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Sanjeev (Lawyer)     14 October 2011

498 wives & Karvachauth

Any guesses what 498A wifes do on Karvachauth as neither they are married nor unmarried


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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     14 October 2011

They apply mehendi.So their hands look beautiful and they don't have to fast also.Plus they get so many discounts in beauty parlours,in jewellery and cosmetic stores too.


Multiple benefits..

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Aishwarya (Teacher)     14 October 2011

one can just imagine what he/ she does on days like these..anniversary, birthday, karvachauth and other festivals to be or not to be or pain its a choice how u make of it..

better not to think wht the other does best is u enjoy tht day to maxxxx...

Sanjeev (Lawyer)     14 October 2011

To add further How do 498A husbands feel on Karvachauth- do seeing the markets flooded with people shopping for Karvachauth and seeing all the ladies dressed up for Karvachauth does that remind them of the old days when there relations were good as other couples and remind them of the day when their wife would have kept a fast for their long life. There would be some unfortunate ones also on this site who would not have seen any karvachauth as it would have not come and their marriage would have lasted before the first one.

This post is not against any wifes or husbands but just to have a general view of how they feel after breakup and litigation and seeing the happy couples preparing for the festival and the upcoming festival season as there is likely to be not a good time for both sides even the wifes though legally on the upper hand but socially do suffer.

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     15 October 2011

yes u r right.


my previous statement was on a lighter note.


i never kept karwachauth vrath during my married life,as i had an intercaste marriage and in my husband's community,they don't follow this tradition.this was conveyed by my MIL STRICTLY,even though my hubby wanted me to keep it for him.But finally he followed his mum's word,as he's a mama's boy.


yes i do feel pained to see all women decorating themselves on tis occassion,while i have nothing to do.



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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     15 October 2011


Originally posted by :Sanjeev
" Any guesses what 498A wifes do on Karvachauth as neither they are married nor unmarried "

Their stage is called NEWTONS THIRD LAW OF MOTION or simply it is a SUSPENDED STAGE!

Well what a metro wife does is that she / they crashes to Legal Forums as in their generic society they can't tell about their 'suspended stage' (i.e. neither here nor there) so Legal Forums cushions as their SIEVE for SOM round the year why only on chauth the ? arise......

 Reminds me  "which is the greater barrier to women's liberation: religion or the market."
Reasoning: Just yesterday Majlis champion feminists Flavia Agnes celebrated owning ex husband's surname post divorce as Women’s RIGHTS under Art. 21 of COI as reported by our Snow White writer here in LCI; well not so distant yesterday her co-worker Madhusree Dutta and Neera Adarkar in 1996 said the above quote which is anti thesis of the same Organisation which champions Women's Empowerment along with Madhu Kishtwar and it baffles all as histrionics to we the Male Rights Activists …...... J 


Rohit Shukla (Engineer)     15 October 2011

@ All of you,

This post hold's no legal legal/strategic importance but still could not resist to post my views opinion on the same. So here it goes.

I feel anyone (either of the spouse) who has been honest to the their relationship would always feel sad on such occassions (including karwa chauth). Festivals are just not festivals, they are a way to share happiness TOGETHER. And when this togetherness is mising, how could you celebrate or enjoy that?

Jst my personal thought



cm jain sir (ccc)     15 October 2011

Its highly unfortunate for the couple to go for divorce. Actually the legal system is responsible for these divorce. Its a painful feeling for husband specially becoz he thinks that after struggling for his carrier he thinks that the enjoyyment period will start after marriage but due to this sensitive advance social setup the hope of enjoying life goes in vain. I can also feel the pain of divorced wives. The present  legal system is all responsible for it. Its all momentary disputes between husband and wives but their relatives flare up the issues in most of the cases. The relatives interference in personal life of husband wife shall be controlled. If one of the partener does not understand that it is not good for their future then divorce takes place. Its not only karwa chouth whenever i see a happy couple on the road i just weeps out that why God has created this unbearable pain for me and i dont think that my wife will not be doing this.My request is that If any person is on the verge of divorce then he or she should think 1000 times to  avoid it the relatives should help in positive direction. they should not bring their personal ego in between husband and wife. false or true 498/a will give a punishment ok but what about the future  life. Before 15-20 years how many divorce cases were there just compare the statstics with present one. It is definetely not good for our society friends.

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cm jain sir (ccc)     15 October 2011

I have compared the two answers posted by Roshni mam and I could not stop myself to post my feelings.

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     15 October 2011

@ Rohit


Yes you are right.


Not just Karwa Chauth,a person who's been sincere in his relationship feels sad and lonely on any festival.The markets are all decorated and buzzing with married partners buying stuff for their homes,while a separated person can only crave for this companionship.It is depressing.


Even if this is not a legal post,let's still appreciate the author for initiating this discussion,for he's only sharing his feelings with us..After all he is an old member here.So he's like a family member of this forum and has every right to share his life with us..

Nadeem Qureshi (Advocate/     15 October 2011

498 A wife want to live long harassment of her crual husband

Sanjeev (Lawyer)     15 October 2011

This is just a post to know the personal feelings and state of both the husbands and wifes. we do discuss the legal problems faced by both the gendres in facing Divorce/498A/125/DV.

The husbands think that they are on the receiving end and wifes feel that there is nothing wrong in filing cases as they have been exploited. No one feels that they have done any wrong and are at the receiving end. So just a post for both sides to express their side only on the personal front about their feelings.

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     15 October 2011

@ Only false


Why do you always spoil harmonious forum discussions?


Here people are discussing their feelings on this day,not doing any mud slinging.I request you to kindly avoid such words in this thread.



Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     15 October 2011

Wait a minute - How does it matter? 


Whether she does anything or not.


I don't care, what my lovely 498-a wife does or does not do on this or any other day. You think bout her means you are living with her.


A chapter closed for once should be closed forever.


Roshini B, I can empathize with you, but get out of these feelings




Shonee Kapoor

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JAYESH (Sr. Executive HR.)     15 October 2011

Dear All members,

After go through this form and reading few of the feelings I also feel that I should also write down my feelings. Every day and on each special days like birthday, anniversary, festivals I do miss my beloved wife. Recently we had a divorce in last August-2011. But we had a talk on phone in that my wife had admitted that she miss me in navratra as we use to dance together for a long time. I also miss my wife & daughter when I see couples & their child dancing together. Like wise we both miss each other on many instances. My wife want to come back but she had put many hard condition before me. Also my wife wants more time to think over it. I’m just praying to my God for all well beings & I’m waiting for my wife & daughter to come back soon. I miss my beloved wife & daughter a lot. Many times when I’m alone I had cried in their remembrance. Many things happens to me but I had a strong believes in my great GOD that my wife & daughter will come back soon & we will have wonderful life again. LOVE, LITGHT & PRAYERS…

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