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Genny (Csr)     01 August 2012

Second marriage



I am surya from Bangalore. I got married through arya samaj  8 years back we never stayed together .We seprated and she got married she even has a 3 year old child. We were not legally divorced. Now my parents are looking for a bride might be in few months I might get married.

i or my ex girl friend ll never going to rise our voice about this issue because she has her own family .

ll there be any problem if I get married without legal divorce from first one.

we both are from a gud family and we never want our family to be disturbed because they were not aware of the marriage


One thing is clear that we don't have any other prof other then arya samaj wedding certificate.

plz let me know the future problem.




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Rama chary Rachakonda (Secunderabad/Highcourt practice watsapp no.9989324294 )     01 August 2012

She got marry without divorce  is illegal. You can file a petition on the ground of bigomy. So that you may get divorce and punishment to your ex party.

Genny (Csr)     01 August 2012

Thank you for the response sir.

I do not want her to trouble her because I know at what situation she got married. I alway wish for her happiness.


Our family is not aware of our marriage . We even do not want them to know.


Can I leave things just like this and move on in my life by getting married to other. 


Deepak Nair (lawyer)     01 August 2012

Even though your marriage is still valid, this will not create an issue at this point of time as the issue is very old and both of you have been wise enough to look after your own life without disturbing each other.

Go ahead and get married.

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous married and future life.

Adv.R.P.Chugh (Advocate/Legal Consultant (     01 August 2012

She should not have married without divorcing you, not only has she rendered herself liable for bigamy/cheating, but her second marriage can be annulled by the court if husband comes to know it. Same would apply on you in case you marry. 

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Genny (Csr)     01 August 2012

Thank you mr. Deepak. You got me right. Thanks for your valuable advice.

So you mean to say we can do ahead in our life. There ll not be any problem until i or she  gives invitation for this issue.

My question is

There ll not going to be any prob to register our current marriages?

is there any chances of third party troubleming us regarding our first arya wedding.


Its true that we got married in worst situation and separated in the same situation never stayed together never had a physical relation nor we have a photo proof. we never want to hurt our familes. They know our our love story but not the marriage.

waiting for ur response sir

Ranee....... (NA)     01 August 2012

Your second marriage and her second arriage are void as you have not got divorced .But you are not creating any problem in her married life and you have faith that she will not create any problem for you.Then go ahead and remarry.Don't file any case like bigamy.

if you can go for mutual divorce wthout the knowledge of her hubby or your would be wife if you can contact her through trusted ways.

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     02 August 2012


Originally posted by : Deepak Nair


Even though your marriage is still valid, this will not create an issue at this point of time as the issue is very old and both of you have been wise enough to look after your own life without disturbing each other.
Go ahead and get married.
Best wishes for a happy and prosperous married and future life.



Originally posted by : Ranee.......


XXX But you are not creating any problem in her married life and you have faith that she will not create any problem for you. Then go ahead and remarry. Don't file any case like bigamy.



1. Both author of this thread as well as his legally weded wife are doing illegality before Law.
2. Sentiments and emotions not required in such cases.
3. File joint petition for Mutual Consent Divorce and appear jointly i.e two hush-hush visits to court is all that it takes in 6 months period and get the earlier marriage dissolved by a Decree. Then you can get re-married with no impediment.
4. I differ to faulty advises of @ Deepak as well as time pass woman writer called @ Ranee aka Utpala, such advises should not be encouraged upon specially by an Advocate. Tomorrow if a third party files or causes hurt then these two will not come to your rescue; one will give reference of his mentor (Senior Advocate) and another will coyly say put your enquiry in Criminal law forum section or Expert forum section for sure J  

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Deepak Nair (lawyer)     02 August 2012

Thanks dear nagin..a good girl for your appreciation and understanding.

My request to the author is please go ahead with your current marriage and alive a peaceful life. No third party will come to trouble you as there is no proof or trace of your previous marriage. Further, the girl to whom you married is now a wife of another man and mother of his children. Shee to would not be interested in looking back to and carry the burden of a mistake of the past. No problems would arise unless you invoke one.

Please ignore the negative comments. These are certain circumstances where we have to put loginc, humanity and good faith.

People does not become lawyers just by referring some books or reading blogs and advises of genuine lawyers.

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Amit (NA)     02 August 2012

Yeah but consider the scenario where her new husband dies (or deserts or becomes a vegetable). In that case, she can cause trouble to the author, ask maintenance etc. She ultimately may not win the case but she can be a cause of trouble.

Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     02 August 2012

I support Mr. Deepak Nair's advice.  It is beneficial to all of those involved in the matter.  But be careful not to reveal this fact to your would be, till you know and understand her for sure.  Once you will become confident on that part, you can think of revealing or not revealing the fact to her.  I am quite sure, your that first lady would never create any problem to you and you would never create any problem to her.  So do not worry and go  ahead and make every one surrounding you happy by keeping the secret as secret instead of revealing the secret and making every one around you unhappy.  That is the crux of life - to make every one around you happy. 

One story written by O. Henry aptly fits to your situation.  In London, a bone chilling winter night, a woman along with her pet dog boards the bus.  As per the city bus rules, animals are not allowed in the bus.  The conductor insists her to leave the dog outside and get into the bus.  She refuses to leave the dog on such cruel witner night..  The conductor, by following his rule book, forces her to get down from the bus along with the dog then and there itself.  He feels so happy for following the law of land.  But next day, when he sees a news item in the news paper that a puppy died due to audacious behaviour of the conductor, who refused to take her in his bus, all his happiness vanishes.  Do not follow such law, which hurts the innocent people.

Deepak Nair (lawyer)     02 August 2012

Dear Adv. Chandu,

Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful, meaningful and touching story. You have explained it in a right way.

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     02 August 2012

mere pyaare tajobs bhaiyaa


happy rakhi.


plz dont take nagin's words seriously.wo to aise hee aapko chher rahi hai.


i wish u were in front of me,so that i cud personally tie u a rakhi.and dont worry.i will not take any gift from you.just a few thousands.

(after all aap mediescapes company ke owner ho.kaafi paisewale hoge bhai);)


with regards,


your metro sister,:P



Genny (Csr)     02 August 2012

Thank a ton nagin, mr.Deepak and adv chandan

for just not looking this matter in terms of law but feeling and guiding towards positive

thinking  emotional term and guiding in humanitarian grounds.

i agree mistake is a mistake we didn't open our mouth regarding the marriage because it would have take a life of a person. We gone too emotional about our families. Thx for the support? we would always leave our life with guilt but that guilt shouldn't effect innocent people who are around us.

mr amith. We can't think too negative at this matter because not every one thinks at monetary terms . If money is soo imp she wouldn't have married that person but she would have stayed with me. I know she grounded with emotions and family happiness . I should take the initiative to trouble her that ll never happen ..... So as per the positive hope I ll move forward in my life. 

Adv. Chandu the story is too touchey... I can compair our situation to that and move on without rethinking or digging that matter which can only lead to invitation for the problem then solution. 


Ranee....... (NA)     02 August 2012

Genny, your would be wife if comes to know then it may cause you trouble in future.


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