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Swapnil Shirodkar (Process Control Engineer)     20 May 2012

Renewed threats!!!!!!

My wife is with me in Nigeria for a Vacation and along with her my Inlaws had also made a surprise visit to Nigeria for a week. I am wondering who gave them the visa and i have been subject to 1 week of mental torture. They booked their tickets thru emirates and arranged for a hotel apartment for their stay. They have insisted my wife will stay in my mothers place and she should get the full bedrooom for herself and no one should enter the room and my parents shoud obey HER instructions. She will decide what foods shoudl be made .Failiure to comply with her demands will result in Swift action through their so called HI FI contacts and have made them talk to me also.. and it was indeed very scary..

My inlaws told me, HAMNE POORA PRABANDH KARKE RAKHA HAI.. right from Airforce personal -Police commissioner---Politician---Lawyer and also the Underworld... one phone call... you and your family will be WIPED OUT from the face of this earth. Its like sending an army of elephants to Kill 4 Mosquitos. What will we do.. ;(;(

It looks like they really meant and i am sh*t scared now for my family back home. They wanted to show that they can even come there.. with great difficulty i have the voice recording and Now i am in two minds.. if i give a preintimation notice, she will file for a divorce and take 50 percent of my mother house. If not, she will go on demanding and we will be reduced to slaves in our own house... :/

I think the only way to save my family is for me to take away my own life(LIKE the movie Independence Day where the Pilot rams the airforce jet onto the alien ship to save his children and poeple)...

My mind is totally blank please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Dont afraid, wait and collect evidence. Be defensive.

**Victim** (job)     21 May 2012

Just collect the evidence consult a good lawyer and then act wisely it seems ur inlaws are there to make ur life miserable.

Swapnil Shirodkar (Process Control Engineer)     21 May 2012

I am burning everyday.... War clouds are looming over my family.... we are a very simple middle class family and they are from South Mumbai... we dont want to Die.... do we have a right to live????????

Swapnil Shirodkar (Process Control Engineer)     21 May 2012

We all are living under the face of TERROR... This is nothing but holding us hostage for a ransom thru these legally framed tools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swapnil Shirodkar (Process Control Engineer)     21 May 2012

I am already getting a chest pain now ;(

If u want peace then be ready for war- chankya. Think it

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