tresspassing of privacy by tapping phone calls

i am a muslim guy and my girlfriend is hindu. Now the case arised here is that her dad is a city civil court judge and he came to know of our relation by asking one police sub inspector to tap her phone calls and trace her call details and sms details of last 1 year. Since the girl is on my side and she is 23 years, her dad askd the sub inspector to call and scare me by beating me up( as i came to know about it later). But when the policeman cald me to police station i called the girl and told that her dad had given a complaint..when i asked the SI , he didnt told me anything, just asked me to come to police station. But after knowing all this, the girl started scolding and shouting at them and as such her father called me to her home and called two police constable and made me to write a statement saying that i wont disturb her anymore and i will delete her all pics i have with me and messages. Now after 3 days the girl texted me in watsapp and told that her dad has asked the sub inspector to trace the call details again and if found, to put a false case on me and send to jail. Even the girl heard her dad speaking to the police to beat me up in police station if i talk to her again. Now my question is can any police trace call details without permission from SP or DCP or court??

Can they call me to police station without any complaint?

When the girl is on my side, when she doesnt have any problem, when she has not given any complaint on me, how can the police call me and force me to write a statement??

what steps i can take for my safety if police calls me again to police station in future??? can they file any false case even if the girl had not given any complaint??

and her dad is city court judge..so where can i go and complaint against him for misusing his power and influence ??



         CBI tapped Cheif Minister Chandrababu Naidu calls regarding 50 Lakhs bribary case without his permission and why do you think they need your permission to tap your calls. I am sure CBI  not only tapped your phone calls but also hacking your PC no matter which antivirus you use and  I am also sure that they are checking whether you have any other illegal affair with other girl in the past from the street cameras. These street CCTV cameras were there since 15 years.

Unless she goes to Supreme Court or media to marry you then you have the power. Chiranjeev's daughter went to Supreme Court when her father rejected her boy friend and then they got married.


but sir CBI is different and a police sub inspector is different. since my dad himself is a senior inspector in crime branch, he told me dat in order to tap or trace call details, a inspector or sub inspector shoud take permission from DCP or SP or from the court depending on the complaint. But in this case without any legal complaint judge is using his influence by asking his known sub inspector to trace or tap the calls.. So in this case, what steps i can take for my defense as well as against the police sub inspector??




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