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Manish Udar (www.Mehnat.IN)     11 April 2013

interesting post.

Puneet (Victim)     11 April 2013

The 498a Wedding Gift Facebook page is no more accessible which clearly shows how media is trying to hide the truth from people.


SaveIndianfamily foundation website was hacked and was down for almost a month.

The media is heavily paid by feminist groups to supress reporting the gender biased laws.I hope this movie will be allowed to be released in theaters.

No doubt its doing to be a Big success.The release date is in July 2013

Gaurav (consultant)     11 April 2013

Hi Puneet,

What made you say that release date is july'13?

Nowhere it has been mentioned?

I am also following this movie since long.

Puneet (Victim)     12 April 2013

Please check the Wikipedia for 498 Wedding Gift which was modified on 11 Apr 2013

"The media reported that the film would be released in July 2013"

Also Illyasi saab has released the trailer for the movie.


I am sure lots of Lawyers are already worried as after the release of this movie they fear to loose the income which they earn misusing the law 498a

radhika (housewife)     12 April 2013

. I understand some of the gals are filing false cases, but it doesn't mean tht all girls are culprit... if we give hipe to this then the Boys/husband and his family will take advantage of this .... i mean like this the innocent and genuine girls/wives will be trapped  and will not get justice at all, no one wil believe them... , as it will give confidence in the boys and his family tht nothing can happen to them.  And they will continue ill treating the gal or torture them for the dowry or for another thing...

I appreciate tht the Supreme Court has order, if filing for a 498(a), it goes to the mediation first.. and all the truth can come out....and  the court can give an appropriate order.. 

.... and i m one of them the suffer... my in-laws have already  planned to get their son re-marry, becuse he is an engineer  and an MBA and the rate of an engineer + MBA boy is high ... and my parents failed to full fill their demands.....  anyways.... i dont know wht will happen to my case.... and i know it will take years,..... Yes, i m waiting for  the justice.... but i believe in god and waiting for his justice... and God will punish them for sure......


Gaurav (consultant)     12 April 2013


you are able to see only one side of coin.

There are thousands of men who are falsly accused for false cases by women.

98% cases are termed false or settled through money.

Such gender biased laws (i.e. 498a/DV/rape/workplace harassement) are ruining trust of indian men on institution of marriage.

Soon all indian women will land up in a situation where they will be asked to go for contractual marriage/s*x. As no Indian men who has a slightest of clue what HMA is and how it can ruin his life will never opt for marrrying an Indian girl.

Gaurav (consultant)     12 April 2013

And regarding your statement that you are waiting for justice..............Being a woman, atleast you can wait for justice as you have option to file numerous cases on husband but think once of a husband who cannot take any action against his wife even after having several proofs of her misdeeds?

No law is supporting men.

Puneet (Victim)     12 April 2013

Radhika you have mentioned that your parents failed to fullfill the demands so you are accepting that your parents gave dowry which itself a crime.I would like to ask you why you wanted to get married to someone who asked dowry you could have waited or remained unmarried whole life but you did not and now after making the mistake you are blaming others for your mistake.


Those who take and give dowry both should be punished and i totally agree with this and i would say give them life imprisonment but only after investigation and when there is proof.Now talking about the mediation center what is this exactly its only a place for bargain.Please tell me if someone commits a crime then whats the purpose of mediation when the crime has already been committed? In mediation center the couples are told either live together otherwise pay money and nothing more.


Indian women living in rural villages are still suffering dowry harrasment and still being burned and this law is not any help whereas this law is heavily being misused by urban women and i would say lawyers,police and Women NGOs are fully responsible for this because they get a heavy share from extortion money.

radhika (housewife)     12 April 2013

Puneet, i do agree with you tht i should have remained single or i would have waited for a better person. I m sure you must have come across many strangers in your life and some of them might hve became ur close or distant friend, also in your life someone might have betrayed u or try to harm you tht could be ur friend... so for tht do u blame urself ??? ....   no person in this world shows his/her true character ...you said ...“Better person/Better life partner” do they come with a Guarantee Card or they come with some speical tag?????  “its Gamble, be it love or arrange marriage”   even in love marriages, knowing the person for years and years and after marriage or when they start living under one roof... then u get to know th person wellll....


.... once the prey is trapped then the prey(wife) has not option to obey them(in-laws/husband) to dance on their tunes.. so by this boys family take advantage ..thinking tht once the marriage is done, no option left for the gal and for gals family to dance on their tunes...and no parents wants to see their daughter suffering or their daughter to be deserted, so they try to keep their daughter’s post family happy by every means…  " and if the demand increases yr by yr then whose at fault.."

Becuse they dont want to see 20 fingers pointing and asking why ur daughter been deserted by her husband/in-laws ... i mean u know how Indian society is.... Also, no educated woman wants to spoil her life / married life ....  and i do agree with you tht giving dowy is also a crime... but no parents wants to see their daughter suffering and her marriage breaks up... parents do it, so the daughter can live peacefully in her matrimonial house…..

Puneet .. .. It’s a debate …. There is no end of this discussion ……..so..  J Keep living every day thinking its a fate and have to bare it ….

radhika (housewife)     12 April 2013

Gaurav... yes ,.,., u right.... there should be contractual marriage ... tht too should not happen so lavishly ...it should be simple just like court marriages.... because in marriage whatever amount u spend... while for fight divorce... its takes double or triple the amount tht one spends on the marriage....

I would say, law should be passed for the contractual marriage.... so there should not be give and take rituals neither at the time of marriage  nor at the time of divorce / separation..... right????


Gaurav (Agent)     12 April 2013

Bro... Contract marriage is possible in india...???? Trailer dekh liya ab mujhe shaadi nahi karni

Kiran (manager)     12 April 2013

Aab saab ran... or chi... ki poll khol jayengi. 

Kiran (manager)     12 April 2013

Dirty womens has made this  their family profession. When their illegimate relationship gets disclose to husband, 498a and DV is the only weapons dirty womens has. Pros.... are better then this dirty women atleast they are earning on their own. 

Reformist !!! (Other)     12 April 2013

@Radhika- U said no educted woman wants to spoil their life.

Do u know most 498a hit victims are IT or MNC Professionals. All of them are tagged as criminals for no fault of theirs because they were unable to dance to their wives and her family tunes.....

I have seen umpteen no of ppl who did marriage in court/with 5-6 ppl as baraat and taken or exchanged nothing except rings and are still facing dowry cases.

I am one of them....... So pls dont term that no educated woman wants to spoil their life.

I have seen now girls are marrying again and again filing 498a with a new hubby and now they are just habitual of filing 498a like every damn person crossing the road is asking dowry from her. What a pity 


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