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Safegauards from the abuse of 498-A

Page no : 2

hema (law officer)     04 July 2011

Originally posted by : Zeeshan

I think of some of the counter attacks & arrangements that a boy in India has to do to save himself from these gender biased laws. I write some that I think that works. 


1) Soon after marriage marriage take a credit-card in the name of wife. Shop with it a            lot.  Increase it's creditlimit to maximum. & as soon girl go & sit her home SWAP her           card to it's maximum or more than maximum limit. Banker themself pull her out.


2) As quick as the girl or her family start doing some scene, Go get & take a loan of big amount in her name secretely. ( by hook or by crook). 


3) Buy some stamp papers of different amount & take her sign on them & keep them. They work a lot.

                    (Telling that I am going to buy some property in your name, by hook or by crook)

 If the above advice is followed, those are criminal offences under Section 420, 468 and 471 of IPC and attracts 7 years imprisonment along with fine.  These offences are more severe and different to offence under Section 498-A of IPC, which has 3 years imprisonment and in normal practice,  in Section 498- A, AB is granted or other wise bail is granted in a couple of days.  But in the case of Section 420, 468 and 471, as these offences based on documentary evidence and for the prosecution easy to prove them, the accused are not given bail easily and at least the charge sheet is filed, i.e., 60 days.  Once along with charge sheet, the prosecution files authoritative documents and it would become more so difficult for the accused to get bail after 60 days.  If these cases along with Section 498-A is filed, then it is a deadly combination.  It is comparatively easy to prove the charges under Section 420, 468 and 471 and there is ample scope for the accused to be convicted.

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yogesh (will tell you later)     04 July 2011

Hema Law officer has rightly said

One should n't take the law in his hand for doing the wrong even if one commits the wrong.

But question is what is the right thing . Kindly provide suggestions too


pre-nuptial agreement!


@Utpala; hope your beautiful daughters never have to face some of the 'types' we see on LCI.

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