suicide. If you want hef back file RCR and so far as maintenance is concerned tell court that she has left herself and she don't deserve any maintenance.... Kapil Chandna Adv 9899011450


This is not the time to get disheartened but to show courage to fight back. Never ever think of committing suicide not even in your distant dream....... You are not the first person to be victimized by this gender biased law with some false & frivolous allegations.


Be brave & fight back. Hire an expert advocate & let him present your side with the evidences supported by strong argument..


My friend remember: "HE CAN WHO THINKS HE CAN".


I am from a middle class family and don't have money to fight cases and pay maintenance. I have to pay many loans and take care of parents too. 


All the family laws in our country is anti-men. The weaker s*x get all the benefits and we men has to suffer from the start to the end. 

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Dear Krishnaya Vasudevaya,


You are one of the crores of men who are undergoing this agony.

Leave birth and death to God. Fight. Live. Live. Live happier than ever. 

Post details of the cruelty of your wife in a blog page.

Name her and Shame her publicly.

On seeing this, her friends and relationships will start questioning her on her lies.

She will be nailed.


You persist and fight. You will get back your happier life sooner than you think.

Software professional

If you want to die...u can....kuch nahi hoga..parents ko koi maintaince nahi dena hoga...4-5 din ka rona dhona and after that every body will forget you....Just make 5-6 copies of suicide note and allege your in laws(with their names) for your suicide...they will suffer for life......abhi ;police station jaoge koi nahi sunega par marne ke baad jo suicide letter mai likhoge sab usko sunenge.....

Is type ke vichaar aana natural hai aise time pe...mere man mai bhi aata hai......par koi fayda nahi hai.....jeete raho...60-70 saal hi to kaatna hai...hope next life will be beautiful......


@author, As mentioned by other experts, please refrain from thinking about suicide. Think positive and focus on what can be done practically. As you are having all the proofs you need not panic. Fight the case with the merits. Good luck.

Originally posted by : Krishnaya vasudevaya

I am from a middle class family and don't have money to fight cases and pay maintenance. I have to pay many loans and take care of parents too. 

Then why did you marry?   If you had so many responsibilities, you should have not gotten married.  You appear to have married at the wishes of your parents or keeping with age old trend, now son has got job, lets get him married.  Did we not get married that way.  Marry marry.  

Getting married is no joke, its a huge decision, during these times, its a very costly affair, you have to not just keep in mind the expenses you incur after getting married, but also have to calculate, lawyers fees, alimony, lumpsum alimony just in case if you both cant adjust and wife demands huge alimony as one time settlement, all that you have to keep in mind and then calculate how much the actual marriage will cost.

Marriage = marriage expenses + after marriage daily expenses +lawyer fees + alimony 1/3rd of take home income +/ one shot alimony + tensions in the family, you loosing job out of tension of court cases.  All these have to be calculated, as women dont have patience these days, patience of women are wafer thin and have attitude worth FORT KNOX.

As you dont have much sources to fight cases in court, better adjust with wife, bring her back and become biwi ka ghulam, just learn to say ok, ok ok ok, to whatever she and her parents tell you.  You will not only save money, but also time, and energy.  Think about it.  You are a weak person, you wont be able to handle 498a, DV, 125 crpc cases, you will also have to face arrest if your wife files criminal cases on you, not just you but also your parents.

My advice is, better co-operate with wife and kiss and make up with wife.  Little you will have to adjust but most of it, others will be spared from endless headache. 

All the family laws in our country is anti-men. The weaker s*x get all the benefits and we men has to suffer from the start to the end. 


You seem to be a responsible person. You are concerned about your EMI payments. But you should be more worried about your parents. They need to be taken care of in their golden years. You life did not begin when you got married. Hold on for a year. After one year you will smile at the foolish thought that is going thru your mind right now. The Legal circus is going to last anywhere between 7 to 8 years in contested cases. You will come out stronger and a more aware person provided u have the fighting spirit. What can the courts, law enforcement & wife take from you??? your property ?? your freedom ?? But they cannot take the fighting spirit in you, which will prevail at the end. Your parents will support you. Your relatives who may keep a distance right know (because they are more confused than you are and don't know how to react to the present state of affairs in your home), will also support you. Others will also support you in your fight.




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