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Indrajit (Engineer)     18 May 2012

Wife gets half of residential property !!!!

News on 17th May'12 :-   "Sources said under the changes approved, the residential property would have to be equally shared even if it has been acquired by either partner before the marriage."

How justified is that ?  These Govt. along with the Women's Organisations are making marriage a profitable "DHANDA"  !!!  Now a lady has to get divorced 2 times to acquire a FULL property !!!

What happens if the divorced wife marries again ? Now the women's organisations are ready to drive the last nail in the men's coffin !


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Indrajit (Engineer)     18 May 2012

The other change approved in the legislation allows a couple to end marriage in six months period if both agree the breakdown is irretrievable. Earlier, this could happen even if one partner wanted to end the marriage.  ..... 17, May'12.

Raja (Software Engineer)     18 May 2012

Will this law be applied retrospectively?  For example, the property might be owned by the husband and if he sold /transferred the property a year back , will that also be incuded, if the divorce is still pending?  At the time, the divorce is granted, the property will not be in Husband's name?  What will happen to this property?

Indrajit (Engineer)     18 May 2012

Mr. Raja,  my position is also similar to you. These approval by Cabinet was just done yesterday. How it will take final shape I dont know.

If some experts clears your queries, it will also help me.

Vishwa (translator)     18 May 2012

By going through a succession of marriages and divorces, unscrupulous and scheming women can become immensely rich. Such laws can lead to catastrophic results if there are no adequate checks against misuse. This is where prenuptial contracts become necessary. Obviously, our lawmakers do not know how to make laws - being notorious lawbreakers themselves.

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Alok Tholiya (self employed)     18 May 2012

Whether man and their family are notorius or otherwise can be known with expirience. Mr Vishwa pl. share ur email id and I will give u my story and may be u will change ur stand. 

There r many man who r impotent, greedy, having deep relations with other women and yet marry a innocent girl and ruin her life for the sake of samaj, lust, greed. 

All such notorious will have to think before entering in to a non committed marriages. 

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N K Jain (.Asso. prof. Mathematics)     18 May 2012

This new law of properity will creat problem.Our law markers seemed to be female biased.The glorious example is 498a which is being used for huge money exhortion from software engineers and resulted into suicides of young men and murders of women.

sri (ceo)     18 May 2012

this will start a revolution...

husbands start doing all things to protect their wealth...

wives will refuse to cook sleep or do anything until 50% is given...


no tension... abhie bill hi hai... like womens bill ye pass nahi hoga re baba...

be sai baba...

R K........ (Analyst)     18 May 2012

This is shameful step

Suppose if husband has saved Rs. 10 Lack by working hardly for 5-6 years.. and he takes loan of another 30 lakhs and buys a flat.. Then does it means that her wife is entitleled to 20 lakhs and he will keep paying the loan throughout his life


Sameful step.. I am today ashamed to be a part of India

Never Give Up (Fighter)     18 May 2012

Buy property on name of near relatives and stay on rent on that property ... (You see what i am trying to convey ? )


Other option could be

To sell off property on your name and enjoy staying in rented place...

Amit (NA)     18 May 2012

This is deadly and can be grossly misused.

When will this come into effect? Will it affect the existing divorce cases or it it applicable to new cases only?

Will this apply to annullment too?

Does any one have text of the amendment?

bhima balla (none)     18 May 2012

Prenups are untested waters unfortunately. Only solution- do not get married. Do not have children.

The result will be turmoil in society. It will be very very  very bad for the country. There is only so much men can put up with.

Amit (NA)     18 May 2012

Also wanted to ask: what if the husband sells the property while the divorce case is running?

bhima balla (none)     18 May 2012

Rather than thinking of taking /finding escape routes. Men should think of preventing passage of such laws.

1) The problem is-law says children needs to be with mother. Then to raise those children they want to take huge chunk of maintenance and property. Why not let the husband do both? There is no evidence that mother is a better parent. It is only an assumption.

2) The assumption that wife has contributed equally in accumulating property, in Indian context, is absolutely a strech of imagination. Unless she can prove it, it should not be so! The facts are only to be ascertained by the courts.

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Amit (NA)     18 May 2012

I agree Bhim balla that marriage is now a very risky thing for men. And even if married, children are even more trouble.

But let's think about those who are already married and of those who are running in courts for separation.

Yes, we should stop from making these laws. But see even after supreme court criticized 498A, it's still there. So let's try to tackle the problem at hand i.e., how can men be safe from all these crazy laws.


I'm thinking going forward, there are three solutions for wanna-be husband: (1) live-in relationship (2) marry some village girl or some meek uneducated girl (3) marry under islamic law.


But anyways, I for one want to concentrate more on the impact on the current husbands. So experts please comment on the impact of this amendment on (1) currently running divorce cases (2) on annullment cases (3) selling the property while the case is running (4) the properties which are sold before going to court.

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