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Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     01 April 2010

Sexual Assault Law- a disaster in making


New amendment in Rape law- anti men legislation

Some time back Law Minister promised gender neutral laws in four years. After the promise "Women Reservation Bill" was introduced, an epitome of Gender Neutral Law. Now, Criminal Law Amendemnt Bill, 2010 is being proposed, Draft amendment bill is available here:
The definition of "s*xual assault" is gender biased against men. It says three things-
A. Sexual assault can be committed only by "Men".
B. Sexual assault can be committed only against a "women".
C. There cannot be any s*xual assault by a woman or against a man.
Another epitome of gender neutral law.
The definition has been so widened that almost everything is s*xual assault, if alleged by a woman against man. Look at the definition- you put a finger in women's mouth, it is s*xual assault attracting minimum seven years. In fact if you put a spoon in your daughters or girl friend mouth to feed her, you can be held guilty of s*xual assault.
Even in cases of "Sexual Abuse of Minors", [Section 376C(1)], the law has been drafted so as to make s*xual intercourse by a women with minor male "not an offence of s*xual abuse of minor".
The procedure and evidence is also being made anti-men, so that they are not able to defend themselves.
This is another instance of gender biased society against men. The society wants to enslave men by keeping them under constant threat of rape accusation. Men needs to stop any interaction with women. 
The proposed amendments are Anti-Men and hence it should be opposed.


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Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     03 April 2010

The law is gender biased against men in its most sinister form. It presumes that only "Men" can be s*xual offenders. I am putting here some statistics which clearly shows that women can be s*xual offenders too:

Canadian Children Right Council says that 25% of the child abuse done by women:
Look at this site for various stories of rape committed by women;
Not only children, even man can be raped... Four women rape a man on a gun point-
A man was abducted and raped by three women in Karanchi-
Off course few woman are s*xual offenders, but that cant be a reason to give them amnesty. Off course few men a victims, but that cant be a reason to deny justice to them.
The law must be gender neutral.

Some Statistics

The majority of female offenders were family members who tended to abuse within their role as caretakers; 25% were baby-sitters, teachers or day care workers (Rudin, et al., 1995, p. 9692).
In the Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect, 7% of s*xual abuse investigations involved mothers as the alleged perpetrators--5% biological mothers and 2% stepmothers (Trocme et al. 2001, p. 494).
When the victim is male, female offenders account for 1% - 24% of the abusers; when the victim is female, female s*x offenders account for 6% - 17% of the abusers (Kaufman et al., p. 3235).
In an American Justice Department study of 60,991 victims of s*xual assaults, female s*x offenders were most common in assaults against victims under age 6 years of age. For these very young victims, 12% of offenders were females; for victims aged 6-12 years, 6% of the offenders were female; and for victims ages 12-17, 3% were female s*x offenders (Snyder, 2000, p. 86).
Female s*x offender research shows that women co-abused alongside a male partner in 50% - 77% of female offender cases (Rudin, Zalewski & Bodmer-Turner, 1995, p. 9647).
Research shows that there is no difference in the severity of abuse by female s*x offenders as compared to male s*x offenders (Rudin et al., 1995, p. 9698).
Female s*x offenders research is limited, though Canadian statistics show an alarmingly high rate of s*xual abuse by women (a range of 59% - 80%) in the backgrounds of rapists, s*x offenders and s*xually aggressive men (Matthews, 1996, p. 301).
Sexual abuse by women rarely gets reported. Victims often don't understand that what happened to them was abuse until years later when they are adults.

The worst part of law is no protection even to male minors from women s*xual offenders!

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