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visa transfer problem


Earlier i used a Visa ATM card of Bank of India, and that Visa ATM Card no was registered with my Axis Bank Visa Transfer system, 

But due to some problem Bank of India Issued me a new ATM Card which was a (Master Card ) and i have destroyed my Visa ATM Card, But i forgot to delete that card no from my Axis Bank Visa Transfer registration system, 

as on 12/03/2010 i have made a Visa transfer from my Axis Bank to that registered Visa ATM card of Bank of India, as I said that card is not in use, 

but the important thing is my transfer  amount to that destroyed card number has been transferred successfully, 

 then i have checked my Bank of India account, I was surprised, because that amount was not credited to my Bank of India Account,  then i went to the Bank of India my home branch and according to them Visa Transfer takes 24 hrs to getting update into my account, 

And now it has passed 10days,but the amount has not  yet credited to my Bank of India Account, 

And now that  Bank of India saying that they can’t do anything about it, and they also saying, that card no might have been issued to someone else and they cannot find out the detail, hence they can't do anything , and Axis Bank also saying the same thing, 

I don't know how to deal with this issue, 

Looking forward experts advice, please help me

Nilesh Kulkarni,








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1. same Card No. even after distroying is never issued to another person anywhere around the world by any of the Brands (Visa / MasterCard or even by Amex). It is utterly wrong and missleading info. (verbal) you as a customer can receive from your bankers. You have a right to ask written reply from them instead of waiting for so long.
2. Looks like your 'that days' transfer of funds is held up in a "suspense account".
3. This 'suspense account' is a superior main account which needs special authorization to access which only a senior bank staff from both banks can access to check records of all NTFS transfers of that date till next 3 working dates as per RBI NTFC trnsf. guidelines. Kindly mobalise direct written communication with highest ranking persons of both banks incuding Banking Ombusdman and not some junior branch staff to resolve this technical "on hold" situation.



Verify with the Axis Bank about the debit, send the screen print to the Bank of India  nad ask them to verify the credits.As Mr. Arun Kumar has mentioned, the amount might remain under suspense at the Axix Bank itself.


Thank u very much sir, i have send a letter to Bank of India today morning and now i have checked my account and founded that amount has been credited to my account. thanks for your valuable advice.




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