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Aaditya   26 July 2015

What should i do if newley married wife threaten me for fake

Hello Experts,

My maariage was arranged at Apr-2015.We have five members in my family including my wife.I am a software engineer and my wife is a housewife.Before my marriage I have shared my wife that I have a joint fammily and we (my father,.other and an younger brother) are satteled in city.She had told me that she will manage familly.

We have maide for house work.After 7 days of  marriage her mother father came to take her for one month as social rule.After this time I get her back.

After comming back my wife has started to create the meaningless disputes in family without telling someone even me that what is the reason and compalins her mother father for all the things .I analayse that my wife assumes wrong meanings of talk of my familly even of mine also.I dont know she did this in presense of mind or in any planning.

We have a maid to all house work excluding the food cooking. My wife cook food for my familly but excluding this task she dont care my fammily like to ask food my parents timly.Once my maid had some physical problem so applied for leave for one week.

During this week my wife had to do the house work.During this week she did meaning less things but I had asked my mother that no body will object her yet for this month.I thought She needs some time to adjust herself in my familly and after some time she will understand that she is doing wrong.

After marriage she alway threaten me that she will complain her mother for meaningless things for which she should manage.

And now withing 7 days of keeping the house work first time she called her fammily and they came at my house and asked us why you give the tension to our dauther.My mother in law is short temper and  has saperated her newly marriad son and his wife within 3 months of marriage.And now she wants like this in my family so my mother in law enforcing my wife to create some major issues so that they could demands to saperate me and my wife from my family.

My wife has already threaten me for fake police case indirectly so many time.She did not respact my mother and  father. Sometimes in anger she did not respact me also.She always argued me and my mother for her things.She did all the things as she wants but in fammily boundary.But one day she had shouted me and call all my neighbours and threaten me for fake things.

After this I forcelly said her fammily to take her for their house.Now she is staying with her family from last month.During this month her father and my wife tries to blame me and my fammily upon all thing whice my wife had lied them.

During these time I have tried to make understand her but she shouting me over phone whenever we talk and blaming my mother for fake things.I am not favouring my mother yet I analyse it that my wife speaks lie and changes her statement frequently.

Now she had given me a threaten sms "You see what will happened with you and your familly within four days". And her fammily also told me and my father to come their house with some people (I think they wants panchayat).

My wife has already told me that she has not any problem with me but she has problem with my mother and she wants to live saperate with me.I had tried to explian her that this is wrong and I could not do this because I have some responsibility for my familly.And she has told me that you manage but I want saperation.Now she always threaten me for fake case.

What should I do.I dont want to give any leagal trouble to my familly and do not wants to stay more with my wife because during this 1 month she did not realize her mistakes and she speaks lie so many time with me even for our mutual facts which were held between me and my wife.She does not care for anything and even she has started to allegate me that I have extra marital affair.


Please help I am feeling that once she will come back in my familly she will create any serious fake allegation to my familly for any leagal step.


Thank You.



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Abhu (Employee)     26 July 2015

Hello Aditya wife has very strong legal rights over your property and financial. First and foremost transfer your living house to someone else name or sell it off as she can get court order for access which will make you and your parents homeless. After that file NC under IPC say she threatened with dire consequences. Hire private detective to a. Find about her illicit affairs which can be reason for her behaviour b. Get all her degrees employment earning capabilities Manage police station near your house to inform you incase IPC 498A gets registered so you can apply anticipatory bail. Although SC has ordered no automatic arrests, police still arrest to extract money so better manage before hand. All the best. Tc

Aaditya   26 July 2015

Hi Abhu,

Thanx for reply.I have no any property at my name.My house is at my parents name.Now they can harm my parents? and could I demand Polygraphy test legaly?


Thank You

Abhu (Employee)     26 July 2015

Since it's a matrimonial house, wife has right to given access even though it's your parents. Try to transfer it to your unmarried siblings or any relatives and make will to hand over back to your parents . A legal advisor can help you with this. Which city you are from I can be of help if you are based out of Pune.

Need Help   27 July 2015

There is no need to transfer parents owned house, wife has no legal right to claim on that property. Just that she has right to stay there.

Abhu (Employee)     27 July 2015

Once access is granted wife can do any sort of allegations like physical and upto s*xual assault by other males in the house. So the home is as good as gone. Better to transfer to some other name or sell it off.

sridher (system analyst)     31 July 2015

try to read parents can kick out their children  judgement

SuperHero (Manager)     31 July 2015

@Aaditya - 

Your Mother in Law who separated his Own Son and DIL within 3 months of marriage is a big red flag. 

This is common now a days. Two women can't stay under the same roof. 

So it is better you take separate accomodation near your current house, so no quarrel and your elderly parents gets some peace. Keep Visiting them and have the maid there.

Two things Women wants the Most.... S*X and Money... First is free and it is for both of you,,, have as much as you wantt...

Gone are those days of Joint families or Big families... Nuclear families rule the World. 

Aaditya   30 August 2015


Thank you to all of you to respond me.

As disscussed above.My wife speaks lie and she is telling lie again and agian.She allegate falsly my mother too much and now started blamming me for serious.As alst she thretning me for police infront of my neighbours.But at that time my neighbours persuade her that "it is wrong you shoul not do like this".My negibours favouring me because they knows my and my parents behaviour very well and littile bit know her bad behaviour also.

 After seeing this she got out of controll and thretning me for suicide.At this I had called her parents strictlly to take her immediate back.Her parents came by day after day.But they did not trust my wordings and favoured her(my wife).At last We have sent my wife with her parents for few days and they( my wife parents) assured me that they persuade her.

But after one week wife started thretning me and my mothers and her parents also.She did regularly missbehave with me and little bit her parents also.After raising issue on this missbehave amongs her parents do missbehave also, I have raised issue on it but they told me that this due to their culture(actually they belongs from hariyana)So I have left my wife from last 2 months at her parents home by assuming that her parents will persuade her.

But at the time spent I observed that her parents favour her because her mother tought her(my wife) for every wrong behaviour towards my family becase my mother in law wants sparation of me and my wife from my parents.

My wife and her mother had clearly said me that she did not wants to live with my mother more.My uncle try to persuade her but no affact.

She tried to put disputes between me and my uncle.She did this with my other relatives also.

She has blammed me with a stupid threat that I have tried to kill her at our honymoon.She said me this but I said her that you may speak lie again like previous as it is not chargable.But  my mother in law said me this stupid threat also.My wife talks me on phone by putting me on hands free among her parents.I have raised issue on it but no affact .Her parents teach her to talks sensless thing.

Her parents said me and my parents to come with our four relatives to talk.I thought they wants panchayat as they have indicated but they did not started any leagal step and in panchayat they are going to demand us for much money with her all gifted thing from her parents.

We are agree to give all gifted goods with money which are spent at marriage events like roka and tilak.We had no any type of demand.But It assumes they will charged us for too much money beyond her side marriage expense in panchayat.

What should I do,I have few audio recording of her miss behave with her parants also ,should I put all these recordings and my few neighbours among panchayat or not.

I though if I put these recording in panchayat It may happen that all these thing could be ignored as the panchayat members will belongs her village.

Please suggest me .

Thank You.

sridher (system analyst)     30 August 2015

Put panchayat in your home. Not in your in-laws house collect all evidences of her misbehavior and their demands don’t reveal any evidence to her relatives act too smart and cool in front of them after listening all their demands tell them that you need some time. Mean while through advocate send a notice to come back her and join with you. it is very use full to you in future in maintenance case. if she comes ok if not it is good for you. one more thing is your neighbor’s really helps you in court by giving evidence? arrange a meeting in your house and take some good steps like audio and video recording by keeping cctv cameras and some pen cameras in the room. that is the best evidence from which they can’t escape. at that time negotiate with their family for settle the matter with little bit amount then they will show their original face by demanding huge amount. by that you can prove that in court that they are trying to extort the money from you. it is a very good ground for punishing them or getting divorse or dissolving a marriage also. take every step carefully. find a good lawyer who can help you in this situation. Before sending any notice give a police complaint by stating that she is harassing you by saying that she will suicide her self after giving complaint don’t take to much time to send notice to come back her, it is best step to scare them After reading your situation that some other cause might be there of your wife enquire about her previous nature or attitude

Aaditya   13 December 2015

Hello Experts,

I am very thankfull to all of you to guide me.

As You know that in April 2015 my marrige was done and from mid of june 2015 she is staying with her family.She has spent near about one month with me.


In the latest in my matter two meeting were conducted betwween her familly and mine.

1) First Meeting :  No result, all her relatives have noticed her and her fammily misbehaviour and suggest them to improve her behaviour and towards mine side please give an another chance to save my married life.

In the first meeting she has applied a fake threaten towards my mummy that she was called to sleep with my brother once when I was not present in home.She did not say like this before in any talk any talk (during 6 months) between her and me and her familly and mine.I put this fact infront of all he relatives.No boddy did ask or questioning about this as they know it is fake and tell me that they will get her understand to improve her.


2) Second Meeting : The second meeting is done recently in panchayat.she told tha she wants live with me and if she got a chance to live with me alone from my familly then she will improve herself.she and her fammily is strictly threaten in panchayat for their misbehaviour.


And I was adviced to make environment according to her to adjust her in my fammily.

But in aggressiveness my wife has told again that line " She was asked to sleep with my younger brother once".I have prooved that it is wrong totaly fake and I have proove it among panchayat.After clarifificaion by me no one in panchayat has asked any question about this topic to me or my family.

At last they(panchayat) told their dicision that by next week I have to go her home to get back her and she will stay as I want.And a reputated builder from her area (panchayat member) has told me that the girl has no issue with character and take personal gaurentee of her that he will strict her.

Panchayat has taken gaurentee that if any problem will raise due to her then they will intrupt her directly if no affact then try to dismiss marriage relationship by exchanging goods spent by each party in marrriage.


Panchayat members:

My wifes Area reputated builder,two Inspecters of delhi,an IB officer and some people.

But I did not have any leagal evidance/proof of this meeting.

Please suggest what should I take next step and now could she apply any fake threaten toward my familly.


Thank & Regards,


Democratic Indian (n/a)     13 December 2015

Read your posts. All these kind of things are common and normal these days. They can easily be solved with some practical effort of prudence and wisdom. Your parents, uncles, brothers, in laws, panchayat members or law courts are not going to make you happily married or solve your problems. Even if you marry a thousand times, it is only you and your wife who can make each other happy. Nobody else can.

You need to understand that (within reasonable limits) freedom to have satisfying emotions, s*x and money are universal human needs, including yourself and your wife. When living in a joint family, these freedoms do get hampered by prying eyes, ears and presence of other family members. Just rent or buy an accommodation near your place of work and live separately with your wife. This should most probably solve your problem within few months(provided you are able to devote time for your wife, satisfy her emotionally, physically and monetarily). If you are able to "enter" her mind, are able to satisfy her emotional needs, she will not go to her mother or father for emotional support. If you are able to "enter" her physically and satisfy her physical needs, she will not desire to physically leave you and go to her parents house or elsewhere. Hope it makes sense to you and able to get the essence of message and able to understand the real reason why "separation" is being openly demanded by your wife.

Aaditya   28 January 2016

Dear Friends,

Thanks to all of you to give me your important time slot. I have followed the suggestions given by u.

During previous month, as per punchayat decision I got my wife back to my home from her parents home. After this I was seeing a separate home as it should be convenient and safe.


I tried to make happy my wife. But after two week a query has been occurred between me n my wife and she had made chaos out of my house in neighborhood. During this I broken her cell phone and she broken my cell phone. After this my neighbors and my parents tried to control her and i went to my office.

After this she called police by dialing 100 no using her second cell phone which was not in my knowledge an she called her parents also.

In front of police she has given statement as she was beaten by me n my family. but my all neighbors oppose this strictly in front of police as this was totally fake.


After this her parents reached my home they had made chaos out of my house in neighborhood. My all neighbors oppose this as they knows my and family members nature very well and told her parents that they should teach her daughter right manners and also to maintain her marriage life. Upon seeing the my neighborhood's response my wife has threaten me with fake allegations like I am impotent ,so many affairs of mine are going on and I doing just time pass with her and not caring her.

After this at evening she was asked in front of me and me and some of my raputated neighbors regarding impotency then refused from her this statement.


After this I was getting injured n got a right shoulder fracture. Her mother and brother came to see me after a week and they has given a multimedia phone to my wife . I opposed this by telling my wife to purchase a new hand set when I will be free from bed rest and told my wife to return mobile to her brother as it is not right.


After this her family member have pulled this issue and create a quarrel in front of my neighborhood and force me to take a house separate. Next to next day I finalize a separate room with ok furnishing. But she has refused that room and made a quarrel that I want to torture and beating her and she has called her parents. Her parents came with 8-10 people and create a big issue as I am beating badly my wife. My wife 's mother has used so many bad words(galiya) towards me as her parents is illiterate but brother is MBA and threatening me for court case.  


After this I have to call police then police has tried to understand my wife's parents but no affect.


Finally police has told my wife that either police get a medical  while police has seen that beaten issue is just fake, or she need to right a letter that she is going with her daily uses goods to her parents with her parents and will come back when I will take a separate room.


Firstly she wrote a letter with blames of dowry and beatening. But Police has analyzed by investigation with my neighborhood and told my wife to Wright a right letter or a medical will be done first then she wrote a right letter and she went with her parents.


Please suggest me for next what to do as I am so much mentally tortured.

Please share some legal steps need to be takken.Could vedio and audio recordings will help me?




Vicky (Engg)     28 January 2016

a married women needs only one thing from her husband i.e LOVE. you leave your parents house stay with her, go to office from her parents home, treat her like a goddess in your life. i am not saying to purchase valuable gifts, you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE..... everything will be sorted, legally if you go ahead it will be lose to both of the families. however for safety purpose keep recording everything audio or video whichever is possible.....

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SuperHero (Manager)     29 January 2016

Originally posted by : Vicky
a married women needs only one thing from her husband i.e LOVE. you leave your parents house stay with her, go to office from her parents home, treat her like a goddess in your life. i am not saying to purchase valuable gifts, you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE..... everything will be sorted, legally if you go ahead it will be lose to both of the families. however for safety purpose keep recording everything audio or video whichever is possible.....

Agree to some extent..But if you LOVE the other person should reciprocate.

In this case you will loose your Self Respect. She tells some Cock and Bull stories to there Parents, they come running as if  Aliens are invading Earth and every one is about to die.

Here I see instead of LOVE, it is of dominating nature and quarrels, arguments and what not??

Where is LOVE?? I would rather ask - How is your Sexual Life?? Women needs lot of Sex. If you Trust her and have LOVE on her..Then have Safe Sex...

Generally there are cases where this happens because when 2 imperfect people try to stay together it will take atleast few settle down...

Both should have Patience, Tolerance and Most of all Acceptance.

You can also have a Video and Audio Recording...

Instead if you just want Peace and try to get rid of her..then file Divorce case and roam in courts....

Or You should play like -- Say YES to everything and do what you want??

Basically you should act or live in that role...

It is easy to say all this things..It is you who are really going through this.... Good Luck

What you want to do after divorce?? IN case if it happens..


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