In year of 1920 6 brothers purchased a land. Year of 1937 5 brothers sale deed to that 6th brother. All registered documents with individual registered documents. now the 6th brother rights over the property(6/6) fully. That 6th brother sale the property to third party year of 1969. the year of 2004 one brother grand son(already sale deed to his brother) filled case partion suit in lower court. He prayer was @ year of 1920 my grand father and his brothers bought a property till now we r maintaining the property. so pl court may partion the property. So court notice to others grand sons. But no one appear in the court including that 6th grand father's son(Because they already sold out @ year of 1969). Now that lower court orderd ex party judgement favour of plaint. And court partioned some areas. After 1969 15 documents registered various owners. all through registered documents. At last i purchased the property at year of 2012. I do know all this story in 2012. In 2015 January that guy damage my compound and try to overtake possession. I gave police complaint and filled suit in district court suit for Declaration and permanent injection with cost. I submitted all documents in the court. Responded side give argument that 1937 document not partioned. and undiveded shares no rule for sale deed to anyone. so it's not valid for registration. But district court gave judgement has favour of me. Court granted Declaration and permanent injection with cost. Now i bulid new compound and permanent shied in my place and permanent EB connection also got. Now responded appeal suit in high court for declaration and also praying interim stay for district court judgement. It passes 3 to 4 vaitha till now no stay the cases going on i do know when it's finish. Now my questions 1, how i will secure my property? 2, in the case strong with me or not? 3, undiveded share registration valid or not? 4, what procidure i want to follow here after? Thanks



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