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Ravi (business)     02 November 2013

Reconciliation process


I applied for divorce with my wife as she and her family were playing lot of foul tricks since marriage and even after she left me a year back to her parents home.

She has been giving me hell with her behavior and at the same time wanting to stay with me. She thinks I have to obey all her acts irrespective of  how extreme they are.

I applied for a divorce with her as I am left with no choice, I know it is not a suggested way to apply for divorce by husband as per the comments in many threads.  I was kind of left with no choice , as I will be forced to be with her and obey all her extreme steps which I did for couple of years and lost all my energy and patience.

I have my first hearing this month. I am not sure if she will be present in the court that day. But assuming she will and the judge calls both of us for reconciliation, can you please suggest/share what are the DOs and DONTs in reconciliation. I don’t want to do a mistake unknowingly and end with a situation where her lies are believed by the court.

Please guide on the reconciliation process.


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suresh babbu (B.L.)     02 November 2013

The petition that you filed under which law hm act under sp marriage act or what? 2 weather you got issues or not? 3 under what allegations you applied for divorce Without giving necessary details the advice will not be accurate

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     02 November 2013


I do not know whether you have taken a hasty decision for divorce or have given a long thought about it, its your call.  Now since you faced the situations and the atmosphere which forced/compelled/pushed you to the situation that you had to decide about calling it off, it means you will be the better person to accede or to  discard the conditions put forth by her for re-union or to have a final say on the subject.  There is not no set of procedures to be followed/observed in such cases.  Act judicially as per the circumstances while keeping in mind the past bitter as well as better experiences  and proceed as per your conscious.

Ravi (business)     02 November 2013

Thanks for the replies. I filed my case on basis of HMA 13a Cruelty.

I am decided to not stay together anymore and want divorce.

My request is, as i am not sure how the judge will conduct a reconciliation process, Please suggest me on how the reconciliation process works and any precautions i need to take in answering the questions in a general sense need not be very specific to my case. Thanks


great india (manager)     02 November 2013

1. Be ready to shell money as interim maintenance if you opring divorce. 2. In reconciliation if you firm of break up, they would suggest MCD. 3. If wife adamant not to give divorce, you would be convinced for settlement in terms of huge alimony if you ready else wd ask you to give a chance for patch up once more. 4. Its just a mediation no need to worry much.

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     03 November 2013

It all depends as how you react to the conditions put forth by her during the mediation process.  You do not have to accept all her conditions as it is, you may have your say also in the conditions set forth.  The mediators cannot force you to accept everything she proposes,  You have an experience of having faced the cruel face of your wife itself so facing the mediators with soft face should not be a difficult one.

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