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RG (SME)     22 June 2015

Seeking help for divorce


I seek an expert advice from learned people in this club.

I am married since a year and a half ,the girl whom I married doesnot have good family history (i.e. Parents are divorced, Mom already married, father staying away from both the kids, brother takes care of his sister who married to me)

My wife is a working women having medical history known to us before marriage. Her income is not being utitlized by anyone of us she has all her money for her usage. Inspite of me paying for frequent doctors visit she doesnot take proper care of her health and eventually feels tired and throughs trantum in house.

She refrains from taking ownership in houeshold work like cooking and maintainging cleanliness in the house. We have maid who come once in a day time. Utensil's utilzed at dinner are being washed by the maid next morning, however only few small utensil which are being washed at night (we are family of only 3 ppl)

She demands maid for every housohld related work may it be maid for -

Cooking (When my Mom helps her in prepreatation of all the cokking she has to do)

Cleaning (We have a maid for it in one house she does that and another house I take care of all the cleaning.

Washing (Despite having washing machine at home seh wants me to hire maid to do washing)

Knowing her family history I got married to her and all my family memeber thought of giving her love and affection which she missed thru her life. Slowly we get to experience that anyone who trys to make her undestand, she feels the person is bad and not worth talking.

In past I have been teaching her multiple time not to back answer any elders from either family. Recently I have caught her using abusing language for my Mom to her freinds, she has also written that she wish that my mom dies early even after her death she wont respect my Mom.

This would be the last this I would want to happen in my life.

I dont wish to stáy with this person any more

Could any one help me in finding a decent and straight forward manner in which I can get seperated.


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Kappil Cchandna (Expert Bail & Criminal Defence Lawyer at Delhi Supreme Court of India)     22 June 2015



File the petition for Judicial Sepration and give her time to think. I feel she needs time to understand you ....Divorce is not a good option at this stage ... 


Warm Regards 

Kapil Chandna Advocate 


Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     22 June 2015

I am sorry I do not see anything wrong in her demands.  She is a working woman.  So, you both can afford full time maid for cooking washing, cleaning and managing the home.  As you both work, come home after working hours and enjoy the life instead of bickering about her family background and health issues.  You may file separation or divorce case and she will go back to her parental home and you both will sweat out in the court for not less than 3 to 4 years.  You may get divorce or you may not.  But that becomes irrelevant because in any one of the spouses does not want to live with the other, the marriage breaks up and there will be no cohabitation and divorce becomes mere paper formality.  If you get divorce, you may marry some other girl.  But with the barbs and bickerings you displayed in your query, it is difficult for you to adjust with some other girl that much easily.  Try to put your legs in her shoes and understand how it pinches.  Wish you happy married life far from court battles.

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dev060186 (lecturer)     23 June 2015

brother dont listion any of useless sugession, the girl who behave in such starting stage, how live throughout life. any sanskari girl make manage home of only three people.

RG (SME)     23 June 2015


We are looking for  maid who can be a full timer or comes twice in a day for work. Most important here is that my house is meare 100 sq ft. and the house is occupied by cupboadrd on all four wall, which means the area to be cleaned is meare 50sqft.

To give her comfort and make her feel that even I help her in houlshold work. I broom and sweep the house, fill water daily and also lay beds at night. The only thing that has been asked to her is to help my Mom and learn how she has managed the house over years.

I am an IT professional and my work demands travel, before marriage she was aware the nature of work and I had siad that I wish to settel at least for 2 years away from home. Initially it was agreed but now she denies to come along with me instead she says that I should look for job in another states of India.

Under such circumstances can I file a divorce in the court ,if she is not willing for Mutual Divorce, What are the chances court will grant me divorce.


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