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Sachin Patil   16 September 2016

Require guidence

Dear Sir/Madam, I am Civil Engineer working in Pvt company in Mumbai. If any thing written wrong in my message please forgive me. I need one of assistance that is from last 4 years I am in love with 1 girl & wants to marry with her. We had relationship of 3.5 years. I tried to convince my family but when i tries to convince my family she always call my mother & told my mother that, I always fights with her, never give her respect, I am not liable for her & filnally instruct your son that don't follow me or i will do anything wrong with myself. She did the same calling 5 times so my family never agreed for her after her action. Now from last April we are on our separated way. But from last 15 days she called me & demanding for 3 lacks or she will file case against me in District Court. I tried to talk with her that whatever happened within us is done by both, no 1 of us forced to do anything within us. Now she is blackmailing me that her family not supported her & she wants to take revenge so she was doing the same. Please it is humble request to all of you, suggest me what to do right now ?? What precautions I have to take to save my side atleast??? Please help me to get out of this situation.


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saravanan s (legal advisor)     16 September 2016

first file an nc over her stating that she is bound to file false case on you.also record her calls where she is trying to extort money from you by blackmailing you.that will help to prove her malafide intentions.consentual s*x is not an offence. you can refer these links*x-with-intention-to-marry-is-not-rape-supreme-court-522845

Sachin Patil   16 September 2016

Thank you very much Sir.

I recorded her all calls & in every call she says she will distroy me & my family. She is torturing me on calls that she will file case on me & punish me. As whatever happened within us is done by both means not forced by me or her.

In above your message you said that "first file an nc", nc means sir? Where I have to file nc? for my own protection what process i have to do now?


KS Johal   16 September 2016

I feel that Martin is right in a way because having a relationship for almost 4 years means that you or her will get married at some time and to become lifelong partners. Please do remember that there are likely to be problems in every form of relationship but it is our duty to make sure that little things stay as little things. If within a relationship a partner is seeking another partner or whether this be in married life then there is likelihood of trouble within that relationship. if there is no such things as adultery within a relationship then I would suggest that you make-up and perhaps get married with her this will resolve all problems of money and filing cases against each other. This means that you will be doing a good deed for her and for yourself. Problems only arise if Petty issues become major issues. I feel she was complaining about you to your mother because of your non cooperative behaviour.

A walk alone (-)     16 September 2016

first file an nc on her in your nearest PS stating that she is bound to file false case on you. You should record her calls of threatening . These recording will work as evidence if she file any case.

Sachin Patil   19 September 2016

As above stated by Martin Sir & Johal Sir, you are right at your end sir but when i was tried to convience my family to marry her. She herself destroyed whatever i had tried for her at my family. But one thing sir, what she is doing is oply part of blackmailing. She actully dont wants to marry me & i have recorded the same also. She dnot want me anymore but she is to rude by nature & now someone is guiding her & she want revenge thats all.

If she really wants to marry me at that time then it is her duty also to help me to convience my family, not to call them & compalining @ me. When she calles my family she always says that she is not interested in me & leave her at her situations.

Thank all of you but honestly i have tried to convience my family beyond my best possibilities.

stanley (Freedom)     19 September 2016

@ author 

Cool , dont bother ,let her file what ever cases she wants and she would have to prove the same . Hence relax .Record everything that youll speak over the phone when ever she calls .All that she wants is to abstract money from you as though you are an ATM Machine .Hence you have to be firm and she not given her even a penny once you start giving even a single penny to her than she would take you for  granted . Nowdays such type of begging in our modern environment exisits today .

ambrish (service)     19 September 2016

Dear....1) Check first what you really want to do ? separation or marriage with this girl. if are sure of separation..then payment of ransome money of 3 lacs is no question. if you have not done anything wrong, why to worry. She can file a police complaint of Rape in liue of promise of marraige then you should have proper telephonic records and evidence that it was s*x with consent without promise of marriage....

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Sachin Patil   19 September 2016

She tole me that she is filing case against me in Collector office & a person equivelant to Sub collector level i.e. Coordinator. He will be the incgharge & he will solve Mental & Physical harrasmnet caces. But as I visited Police & Advocate, they told me that there is nothig process which goes through collector related to our case.

Is there any process which goes through collector office related to my situation?


whatnot   20 September 2016

Though you may tased her Pu$$y, stop acting like one!.


Justice system work on a basis that you are innocent until proven..


Yes. All harrasement are matter of great inconveience, the more you oblige it more it burns.

If you are confident that it would be mutual destructive to display dirty laundry in public, just sit tight. Ignore her. If she does go public, go with a able lawyer and fight case tooth and nail.


Chill man. Have a beer and search for a lawyer.


Sachin Patil   21 September 2016

I told her everything clear & my wife also talked with her but she is now sending massages us that she is going to do suicide & filed case against me & case no is IBS11167/56/27.

She demamded money also but when i stoped receiving her calls she sent massage with above case no.

This case no belongs to which section? The case no is real or fake??

Please help me to solve this matter please.

Sachin Patil   21 September 2016

If she will do suicide & write a letter against me & if she will not died then it will be harmfull for me or not?

stanley (Freedom)     21 September 2016

@ author



Go to police station along with the messages and the money she is demanding and file an FIR aginst her .This will keep you safe in case she does anything in the future .


how can you do this for a woman for 3.5 years? Shame on you.

Her approach is wrong, if she gets proper guidance - you will be behind the bars. it is better to clean things in life if opportunity is given. you should settle her account and take legal separation with help of senior advocates.

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