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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     20 December 2012

Why dont young indian gals protest vulgarity by actresses?

this refers to the recent rape incident in delhi where the girl was travelling with her BF in a bus and got gangraped.


although i condemn this incident,i will also add that to a large extent,we gals too are responsible for provoking such rapists.


we women  enjoy sheela ki jawaani,chumma chumma dede songs and dance merrily to their tunes in weddings and parties.this is  to prove how modern and cool we are!

interestingly, wen we hear another male eve teaser whistling this very tune to tease us,we feel disrespected and want strict action against him.


why havent we protested against indecent exposure of females in these films which excite the indian males who then wana vent out their s*xual frustration on a hapless female?


unless indian females start respecting themselves,they cannot expect respect from any males..


what is your take on this?


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Mohammed Rizwan Shaikh (AM)     21 December 2012

Well said.......Roshni.......I am with you...

Rizwan Shaikh



I feel little bit confused in interpreting your message in a right way, as being a male, Should I feel happy or sad about your views.

But I am not a male chauvinist. I believe in justifiable treatment of human being regardless of their gender.Thus here is my mixed views/Reaction -

1. I strongly feel that each and every girl/woman can enjoy any song they like or do any activity not denied by law.

2. I personally believe that "Teasing/commenting" is not a universal sticker which should be labelled invalid just because the action but rather it should be consider on the merit of  action/reaction. Teasing/commenting permissable limits varies person to person. One may take it as jokes if a comment/tease made/done aginst her/him, Others may take it otherwise when same comments/act is passed/done to him/her and even time/mood/place factor plays important role in exhibiting the reaction. Law againt commenting/teasing can only be applied Universally when the reaction is always same regardless of the time/mood/place, and various other factors.That's why I feel it's very difficult to make a blind implementation of law in such context.

3. I strongly oppose the use of force in obtainting the consent of the opposite party or robbing the other party of her property(property,here,means "Ijjat/Aabru") without the consent(grossly meant rape).Such person must be sent to gallows.

4. What I personally feel that indians lack the understanding of essence of limit of anything in order to follow the western culture while keeping themselves deprived of advancement in idea unknowingly/knowingly. If someone says(usually a person with political interest) "Mahilao apne adhikar ko chhin lo,agar yeh purush hame kamjor samajh ke na de" ,we start following the notion blindly.They minaciously bittering the divine human-gender relationship by using such statements,thus day by day widening "Gender Gap".But do thet ever make a statement like "Mahilao apne Kartavaya ka palan karo,tum ek maa ho,ek behan ho,ek beti ho,aur ek patni ho", that can work of ointment to the previously wounded divine gender-relations. Even all such "Samajik Sanganthan" have become "Business Sanganthan".

Points are numerous,but i want to brief it now.

"Time is ripe. Dare to call a black kettle black."

"United we stand,Divided we fall."


Note:-These idea is not intended to hurt the sentiments of any particular gender/nationality or whatsoever.

Sorry in advance for mistakes




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stanley (Freedom)     21 December 2012

I agree with the author  although we condem such incidents .

I have seen a big hue and cry being raised, protests being organised that Rape should be made non bailable etc . Should this be made than just as false 498 A cases are being filed many such false rape cases would be filed and it would be nothing but a misuse of law . Than these very protestors would start saying OMG i have been implicated in a false case of rape how do i get bail now . In the first place there should be a change in our system and these culprits who file false cases should be sevierly punished .

The walk of the talk by our politicians   is that permission had been given for fast track courts but it was not implemented ( indirectly pointing a finger at some one else and washing away their hands ). Take a illustration in DV cases itself ....Reliefs to be given within 60 days ......ROTFL does it ever happen we all know that a DV case takes 4-5 years arent we making a mockery of our own laws . With the no of false cases being filed even these fast track courts would be over burdened and cases would take again 4-5 years . .Jaya Bachchan breaks down in RS, calls Delhi gangrape 'shameful'An agitated and angry Jaya Bachchan broke down in the Rajya Sabha today and threatened to protest outside the house, while speaking on the merciless gangrape of a 23-year-old para-medical student who is now battling for her life in a government hospital.

My question is why didnt Jaya Bachan break down earlier when high profile persons raped poor females ??

A Comment from a person 

"In this Parliament, 163 members have cases of heinous offences against them. In this Parliament, rapists are sitting, murderers and looters are sitting." said some one ...Can you really expect any thing from those who field Raja Bhayyia & protect Ruchika molester DGP Rathod ? These are all crocodile tears & our "presstitute like " paid & tame media is a willing accomplice in this TRP cashing in exercise

Now can a women rape a Man as below 

3 Ladies Raped a Man to Unconscious State in Zamfara.

**he was arranging for preaching session for women during the Ramadan period.
**he was lured into a corner of the Women’s Centre
**they took him in turn until poor he fell unconscious.

Many bizarre stories come out of Nigeria these days, but the one that came out of Gusau, Zamfara State this weekend will surely rank as a world-beater. According to newspaper reports, three women were arraigned before a Higher Shari’a Court in Gusau for allegedly raping a 20 year old man. The man, Abdulrahman Sulaiman, was a Man-O-War volunteer who went to the Women Multi-Purpose Center in Gusau to help organize a preaching session organized by the state’s Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs for women during the holy month of Ramadan.

According to the police prosecutors three women, Hannatu Ibrahim [23], Wosila Hassan [20] and Rukayya Hassan [21] conspired among themselves and serially raped Abdulrahman until he lost consciousness! How did this happen? The prosecutors said they lured him into a corner of the Women’s Centre, where they “forced” him to have s*x with them in turn until poor Abdulrahman fell unconscious. It was said that he was rushed to hospital, where he was resuscitated. The three women have now been remanded in prison custody until Monday next week, when witnesses will be called to the court to testify against them.

I suspect that half of Gusau town will turn up in court on that day to hear the evidence against the three “conspirators.” If the three women and the man in question actually did what they were alleged to have done 1] at a preaching session 2] during the month of Ramadan 3] when the centre was brimming with other women and children, then it will be a new low in religious morality in this part of the world.

The evidence will however be very interesting and it may force this country’s lawyers and jurists to have to rewrite the law on rape. Some years ago, I heard a senior lawyer say on television that the law on rape as it stands today does not envisage a woman raping a man, unless if he is a minor who is seduced by a much older woman. Otherwise, the lawyer said, “a woman cannot really rape a man because it requires his willing cooperation” to effect the act.

It will be interesting to see if the witnesses will say Abdulrahman shouted for help while he was being raped. Or what the three women used to force his cooperation, a gun or a knife, for instance. Anatomically speaking, while a man can successfully rape a woman who is not cooperating but who goes limp at gunpoint, the same can hardly be said of the reverse case. A man who has a gun or a knife pointed at him and goes limp cannot be successfully raped!

My only fear with this story is that many men in Gusau and around this Nigeria will wistfully wish that they were the ones that were raped. Mark you, the three alleged “conspirators” are young women hardly out of teen ages. They will find many willing takers in Gusau and elsewhere in Nigeria without resorting to any force! In fact, if someone were to call for male volunteers to be raped, in this Nigeria, the queues will be longer than the men who lined up at the Hisbah Office in Kano to marry widows and divorcees! - daily trust.

If the case is so than should rape be made gender Neutral 

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Msk-need -nuetral- laws (self)     21 December 2012

@ stanley

My question is why didnt Jaya Bachan break down earlier when high profile persons raped poor females ??

( :-)..

rajiv_lodha (zz)     21 December 2012

I agree with author. Raise 2 points:

1) Her male partner is brutally tortured too, he is lying b/w life n death. Why is anybody not shouting equally for him. Does being a male not deserve social movement. His life & limb is also damaged out of no fault of him.

2) Whenever some sensible person talks that girls shud restain themselves from skimpy clothes, late night-outs etc......all the pseudo-faminists run after him/her about 2 take his life.......perform slut walk n so on!

Whats wrong in this advice dear. We have to accept the reality. We live in an overpopulated country where socioeconomic standards are not high, law & order in general is non-existant, politicians/VIPs are treated above law.......tehn why mimic westren countries where nobody can even dare to look on a lady for long while she enjoys sun-bath on beach side. Reason is simple, law is very very strict & equal for all in those countries.

till we reach their standard, we shud put an end to adventures 2 some extent. it really helps if females behave in a conservative way at least 2 some point.

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Samuel (CEO)     21 December 2012

YES, This is highly condemned act that had happened in our capital!


In other side, around my home town, I have seen in daily news many such poor rape victims been raped and duck taped.


Neither Sonia Gandhi visited in person nor Jaya Bachan voiced out “ I am ashamed being helpless” or at least a protest!


Just because high profile virgin brutality speak more volume?

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zimmerzapper (student)     22 December 2012

The whole problem is how the society conditions males and females from a young age, to get to the root cause of the problem, the question to be asked here is why don't we see similar crimes from females on males. It is clearly not because females are morally superior to males, it is because society at various levels tempers and retards female's desires, at the same time some males desires are brutally crushed which come out in these types of incidents. If objectification and commodification of females are the cause of this, why don't females as a group objectify and commodify males so that males refrain from being assertive.

rajiv_lodha (zz)     22 December 2012

Media+ pseudo faminists do not care about hundreds of more henious rapes happening day in & day out. See minor girls as young as 3yrs raped yesterday:


12yrs minor girl & so on....... (all in this month, very few 2 mention):

Why media & whole army of activists are not so vacal about these downtrodden victims?

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wasim ahmed khan Advocate (lawyer)     22 December 2012

The horrible incident of gang rape of a girl in a Delhi bus is indeed a shame on our society.Though the above incident has drawn severe outrage and protests from various quarters, the said incident will slowly pale into insignificance and the above case will be treated as any other rape case. Hence in order to deter such criminals we must make stringent laws with minimum life imprisonment to gang rape accused and murderers. Likewise the Government must ban all scenes relating to gangrape,  indecent exposures and obscenity and vulgarity in the movies  which otherwise corrupt the minds of some youth and men. In otherwords women should be projected in a decent and respected manner and deterrent punishments must be shown if they commit such incidents against women. Hence i concur with the author  on this aspect.

Ranee....... (NA)     22 December 2012

a girl is taught from childhood to be careful to not to be raped..butw same parents never teach their son "respect a lady or DONT RAPE!"

Msk-need -nuetral- laws (self)     23 December 2012

@ All,

My strong condemnation to heinous incident and prayers for speedy recovery to the family from such damage.

There are three aspects to such issues.

1) Socio - cultural fcators: The so called assumed fake devoloped nation characters that has ever India started assuming since post economic liberation in 1991, made just fake growth. You can see movies showing colourful pictures, especially bollywood craps. Here there is huge amount of sections, left behind the growth ( consider in capital city any one who earns more than Rs 600 is assumed to be above BPL, heck, BPL is defined based on consumation of Calories of food, wonder one, with Rs 600 how much calories of food  can avail).In the left out group, few seeing high colored life of few get drowned and seek vengence. Such people seeing modern women has no hesitation in teasing them, and in worst condition, commiting such heinous crimes. So not just rapes, overall crime rate of India has increased manifolds since 1991.This factor includes few couples behaviour in public, and their dressing and attitude towards common people. This is why when autowala sees modern dressed people asks teh double the fare and asks only a reasonable amount to common people.

2) Inefficiency of adminstrative and judiciary:  with people of more than one billion, lackadasical adminstrative bodies, and snail paced judiciary made people have highest disregard for law. One can even think, even after murder, punishment will be made after 15 years. So in such duration, possibilty of acquittal is more. So misadventure attitude multiplied

3) Increased lack of moral values: The entrusted freedom has been viewed as anyone can do anything attitude.and you ask people are ready to do anything for money nowadays, so no moral conscience values have been core of teh socitey.

hence it is a comples socio- dyanamic factors that need to be tackled , not simple as one think by stringent law alone can be curbed nor enhancing self awareness of asafety factors will bring down. However as adviced by many securing self and being careful will decrease such incidents.

opinion with regards


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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     23 December 2012

the main point i am trying to raise is :why young modern metro women wholeheartedly enjoy vulgar songs like shiela ki jawani,munni badnaam hui,etc which portray women as s*x objects?...but raise objections when an eve teaser or rapist teases them while whistling these very songs?they shud enjoy an eve teaser's gestures as well...


all the parties where young gals dance to these songs are attened by young guys too.dont they get the idea that females have no issues being portrayed as s*x objects in movies.therefore they merrily dance to the beats of vulgar songs.


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zimmerzapper (student)     23 December 2012

Originally posted by : Roshni B..
the main point i am trying to raise is :why young modern metro women wholeheartedly enjoy vulgar songs like shiela ki jawani,munni badnaam hui,etc which portray women as s*x objects?...but raise objections when an eve teaser or rapist teases them while whistling these very songs?they shud enjoy an eve teaser's gestures as well...

all the parties where young gals dance to these songs are attened by young guys too.dont they get the idea that females have no issues being portrayed as s*x objects in movies.therefore they merrily dance to the beats of vulgar songs.


Why don't you offer a theory

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I  pray to  God to enfolds the girl during the difficult times and  helps us to heal with the passage of time.

is the male genders are having any thing like Madhar Sangam. ? Who all are supporting the above delhi Rape. Please read this below article.everywhere it favors only for womens not for gents

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