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laxmipriya   16 January 2015

498a closed-husband cheated

My husband and I  have some family issues.One angry day, I left the matrimonony house.but later(after 1 month) I realized and  tried to rejoin with him,
but could not.I tried several times and waited for 5 months. no use.
So I filed 498a and DVC on him only. But not on his family. when case is in trail stage,
He told me that he is ready to take back. So, I  withdrew DVC and I gave a compromising statment(with no harassament happend) to Judge.
So, Judge dismissed 498a also (he got acquittal orders) one month back. Now, I am seeing true colors of him. his mobile is switched off
 and his parents are not allowed to me.Dont know where he is. I found his office address but he resigned there 10 days back.
My parents are scolding me. My brother got angry and threw me out of the house.

 I understand that, he is not interested to rejoin with me. I dont want to give divorce. I need my life back.
I am a software engineer. I dont want to waste time with these cases again.

1.What I need to do?
2. My lawyer is asking me to file 498a again with 420 (cheating me with false promise). Is it possible or not?Is it the good option?


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adv.raghavan (Advocate,9444674980)     16 January 2015

If you are willing to join him file RCR, filling once again  498A will be counter productive and  it leads to divorce only. If you are really tired of his activities file Divorce.

srk (Service)     17 January 2015


You have chose the wrong path, as learned Adv Raghanvan has spoken, if you were really interested in joining him you should have filed RCR, you tried to take control of your husband by filing all false cases 498a and DVC, someone suggested you may be its your family or lawyer, now you are facing the consequences, what do you think of a marriage, "One angry day, I left the matrimony house.but later(after 1 month) I realized and  tried to rejoin with him". almost all every couple will fight but that doesnt mean that you leave and come back whenever want.

even if he takes you back, what is guarantee that you will not leave him again and file 498a and DVC? do you think men are at your disposal, leave when ever you want, comeback when ever you want, file false cases and withdraw at your convenience. people like you should be punished and your husband is doing the same, by staying away from you. if i was in his shoe i would have the same thing tay away from evil. such a great family you have brother kicks you out of the house and father scolds you even after making you file false case. congratulation on breaking your own home and losing your husband. 


rebellion (fighting against bias law)     18 January 2015

RCR is best option ... dont go with cunning lawyers advice ...there are good lawyers too they will guide u properly . If you again going with same 498a and bala bala it will counted as revange and  there will be no force in that ... drop u r ego and try to settle it with true harmony ... u will get back what u  deserve for .. 

laxmipriya   19 January 2015

He cheated me and I got divorce notice . so, I want to file 498a again on him and on his family also now.

He will definetly will come back to me now. I have tried RCR before  but that didnt work.

Please tell me how strong the 498a in second time? (as I already told to Judge  in first 498a case  "we compromised and harasment didnt happen in my matrimony house")?

and the first 498a has been dismissed in december, 2014 only.  Shall I file 498a immediately(in a month) on him. ?

saravanan s (legal advisor)     19 January 2015

I have tried RCR before  but that didnt work. what do you mean by this statement.can you please elaborate

laxmipriya   20 January 2015

@Saravanan . S Sir,

I have filed first 498a after that RCR. My husband didn't take RCR summons for 3 months and its dragged for 1 year. mean while we compromised in 498a. So I withdraw all cases. My lawyers said that, RCR is waste after filing 498a. even If I file again that will drag for 1 year. its time waste.

498avictimaustralia (Student)     22 January 2015

Second 498A won't give you any fruitful results. You have done all wrong but want your in-laws and husband to suffer. What a great human being you are! It is better to settle the matter amicably and move on with your life.

Your lawyer may say this and that but at the end, it is not his problem, all yours. So think calmly and decide what is good for your future. Surely he will be acquitted as he and his family members are innocent. Later he can take the revenge on you for everything.

498 A fighter (Advocate)     23 January 2015

No way to file any case , now your matrimonial life is almost finished upto 98% what do you thing filing of false case will fulful your moto?

you sent your husband in jail/custody. ruin the respect of your in laws in society and again you want him to join surely he come to compromise to end the cases now he is free form all the case so he is not replying you?

it is good for you both that the case ended now go for mutual divorce,

almost your husband may have planned so he did not filed any counter case he is waiting for your reply or to file for divorce form your side.

he may be in live in relation ship or may be engaged and thing that you also do the this marriage and this relation is finished so better start your new life sooon by ending all the cases you are earning lady , so no maintainance, form huaband side.................dont expect it too. best of luck.

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