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yogesh (will tell you later)     30 June 2011

Safegauards from the abuse of 498-A

Usually it is seen that married woman files the fake case against her husband and in laws to extort huge money. What are the safeguards should be given to man from its abuse.(Prior to the marraige and after the marraige). What steps he should take so that he and his family will not trap by the abuse of due process of law


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Raj Kumar Makkad (Adv P & H High Court Chandigarh)     30 June 2011

There is no straight jacket answer to your query. It is good if no dowry is given or taken and a public announcement is made in this respect while marriage and this aspect be got published in news-papers. After mariage also similar standard is maintained and both husband and wife do not give any chance to make any complaint against each other and a good understanding developes between them. This is the best way to avoid any type of litigation as anticipated.

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yogesh (will tell you later)     01 July 2011

I do agree with you sir. Normally middlce class-service class people do n't demand dowry and its the parents of the bride forcibly gives "gifts" to the girl and later coined the word dowry for extortion of money from the groom.Mutual understanding deveopos only when 2 persons agreed to live in peace. Its not possible for husband to act under the whims of his wife and her family which later on being implicated in false case

This can better be understand through illustration.Both husband and wife are living peacefully in the matrimonioal home without compliant and later on wife demands something which is beyond the limits of husband such as transfer of property etc in her name. When the husband refused to comply .The wife lodged false case in the police station then what should one do???

Its not easy to comply the standards....


First they say you transfer properties to my name ,


then they say you transfer all money to my name,


then they say you kick out your parents brothers and sisters,


then you say no ,


then they put false cases,


then you fight and you win :-)

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hema (law officer)     01 July 2011

shadi nahi karna.  na rehega bas, na bajegi basuri.

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yogesh (will tell you later)     01 July 2011

Good idea! Its also solve the riddle for poulation control by putting stricter punishment provisions especially on middle class. The rich and poor class are not within the perview. As rich always escapes from legal tangle. For poor whether it immaterial for it


I only wanna to convey that matrimonial dispute there is fault from both sides and its wrong to say that woman has been facing oppression from the husband sides especially when both are educated. The Husabnd has to maintain the balance with his family as well as his wife and dragging to the husband and his family with only this cause that he is not acting on her whims is absolutely wrong. The law needs to be revised for saving the middle class families

It also good to hear that woman advising male counterparts not to do marriage . They should also implement these guidlines to their brothers and sons

zimmerzapper (student)     02 July 2011

Originally posted by :hema
" shadi nahi karna.  na rehega bas, na bajegi basuri. "


hema nani aaj kal immorality bhi preach kar rahi hai. kyun ki nowadays a female doesn't have to be married to get maintainance, because she just have to pretend to be a girlfriend, lover or keep for few months, then invoke the sister of 498a aka dv act(bharat ratna act) to get maintainance. wah! wah! any innocent person would have been fooled into thinking that she was making a balanced comment

rupesh (Engg)     02 July 2011

After marriage my wife stay in my home 4day only and go to her house for 1month stay after I go her house, she come back but again go after 7day for here house, in between come and go she is continue touch with her family I mean to say by SMS and mobile, she told every talk who I told to her send info to her family by mobile. So she stay only  20 day with me in 4month.And finaly not coming now period past 1year and 1month, I already go to police pariwar paramarce Kendra they told me go to court and file secton 9 I filed it but my hart not control I am in love. They cant understand or understand but not say to me, you can come here and get your wife, wife also study and not feel my problem now what I family go to their house but not come with my family. I told we can try rent house for you and me only. when her house mother and father abused me. wife want divorced or not I don’t know ,When I go to my wife house she told if you want divorced i will give you sign any paper. But not come in section 9 in family court, now she is doing bank exam preparation and coaching daily but neglected court, every Sunday going to bank exam and interview she is selected in 3 bank exam but. Now she not want to come in court why? I don’t know. 

rupesh (Engg)     02 July 2011

what can i do how to my wife puniced me????????????????????

when i puniced why distroy my hole life, i wil be come scientist and engg. and want a babay boy/girl so can i adopt a child. for my and my perents life.

rupesh (Engg)     02 July 2011

or i susied because i dont want see my mother now face condition what is law?????????????????this is not my country pura kalyug hai ji..................bhagwan bhi nahi bache the to mai kya hu????????

meri maa ka kahna hai tum wait karo wo jaroor aayegi.. per she is now becoming bank officer (po) so why she come. she will come only if her have any brother but she is only 1 sister and she also doing medical education,

i forget and again remember ...........this is continue so my mind was distrurbing now what i do.



Nice advice Zeeshan,Now please write how to do these that u adviced..I want to teach my daughters these tactics so that they won't get cheated in their married life ..before they got cheated they are ready to cheat them..




I always teach them to


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Rahul T (Engineer)     03 July 2011

The core old story remain same, Girls always happy with false … If you have love & affection for them, then never disclose or make them feel it. Else they will make your life hell…. The most beautiful example is, (As per Physics)Gold is the heaviest metal in the word And girls like to carry that…. Adding @Zeeshan Take huge lone & buy property &make your father in law as gaunter… Ha ha ha ….

Originally posted by : Zeeshan
" @ utpala

better teach them housemaking .



why??If their husbands parents are reading above post of yours and make those provisions u have adviced there then??What would happent to them without our absence?Why should they b only housemaker??

So that they become dependent on their husband's for each single rupee???

If you guys really want gender equality then teach n guide you sons be good housemaker....

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please give more such  tricks..I don;t want to take any chance!!!!!!!;)

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